Friday, April 20, 2018

checkin' it all out ...

Since we were forced to give up our half-built house because our main living domain hadn't sold yet, I was forced to select a different house, one that hadn't even broken ground yet.  But all was well, because I actually like THIS house better than THAT house.  THAT house was darn cute, it was ... but THIS house is darn fancy, it is.  And I prefer fancy.

Thought you'd like to see the house that we'll be moving into, now that it's finished ...

This is the site that we were stuck with chose for our final house building project.  
Pretty normal.  No views.  And actually we had no choice.  If we wanted THIS house, it went HERE.


And THIS is the finished product.  All ready for us to move in to.  This was just two weeks later.  That building team works fast!

We took the 'open air' option so we could enjoy those warm summer days ... and pretend we were at the beach.


We paid extra for guest bathroom.  Feel free to stop by and use it.  Our door's always open! 

The guys below are working on MY room.  I picked the corner spot ... so I'd be closer to the restroom.  And any guests that stop by.

This is the room Rick picked.  No bathroom in site.  He says he doesn't need one. 

Good thing Rick doesn't need a bathroom, too.  Our neighbors behind us have too good of a view of his room.  And his bathroom, if he had one.

We ordered a fancy address sign for our front yard.  I wish I could design like that ...

So there you have it.  Our new house.  There may be a few other finishing touches added over the next six months but for now, it's just perfect.  We couldn't be happier.  Even if the house DID have a roof.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

because i'm crazy ...

I just decided that I won't have enough granite in my upcoming new house.

I will have it in all but one bathroom, and of course, it will be in the kitchen.  But I began to feel that the dining room and the family room would feel left out ... so I just signed away to have granite put there, too.

Hey, it's only money.    Sure hope my house sells.

And because I'm crazy, I decided to have a garage sale this weekend.  It's supposed to rain.  Strike that, it's supposed to STORM! 

And because I'm crazy, I just signed up to be a hippo in a game at my school.

Never mind that my back is out currently.  Never mind that I'm risking it to go back out during this game (assuming it ever comes back in.)  And never mind that I'm NOT 21 anymore.  Nor 31, 41 or even 51.  Never mind that I'm crazy.

By the way, those fools on the floor grabbing balls?  Those are the hippos.  The very thing I signed up to be.

Sure hope my house sells.

But speaking of really, really crazy ... I reorganized my garage last night.  (Gee, I wonder why my back is out!)  Stuff I'm keeping over here ... stuff for said garage sale over there ... and stuff that I'm hiding from Rick goes under here.

Know what Rick said when he noticed?  "Hey, I like what you've done with the garage!"  Um, all I did was push stuff to one side, push the other stuff to the other side and remove a car.  Pushing that car out was a killer. 

There's now room for us to play "Hungry Hippos" in our very own garage.  Wanna play?  Yeah, me neither.  What if I put some granite in there?


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

gettin' ready

Our little rondevous cruise is over a month away.  In fact, it's 5 weeks away.  It's also 38 days away.  It's also not close enough to begin packing for.  And yet, that's what Rick is doing.  Packing.

I'm packing, too, but not for the trip.  I'm packing for a move down the road.  Up the road?  Either way, I'm packing up everything I see.  Rick is packing up everything he sees, too, but he ain't helping me switch houses.  He's readying himself for a vacay.

We're both ready for a vacay.

Rick has been through a not-so-fun surgery and I've been through wall painting, spackling, packing, planting, cleaning, patching, band-aiding and hiding.  I haven't been hiding, but I've been hiding cracks.  I've hidden the dog a few times, too.  The cat pretty much stays hidden all the time, so no worries there.

I've also driven through every drive-thru in Frisco that gives out treats for dogs.  Yes, we head out with our dog every time the house is being shown.  The dog does NOT love it, until we get to Andy's and get him ice cream.  Our local ice cream shop gives out ice cream to traveling pups.  Starbucks givcs out puppucinos and if I could remember the other three places I've learned about, we'd head there as well.  For now it has to be puppucinos and ice cream.

