Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 3rd and counting

Elizabeth is home from Hawaii, possibly for good.  Ben is coming home (to what will be his new home) on the 30th of October.  We have finally vacated our beautiful apartment in Frisco and moved into our horribly hoarder-ish house in McKinney.  There are boxes everywhere and no matter how many I unpack each night ... more boxes appear each day.  I wake up and there are six more boxes blocking my view of the backyard.  Only the dog is happy.  He gets to sit/sleep/lounge on the couch at will.  We can't find his bed.

Elizabeth's best friend is getting married on Saturday and tonight is her wedding shower. 

Every night this week and next and next and next ... are all booked.  And then, of course, there's a wedding coming.  Hers.

How are the wedding plans coming along, you ask?  Well, we have a dress.  And a venue.  And that is darn close to all we have.  This move has been the death of us ... and nothing else has gotten done.

So here I sit.  "I Love Lucy" is on in the background and there's a water bottle in my hand.  And a laptop in front of me.  So much to do and ... absolutely no desire to do it. 

Remind me not to move again.  Ever.  Not even off of this couch.


Friday, September 14, 2018

wow. just wow.

July was a long time ago.

Nah, not really.  Not when you've moved twice or three times or four.  And not when your daughter has moved countless times, too.

And your fridge died and your house flooded (again) and it's rained and it's rained and it's rained.  My back went out, my hip went out and today I have a headache.

Are you done complaining, Kris?  No, not quite.

My daughter and her fiancee broke up several times and my own husband went into the hospital.  Our mail got lost and my dog got out and got lost.

I'm going to move to the Adirondacks and start over.  Wanna buy my car?

And that was just all in July.

Just kidding.

Let's catch up real quick ... Today is September 14th and Elizabeth recovered from her Celiac Sprue flareup and is now back in Hawaii living and working on a cruise ship.  She's performing her heart out, I hear.   Ben is there, too, pouring enough drinks to sink a ship.  Rick lives in McKinney, out of my hair.  He has officially taken up residence in our new house.  Buddy lives there, too.  He did get out and explored the neighborhoods, late one night ... in the rain.  Good thing he has a GPS around his neck.  And a light.  He was NOT incognito like he though.  Jeannie and I are still in the apartment, cleaning it up and closing it down.  I'm getting it prepped for a stint with AIR BNB because I'm an expert at it now.  Okay, I'm not, but I like to think I am.

And one of our two PODS arrived yesterday and boxes are EVERYWHERE in our new house.  Good grief we have a lot of stuff ... and that's just the beginning.  We have another whole POD to go AND a full double storage unit.  Never mind all of the stuff that's still in our apartment.

I can't even wrap my head around all that still needs to be sold. 

Garage sale anyone?

AND ... the new house has ants.  THREE WHOLE DAYS worth!  Yep, I've been exterminating ants for three days.  409, my go to bug killer DOES NOT WORK on McKinney ants.  I guess McKinney ants are indestructible.

The coffee pot isn't though.  I plugged it in and it instantly died. 

We are down one fridge, one coffee pot and one Kris.  I'm about to die, too.

I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll ...


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

sailing, sailing ... flooding, flooding ...

So, we did go to Hawaii.  We were fortunate enough to set sail on my daughter's ship, The Pride of America, and get to see her in action at some of her work events.

We also met her "intended", Ben Adams.  Lovely man.  Lovely couple.  We will be proud to have him join our little family.

While in Hawaii, we heard the most beautiful words in the world; "You have an offer on your house" from our real estate agent.  You don't know how much I wanted to hear those words.  I nearly cried.

Being in Hawaii though, I realized that I would no longer be able to hide scuff marks or cracks in the walls nor water damage.  I became stressed, worrying about hiding things and making the house sellable, but what could I do?  We had an offer.  And those words sat above any concerns that I had for the house.

We accepted the offer from the kind folks who wanted our house ... and we were still in Hawaii when the inspection happened.  Yeah, I really was forced to lay down my paintbrush and stop the madness.  I did it willingly.

We witnessed our future son in law ask for our daughter's hand in marriage.

We returned to Texas to begin packing up our big ol' house ... and start the closing process.  And find a new place to live.


We packed and we packed and we packed.  And Rick got sicker and sicker and sicker.  And the Texas weather got hotter and hotter and hotter.  And Elizabeth and Ben (the intended) jetted off to Scotland and England ... and watched their luggage not follow them.  They spent two weeks with us in Frisco all the while waiting on their luggage to catch up to them. 

And wouldn't you know it?  The ring that Ben had planned to propose with was IN the suitcase that hadn't found them yet. 

