high top tennies

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Click on the link above to see what we've been doing for the past few months.  Yep, recuperating.  From writing a book.  What we went through in 1997 can't even compare to what life has been like while writing this book! 

Actually, I've had a blast.  But I do have to add that it did dredge up quite a lot of memories for me.  A LOT of memories.  Some sweet, some ... not so sweet.

Here's the synopsis:

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your husband succumb to a coma and wake up not knowing you?  Ever wonder what you'd do if you were told that there was no more hope?  At all?  Ever wonder how you'd live through a flare up, a HORRIBLE flare up, that your sweet husband was dealing with?  Ever wonder if life would ever return to normal?  High Top Tennies, Rick Kahle & A Whole Lotta Prayer takes you on the journey that we went on, as a family, and then triumphed over against insurmountable odds.  Yes it does.

Written in blog format, High Top Tennies is inspiring and touching.  You'll laugh, you'll smile and I'm told you'll cry.

Join us on the journey!