portraits of success

Rick was the inspiration for "High Top Tennies".  And here's the book that kicked off the whole project.  Without "Portraits of Success" there might not've been a "High Top Tennies."

Click here to order Rick's first book and learn a little more about Lupus and the devastating toll it can take on its unsuspecting victims.

Each and everyone of the folks depicted in this book are truly portraits of success!  And that handsome man in the center of the top row belongs to me ...

fyi - the 1st young lady up top is Mary Beth McDonough from The Waltons.  You may remember her as Erin Walton on the hit TV show.  The 2nd young lady on the top right, right next to Rick, is Kathy Vara.  Newscaster for ABC News, formerly of KNBC News.  Both of these ladies also suffer from this deadly disease and both have their own tales to tell about it.  You can read their stories in this book, also.