Hundreds of phone calls to the airline and I finally jumped in and alerted the media.  Yep, I did.

WFAA's Monica Hernandez came to our little (big) house on Creek Point and filmed a story about a guy who wanted to propose to a little Texas gal ... but didn't have his luggage (and all of his worldly belongings) and didn't have the ring.

One phone call from WFAA and dang!  The airline found the luggage!  In Baltimore, of all places.  Go figure.

More packing, more closing junk on the house .... and finally the luggage arrived.  WFAA arrived, too.  They came back to film the actual proposal ... which was pretty darn cute!  We all hauled off to The Shops At Legacy and watched Ben propose ... and watched the news station film it.

AND .... right before we were slated to close on our Creek Point house ... we had a flood inside.  Of course we did.  OF COURSE WE DID! 

Got that all cleaned up and we were all set to close on the house ... WHEN RICK GOT SICK!  Ambulances and everything. 


Just when you think you've got it all under control ... the escrow folks would not close until Rick could sign, OUTSIDE of THE HOSPITAL, which he couldn't do.  Why?  Because Rick's little bout of a bladder infection began to spread ALL THROUGH HIS BODY ... enough that his bloodstream was infected and he had to be put in isolation.  NO ONE would go through the trouble to gown up and go in for Rick to sign the closing papers.  Not even the HOSPITAL NOTARY.  Like, seriously?

So, we waited.  And we extended our closing date.  And we searched for an apartment.  And we found ourselves NOT getting into any of the apartments that we wanted to ... sad tale after sad tale.  We were about to be homeless.  And you know what?  I didn't care.  I knew we'd be fine. 

So, Elizabeth was now engaged, Rick began to improve by leaps and bounds (turns out he was also a bit toxic and had to get some of those awful pain meds out of this body) and dang if ELIZABETH didn't turn around and get sick.  OF COURSE SHE DID.

We were still packing and packing and packing ... and getting further and further behind it seemed.

We finally had to call out for help ... which we did get, in the way of four women who stepped up and helped us.  Note: Women.  Yep.  Women for the win!

So, to summarize, we finally did close on our house once Rick was out of isolation.  We nearly emptied our Creek Point house (a wayward desk and a few garage items had to stay behind, sadly) and moved into an apartment complex overlooking a baseball park in Frisco.  We have belongings in two different PODS and a storage unit AND WITH OUR MOVING COMPANY.  Yeah, don't tell me about having too much stuff.  That's all I hear from my dear, darling daughter.

107 degrees, 108 degrees, 109 degrees.  The temperature kept a'climbin'.  Life got hotter and busier and crazier ... but we were out of that house. 

And ... on July 31st, I returned to work.  Suddenly my summer break was over and you know what?  I'm totally ready.  That was the wildest summer ever and I'm happy to see it go.

Rick is home in the apartment with me.  Buddy and Jeannie are there, too.  And Elizabeth is recovered and prepping to return to her ship for one final contract ... and to her beloved, Ben.

Anyone doubt me when I say that we had a flood on day one?  Yeah, didn't think so.

And there's a wedding in the works (November 30th) and that's what's on our minds now.  Floods don't bother me now ...   HOWEVER, if the wedding goes off as planned, well, it'll be the hottest day of the year and yet, it'll rain.  We won't be ready on time and the dress will be delivered to Kansas.  And the whole place will flood.  I just know it.

'Cuz we're Kahles.

Friday, May 18, 2018

but before we can go ...

"Excuse me, Ma'am.  We can replace this blown air conditioner for a mere $9000.  Shall we go ahead."

Yep, it got a might hot in our house two days ago.  And the puddle on the floor beneath one of the a/c returns got a might big.  I had the choice of calling a plumber or an a/c repairman for help.  Opted for the a/c man ... and whaddya know!  I was right!  I only had to pay an a/c man this time.

$9000 later, we have a new, working unit.  Of course, we are $9000 poorer now.  Heck we're just flat-out poor.

Rick explained to the repairman that we are poor ... and that we are headed off to Hawaii on Saturday.  That nice man gave us a discount of $1000.  Thank you, Rick.  Next time keep your big mouth shut about heading to Hawaii.

$9000 ... according to EVERYONE I KNOW or have ever met ... is WAY over-priced for an a/c.  AND we didn't really get a new one.  Just a bunch of new parts. 


I am going to Hawaii to rest, recover, relax and FORGET about life in the states.

In case I don't have very good reception on the ship (that's my daughter's excuse for why she doesn't text/call/email very often) I will see you all when I return on the 27th.  My daughter will be 27 then, engaged, embarking on a new life ... and I'll still be poor.  POORER, in fact, just thinking about a wedding.

