Sunday, June 12, 2016

T - 3 days

Time to get my hair cut and colored. Time to select that one special outfit from the 500 I've purchased for the show. Time to get my nails done. Time to pull out the suitcases, retrieve my packing list and begin laying out my clothes. Maybe I should do some laundry?

Time to buy new shoes ... yeah, there's time to break them in.  (Sure, Kris.)

Time to straighten up the house?   Nah, we can skip that.  We always do.  Wouldn't want to give the house a heart attack.  I'll do laundry instead. The washing machine can take it. It's survived several heart attacks.

Is it time to take the dog to the kennel?  Nope, not yet. I'll have to clean up her area with her still standing right in the middle.  

How about the packing?  How's that coming, Kris?    Don't ask.

Note to self:  Find suitcases.

And who told Oma that we'd take her to lunch today???  Oh, me. Well, shoot. There ain't no time for that!!  We've got a show to shoot on Wednesday!

Sigh.  Just sigh.

The nerves are kicking in again and all I can say is ... thank goodness I lost those 50 extra pounds.

Shut up.  Good think we've got lunch planned.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

T - 4 days

Once in awhile, everything goes perfectly.  Once in awhile, a day just works out beautifully and you smile.

Today was not that day.  IS not that day.

First of all, Midnight decorated our house with a number of her bodily fluids.  Our A/C decorated our house with some of its residue as well. And to top it off, I cooked.  And I decorated the air with some sweet-smelling odors, too.   Yuck.    Burned popcorn.     Don't ask.

And it's only 9:05 AM.

Gonna be good day. Yes it is.     And I can see it's only gonna get better because I can see the dropping of a rat ... right over there ... in front of the fireplace.

Gonna be a good day.


Sunday, June 5, 2016


Since my daughter has such severe food allergies, I'm always on the look out for new places for her to eat ... and wonderful new foods for her to try.

Is this vegan?



Friday, June 3, 2016

a week away ...

... and I'm already starting to lose sleep again.   Great.

In trying not to think about it, my daughter sent me this text series from a friend of hers.

Meet Spenser.  I taught Sunday school to him many moons ago.  MANY moons ago.  But I am proud of who he became, turned out to be, is.


Pardon the swear word.  I left it in for effect.



Tuesday, May 31, 2016


June is approaching rapidly ... okay, it's tomorrow but I'm in a bit of denial ... and I'm not getting any readier for part two of Long Lost Family.  I think about it a lot but I really haven't done much in the way of prepping myself for it.

I've looked at my wardrobe and vetoed all of my clothes.
I've removed all of the fattening foods from my house (and boy were they delicious!)
I've bought new makeup.
I've studied some cute hairstyles on Pinterest.

So, yeah, I've thought about it.  But I have no fancy clothes and I'm no thinner than I had planned to be/wanted to be and I applied said makeup but didn't like the results and I've chosen a new hairstyle.

The hairstyle looked awful on me.  I'm no longer thinking about that...

So, since we are fifteen days out from our shoot date ... know what I did instead of getting ready?

Bought us a car!

Cuz, yeah, that helps us get ready.  Actually we spent purt near all day at the dang dealership so heck, there was NO TIME to get ready!  And you know what I realized (while spending four hours at the dealer)?  I'm actually quite ready.

If I don't choose any clothes and don't buy any new ones ... and if I don't choose any makeup, even though I purchased some new makeup ... and if I never select a cute hairstyle and thus have no need for hair products ... well, I'm all packed!  And I'm certainly not going to bring along any food ... cuz, I hear Idaho has a grocery store or two anyway.

So, I'm ready!  All packed!  There may be nothing in my suitcase, but I'M READY!

You think the new car will fit in my carry on?  I hope so, cuz that's about all I'm interested in right now.

Wanna see it?

Okay, so it's Rick's hot new ride.  But, but, but ...

It's really mine.

Maybe we could drive this to Idaho!   


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

date night

After about 15 years of nagging Rick to plan/take me on a date night, and having zero success, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  Waiting for him to plan it wasn't working so I planned it myself.  Yep, I took the reins and made the plans.  I make much better plans anyway.

So last night was it.  Rick and I had tickets to a play in Dallas.  And it was a biggy!  We had tickets to the opening night of  RAGTIME,  a musical that I'm sure was on Broadway at one time.  Well, I'm not positive about that but at least I'd heard of it!  Maybe it was a movie.  Maybe I imagined the whole thing.  At least I got out of the house, finally.

So, it was an interesting evening ...

First, the cable went out in our house and the cable man arrived to fix it about 45 minutes before we needed to leave.  He did not have an appointment, not even a window of opportunity but I let him in because, well, TV is super important to me.  Someone I know was on it once.