They have finally broken ground on our new house (our THIRD new house ... no, I don't own three new houses ... I just can't seem to hold on to one) and here's a peek at what we're getting.

Apparently we're getting a swimming pool in the front yard.

Oh goody.  More things to patch and repair.

I don't see a bathroom.  Do you suppose we just use that box-thingy?

Here's a better shot of where we're going to be living.

Glad summer's coming.  The spring hailstorms will be killer ...



Thursday, April 5, 2018

aloha oy

We'z headin' back to the land of sunshine and industry.  Yep, Hawaii.  It just ain't what it used to be and it just ain't paradise.  It IS industrious, though.  But nope, nothing paradis-y about it no more.  But we're going.  And this time we'll get to actually set foot on Elizabeth's ship.  We didn't do that last time (in October) when we went to surprise her ... and when I went to celebrate turning ... turning ... well, turning THAT number.  Still can't say it.  Let's just say I'm old.

So, we'll take her cruise, watch her work and then head back to the mainland, as the islanders call it.

We'll disembark on a Saturday and oops, couldn't get a flight back until the next day.  Dang.  Have to stay one more day in Paradise ... even though it ain't Paradise.  But it really is.  And day on vacation is paradise to me.

And since we just had to stay one more day ... I had to get a hotel room for said Saturday night.

After studying prices and location and proximity to the beach, I picked out a Marriott, cuz, let's face it, I do Marriotts and Hiltons.  Occasionally I'll even do a Sheraton.  But this time?  It was a Marriott.

I scoured and poured over all of the hotel photos and was surprised to learn a few facts about my beloved little Marriott.  Maybe even about Honolulu in general.

The hotel I picked has a lovely ocean view.  I can only hope that my room gets to share in some of that view ... but what the heck.  If not, I can force myself to go downstairs and see it in person.

But that's not what I really noticed.

I noticed this ...

The lobby.
The empty, empty lobby.

What?  Does no one work here?


Apparently no one works here, either.

And not only that, there's no PEOPLE milling around.  Where are all the people???


No one here ...


No one here ...



No one here!  Not a soul eating or drinking.

Have I landed on Mars?


Heading on over to the convention/banquet rooms, I see this ...

NO ONE conventioning nor banqueting!

What the heck?


More 'no peopleing'.

At least this room has tables, though, in case, you know, I may want to sit down.  Not sure who'll wait on me, though.


Heading back outside to see if the view is still there ... and I decide that THIS won't be my view.  It just won't.  With the kind of luck I have ...


THIS will be my view.


See?  Here's my room.  You can see my awesome view through the window.

And look!

More no peoples.

No one sleeps at this hotel!


Good grief.  I was right.  It ain't Paradise and no one wants to come here anymore.

I'd complain ... but there ain't no one here to listen.


Monday, April 2, 2018

in honor of easter ...

Since Easter was yesterday and since I'm all about posting opposite of what everyone else does ... here's a video that I found quite amusing.  No religious tones (although I AM all about that) and no chocolate bunnies (had quite enough of those yesterday, thank you very much) ...

Enjoy.   And yep, this is pretty much what I see and hear everyday.


or ....


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Warning: Graphic Images Warning: Graphic Images Warning: Grrrrrr.....

Sometimes I just don't have the strength to ................... and other times I just don't have the strength to ......................   You may fill in those blanks for me cuz I just don't have any strength left.


Wait, I'm typing.  That's a good sign.

So ... here's the latest.

Our being-built house began to get ready just a little too quickly.  Suddenly we had a date for closing and we hadn't even put our current house on the market.  I brought in a friend to help me de-clutter the current house ... and the job was so big that we filled up a giant pod (still sitting on my driveway) with clutter still being found everywhere, around the house.

Know what ISN'T CLUTTER?  TV remotes.  My packer packed and packed and packed.  She packed up everything.  She packed up remotes.  Yes, we are TVless.  And yes, we are sad.

But the house finally began to take shape and look purt near ready to put on the market, which it now is.