~ Aloha ~


Thursday, May 17, 2018

so saturday is the day ...

This very Saturday, this coming Saturday, I will ...
meet my daughter's boyfriend
meet my daughter's soon-to-be fiance (yes, same person)
see my daughter's workplace
see my daughter's living quarters
eat at the restaurant that she eats at daily
eat at the restaurant that she can never eat at (but I can)
order drinks at the bar that she hangs out in (her bf is the head bartender)

and just, in general, enjoy all that Honolulu has to offer ... aboard a big ship.

Sunday we'll head to Maui and start the process all over again.
Monday we'll disembark and try out the "Road to Hana".  I've always wanted to do that.
Tuesday we'll head to the Big Island and see if it's still there.  There's been a volcano erupting, I hear.
Wednesday we'll change positions on that Big Ol' Island, provided it's still there.
Thursday we'll head to Kauai and take in a Luau.  The pig is already trying to escape ...
And on Saturday, back we go to Honolulu for an extra day. 

It's a whirlwind and I'm very nervous.  Yes, I am.  And I don't know why.

Maybe it's because of Rick and his pain problems.  Or his cognitive problems.  Or all of his problems in general.  Maybe I'm the problem.  Most likely ...

Maybe it's because I was just in Honolulu in October ... and it weren't real pretty.  Maybe it's because I don't like ships.  Or harbors.  Or flying.  Or travelling.  Or vacationing.

Odd.  I used to live on a cruise ship.  I grew up around harbors.  I used to be a flight attendant.  I used to be a travel agent.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I just drank too much caffeine this morning.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

anyone seen the flashlight?

So this happened.  About three houses down from where I live ... this happened.  And it happened four times.  Four LOUD bangs, pops and ka-booms!

Four times my power went off.  The fourth time, it stayed off.  

All of the neighbors came out of their homes (of course, everyone was curious) and it really was a pleasant evening, chatting with everyone, meeting new neighbors, asking if anyone wanted to buy my house ...  yes, I actually threw that comment in a couple of times.

Seriously, it was pleasant.  I've always liked catastrophes, though.

Most of the neighbors got their power back on within the hour.

MOST of the neighbors.

I, however, live on the street where the explosion happened.  I was without power for nigh on seven hours.

I was told to go find my candles and flashlights while we still had some daylight.  So I did that.  None of the flashlights had batteries and I only found two candles and no candle holders.  I was not worried, I had a phone.  Of course, the phone was nearly without power.  Okay, THEN I worried.  

Sitting in the dark was ... quiet.  Rick was napping (he never knew what hit him) and the dog and I had literally nothing to do after we'd exhausted all of the fun of searching for candles and flashlights.  And the house just got darker.

Eventually, Kyndra, our upstairs tenant came home and I finally had somebody to play with.  I like Kyndra cuz she had a working phone.  With a light on it.  And she had a deck of cards.  We were ready to have some fun now!

There we sat, at my kitchen table ... looking something like this:

It was a pretty fun card game ... IF you could actually see the cards.

You probably wouldn't believe me if I said I won.  I wouldn't believe me, either, though.

Kyndra's phone flashlight was fading ... and she suddenly discovered a way to make the phone shine a bit brighter.  She placed it under the dome of a cake plate that I had sitting on the kitchen table.


The room lit up!

Well, not really, but it did make for some pretty interesting light pictures on the ceiling.

The lights finally came back on at ....
1:30 AM
when the whole house suddenly lit up very brightly.  Yeah, it's hard to turn all the house lights off when you have no idea which lights were actually on when the explosion happened.

I awoke to this the next morning, still sitting on my kitchen table.

I have no idea what card game we were playing ... 
but I did win.  

No really, I was winning.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Fearing that my house will never sell, I done went and lowered the price again.  We are now $25,000 lower than when we first started this game.  This silly, silly game.

That's $25,000 that I will not have to buy a new car (I wasn't in the market anyway), $25,000 that I won't have to spend in Hawaii (and yes, I could find a way to spend that in Hawaii) and $25,000 that I won't have to spend online at Zulily.  Shut up.

Hey, maybe I could retire!  Oh wait, I'm not actually getting that $25,000 ...

But, it's all good.  Because our house, the one that's being built, is done and ready to inhabit.  See?  All the walls are up and it's beckoning us in.

It just looks so inviting ...

I can see the front door.  Right there.  Riiight through there.

Good thing there's no rain in sight.


Saturday, April 28, 2018

2 things ...

... my future son-in-law has said recently:

Ben Adams Happy is a fantastic way to describe this picture. To lay out what the picture means to me requires so much more. 