Anyway, Mr. Cable Man stayed every bit of his allotted 45 minutes, right up until I could wait no longer and finally had to ask him to leave.  And after 45 minutes of work, we still don't have any TV in our house.  Well, we have a TV in our house ... too bad it doesn't work.  Well, it works ... but I can't see my beautiful face on it.  The cable, I've learned, isn't talking to our TV.  I guess they had a fight.

So, I kick Mr. Cable Man out and I throw on clothes that do not flatter me (great for a date night) and I see that Rick has put on jeans and a t shirt.  Swell.  We do not look like a dating couple but off we went to see Ragtime.  Us and about 20,000 of our closest friends all got on the same freeway at the same time, headed in the same direction.  Whee.

Needless to say, we made it there, just in the nick of time.  And for our date night, we sat through a very depressing show ... complete with non stop sound problems.  It was opening night, too, and I felt so sorry for the cast and crew.  Opening night, the night that gets reviewed and no one could hear nary a word of the show.  Oh well, it looked like a depressing show anyway.  She hero died at the end.  Yep.

And, because it was date night, Rick took me out to dinner afterwards.  We headed across the street to McDonalds ... I kid you not.  And to make it even better, a man approached us in the drive through lane (only the best for our date night) begging us to buy him a hamburger ... 'cuz he was hungry.  I refused and decided to tell the gal at the fancy drive through window about him and she suddenly got all uptight and nervous.  She said, "Oh great!  And security has already gone home!"  

Excuse me?  It's midnight ... in a dark section of downtown Dallas ... AND YOU LET SECURITY GO HOME????    Good grief.

We did get our food and high-tailed it out of there and headed home.

All in all, it was not a fun date night.   Now I know why we don't go on these more often.

I can't forget about our little night out, though ... the salt from the french fries is still with me this morning.

Yep, only the best for us!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

25 and counting

We are 25 days away from beginning our second adventure in filming ... and the subject has gotten sick. 25 days?  That's a long time, right?  Yes. And no. I have faith that Janette will rally and be as good as new, despite Pneumonia and a host of fluid around her liver. Rick lives with fluid around his heart, so ... oh wait, that's a bad example.  But she will be fine. The fluid will be drained on Monday. Janette's fluid will, not Rick's. Rick has to live with his.

So, two subjects are sick ... is that what I'm saying?

Nope. Three are. Rick just gave me his cold.  Yes, in addition to the fluid on his heart, he has a cold. And now, so do I.

If this cold would only take my appetite, we'd be in business. But two out of three sick people have lost their appetites and one hasn't. Yep, my appetite is doing fine, darn it.

Quadruple chin, here we come.

Maybe I can catch some of everyone's fluid and it'll wash away my appetite. Or my chin.

Or my shoes.

Being sick made me want to go shopping. I bought some shoes.

And a car.

But I don't want the car washed away ...


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

post script

So ... we have a new chapter in this funny little book called life.

Did I like being on TV?  Yes and no.  Yes because I had the time of my life.  But mostly no because I am not a thin person.  I did not/do not like seeing myself up there on the tube.

However, I better get used to it because that girl, the one with all the hair, the one with the triple chins, the one who led the world to believe that she likes to feed ducks (I'm not sure I've EVER fed a duck before) is at it again.

Remember Janette?  Remember Jeana?  Remember Chris the host?  Gonna be meeting up with all of them again!  Yee haw!

Them Kahles are at it again.  Been selected for a "Where Are They Now?" episode of Long Lost Family.

Did I already say 'yee haw?'         Are you sure you heard me???

Yee Haw!!!!

Oh great.  

You know what this means now?


Just salads.

Lots of salads.

Don't want that triple chin to quadruple...


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

two years ago ...

For awhile now, I've been trying to remember just how I felt ... knowing I was adopted but not knowing who my natural mother was.  Fifty-eight years of not knowing and wondering and suddenly I couldn't remember how I felt about it all.

And then, this popped up on Facebook.  

Apparently I'd written it two years ago.  Before I even had an inkling or a hint about what was to come.

And neither mother ever got to read this ... I'm going to make sure that one of them does now.

> * < * > * < * > * < * > * < * > * <


Monday, May 9, 2016

before we proceed ...

... thought I'd show you that we're no longer a one-car family.  Yep, I thought we could do it, but we failed miserably at it.  We always both needed to be somewhere, somewhere different at the same time.  So, yeah, one car didn't cut it.

So does that make us a two-car family now?  


Our other car took one look at THIS car and fell apart.  Thirteen years of ZERO problems and suddenly it threw in the towel.  The air bags died (all of them?  seriously?) which caused the horn to stop working.  So, we can drive the car ... but Lord help us if we're challenged by a passing car...  We can't honk to yell at them and we can't even crash into them.  No air bags!


$1000 later ... that car will be home on Friday.

So, we're a one-car family ... again.

I wonder if this car can take on that roller coaster?

Wink, wink.