However, we still couldn't slow down the progress of the house we were having built.  So, we cancelled that one, and bought us a new one.  This is now HOUSE #3 that we have attempted to build.  I've chosen tile and flooring and bricks and carpet and cabinet colors and drawers and who knows what else for TWO HOUSES so far ... and this Friday, I'll go at it again.  Whee.  Picking all those colors and textures and styles and carpet just isn't the fun that it sounds like.  In fact, it's a four hour long experience of realizing that you can't afford what you want and you can afford everything you don't like.  Harumph.

So, the house is for sale, the new house is selected and right in the middle of it all .... Rick does this:

The boy done got the surgery that he has wanted for so long.

This is good.  Except we have our current house on the market and getting Rick and the dog out of the house for the showings is also not the fun that you'd think it would be!

Wanna know what else?

Those pictures you see above?  They upset someone.  They caused someone to say that I had no right to post them.

Know what else?

I don't care!

Ya know that address of my new, soon to be built house?  Said person ain't gonna get my address.

And that makes all of this worth it!

Hello new house, goodbye old house.  Hello surgery and new back and goodbye person who got squeemish!

Life is fun.

Graphic photos are funner.


Friday, March 9, 2018

bang, bang .... my baby shot me down

The reference to Cher's song actually does not apply here.  My baby didn't shoot me down.  But the roofers did.  Down, dead.  And I was ready to shoot all of THEM at 6 AM this morning.

 So ... the roof is going up; the buckled wall has been repaired; and all is right with the world.

Oh wait.  We still haven't had the surgery.

Okay ... once we get the surgery taken care of, all will be right with the world.

Oh wait.  We still have to find a house to live in.

Okay ... once we decide on which house to buy, all will be ...

Oh wait.  Gotta sell our house first.

So ... the roof is going up; the buckled wall ...


Except Spring Break starts in approximately THREE hours.

Ahhhhh, all is right with the world.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

spoke. too. soon.

There will be no surgery today and poor Rick was counting the moments. 

Rick needs an Echocardiogram (EKG?) and a stress test.   Those two items alone we were told he'd already had so there was no need to worry.  Well, I should've worried.  I'm worried now ...

So:   new roof  -  check
         new wall  -  check
         new non-buckling floor  -  check
         new house  -  check
         new back surgery  -  FORGET IT.

I am not frustrated, I am not frustrated, I am not frustrated, I am not frustrated.

Those thirty-seven days till surgery?  The count is growing ... with no end in sight.

Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, one hundred eleven ...


Two thousand seventeen ....


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

some things are just so simple ...

Some things are so simple, they're funny.  And some things are so ridiculously simple that you just stand and marvel at them.

This, however, is not one of those things.

Surgery for Rick has been in the works since NOVEMBER.  That's November of last year.  He was scheduled for a spine stimulator trial in November that didn't actually happen until JANUARY 30TH.  Two days later and it would've been February.  Good grief.

So, after the trial, and after we were told he qualified, we were told that he would receive the "real" surgery, the "real" stimulator within two weeks ... four weeks at the VERY MOST.  Um, it's been THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS now and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. 


We're only a "GO" if  Doctor A will sign off on the procedure, which she won't do until she receives a copy of the cardiac clearance that was faxed to the surgeon.  The cardiologist sent the clearance to the surgeon, skipping Doctor A.  In the meantime, the hospital needs the chest XRAY that Doctor A is in possession of ... but won't send until she has the cardiac clearance.

So ... our family room wall is being repaired right this moment; the floor-buckling people are at my house right now fixing the floor-buckles; our roof is being replaced on Friday and I have packers coming tonight to help me load up the POD that's sitting in my driveway.  It's easier to plan a house move ... than to schedule Rick's surgery.

He's smiling here.  He won't be, though, once I tell him the good news ...


This about sums up my life right now ...

This does, too ...


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hooray for Hollywood ...

If you're going to be a KAHLE, you have to perform.

Here's the latest performing Kahle ... BUDDY.   Advertising for Melissa Bankard's Farmer's Insurance ... PET INSURANCE!   Go, Buddy!

Nice hat ...

Farmer's Insurance

Click on Buddy's little nose ... or click here.