I have found the most amazing partner I could ever ask for. That smile she has lights up my entire world. She is beautiful, caring, driven and in my opinion, the most incredible woman I could ever ask to love and be loved by. To me, she is my version of perfection!

Ben Adams She is everything to me.


And the mom is beyond grateful.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

prince charming

In exactly 23 days, I'll meet my future son-in-law.

I've never actually wondered about this day; where it would take place, when that day would be ... but I've always wondered what he would be like and how he would fit with Elizabeth.

This is what I pictured:

Medium build, medium height.  Medium to dark brown hair.  Young, but a couple of years older than Elizabeth.  A degree (or close to it) in some sort of something that would lead to a regular ol' office job, even though she desperately wanted someone who knew Hollywood inside and out.

And trim.  I pictured someone wearing jeans (niceish jeans) and a dark polo shirt.  His version of dressed up.  Yes, I was not hoping for a GQ man; not a magazine-pretty man.  My guy for her has some dirt on his hands, but not too much.

He also can wrangle her down.  She can be headstrong, but he could calm her with his gentleness and kindness.

She has a cat ... but he doesn't care for cats ... but would put up with hers for the sake of their marriage.

In exactly 23 days, I'll be meeting a man that fits absolutely ...


Yep, I'm a good guesser.  Not.

Mr. Benjamin Lee Adams has won Elizabeth's heart and, may I add, mine.  Rick is still working on opening his up to Ben ... but she and I both know he will.

Mr. Adams is purt near the opposite of everything listed above.

He's not a medium build, he's fit as a fiddle.  Not medium height, he's STINKIN' TALL.  Try 6'5" on for size.  And please note, Elizabeth is a whoppin' 5'2".  Hooo doggy.  He's a tall drink of water.  And, I mentioned fit as a fiddle ... I'm told he works out everyday.  She likes to, too ... but hers is mostly for show.  His seems real.

I imagine he does wear jeans and a dark polo shirt, but I ain't seen it yet.  So far, I've only seen a work uniform.  That's right, he wears a work uniform, as does she.  They work at the same company.  On the same ship, actually.  Fortunately they're in the same state.

Is he a couple of years older than Elizabeth?  Nope.  Try 19.  Okay, 18 1/2.  She's about to have a birthday and he just had one.  So, uh, closer to 19.

He doesn't work in an office ... he's the head bartender on their ship.  She likes that.  I hope she doesn't like that too much.  I'll judge that when I meet him.

He hasn't mentioned cats yet ... but he does like dogs.  I plan to offer him ours.  And Elizabeth's cat, you know, to break him in.

Most importantly, HE CAN WRANGLE ELIZABETH.   We've always prayed for a nice young man to enter Elizabeth's life to take care of her and watch over her.  He has assured me (via telephone) that he's up for that job.

I don't know much else to say until I meet him ... but I do have this video that I like.  It shows a side of both of them that puts my heart at ease.  She gets goofy/giddy and he wrangles her back into line.  Yea Ben!

So, in 23 days I'll have more to report.  For now, you can see for yourself what I'll be meeting!

She's a short drink of water.

Hey, there's a blue polo!


And ... here's the video!


Friday, April 20, 2018

checkin' it all out ...

Since we were forced to give up our half-built house because our main living domain hadn't sold yet, I was forced to select a different house, one that hadn't even broken ground yet.  But all was well, because I actually like THIS house better than THAT house.  THAT house was darn cute, it was ... but THIS house is darn fancy, it is.  And I prefer fancy.

Thought you'd like to see the house that we'll be moving into, now that it's finished ...

This is the site that we were stuck with chose for our final house building project.  
Pretty normal.  No views.  And actually we had no choice.  If we wanted THIS house, it went HERE.


And THIS is the finished product.  All ready for us to move in to.  This was just two weeks later.  That building team works fast!

We took the 'open air' option so we could enjoy those warm summer days ... and pretend we were at the beach.


We paid extra for guest bathroom.  Feel free to stop by and use it.  Our door's always open! 

The guys below are working on MY room.  I picked the corner spot ... so I'd be closer to the restroom.  And any guests that stop by.

This is the room Rick picked.  No bathroom in site.  He says he doesn't need one. 

Good thing Rick doesn't need a bathroom, too.  Our neighbors behind us have too good of a view of his room.  And his bathroom, if he had one.

We ordered a fancy address sign for our front yard.  I wish I could design like that ...

So there you have it.  Our new house.  There may be a few other finishing touches added over the next six months but for now, it's just perfect.  We couldn't be happier.  Even if the house DID have a roof.