Monday, October 17, 2016

a full week ...

... of screaming with back pain and I think I'm finally out of the woods.

I did not baby my back (maybe that was the problem) and I did not take off work, even when work meant working at my second job, on my feet, for hours upon hours at a time.  How dumb am I?

Don't answer that.

By Friday night I was regretting (oh was I regretting!) the garage sale I had decided to hold on Saturday morning.  Never mind that I was also scheduled to work later that day (Saturday) at my second job, on my feet, in a casino, two hours away from home.  How dumb am I?

Go ahead and answer that one.

Garage sale ended; lunch was eaten and then I and two other coworkers jumped in my car and headed up to Durant, Oklahoma to work the Chaka Khan and the O'Jays concert inside the Choctaw Casino.  Oy vey.  People with back trouble should not be doing such dumb stuff.

But wait, it gets dumber.

I was chosen to drive (because I'm just that dumb) so I opted to drive Rick's car up to Oklahoma.  A couple of hours later, we arrived.  And the dumb one (me) took MY keys off of my key chain and headed inside to work.  Note ... we drove up in Rick's car but I took the wrong keys off of my keychain and stashed them in my fashionable fanny pack.  Purses have to stay behind in our trunks.  And mine did.  Along with Rick's car keys.  Dumb, I tell ya.

Work over, concert over and at 11:53 PM we all headed to my car to drive home.  At 11:54, I screamed, "OH NO!"  And it went downhill from there.

Fortunately, my sister in law (and coworker) had thought to put her AAA card in her beautiful fanny pack.  And she called them to have someone come unlock our car.  When we got the estimated wait time of ONE HOUR, said sister in law headed back into the casino claiming that she needed to sit down and rest her back.  Um, excuse me???  I'm the one with the bad back!!  Said sister in law didn't care.  In she went.

My other coworker Connie and I were left to stand around ... on the hard, hard asphalt and wait it out.  Why we didn't go inside, too, I'll never know.  Just dumb, I guess.  And dumber for thinking that the locksmith might actually come on time.  Ha!

1 1/2 hours later there was no sign of my sister in law and no sign of a locksmith, either.  No sign of my sanity, too.  My back was still screaming in pain ... that's about the only thing that was hanging around.   Soon my sister in law graciously decided to call and check on us and was surprised to learn that no tow company had ever come for us.  We called again and were given another wait time of one hour.  If you're keeping track, it's now purt near 2:00 AM.  And my back and I had gotten up for a garage sale almost 24 hours before.  My poor back.  My poor eyes.  They didn't want to stay open anymore.

After a comedy of errors, (what?  we hadn't already had comedy enough?) Triple A arrived at 2:00 and blew my car doors open within minutes.  And in Connie and I climbed to drive around and hunt for Linda.  By the way, Linda rapidly gained top spot on my I HATE YOU list and Connie was taking a fast second place.  Hard concrete at 2:00 in the morning will do that to you.  Any garage sale I ever have again takes third.

But we were on the road at 2:20 AM after finding Linda happily gambling away on a soft stool in front of several slot machines.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to learn that she had won an $800 jackpot.  I can't tell you because, well, I'm hoping to be acquitted and acquire her winnings.

We did survive and I actually spent most of the next day IN BED.  Yes, I did.  I have never slept a day away and I hope to never do it again ... but I am scheduled to work at that casino again in two weeks ... so we'll see.

I wonder if everyone will want me to drive again ... I've got some more fun planned for us if I do.



Thursday, October 13, 2016

so the universe is spinning ...

... and I just found out that I'm getting a new microwave in the Idaho condo.

All is right in the world.

Oh, and I did locate a Dominos up there in those parts.  Still looking for a Papa John's, though.

But it matters not.  We've got one of these moving into the neighborhood ...

Never mind that it's a part of this:

What's a little mafia among friends?

Just for the record, Dutch Bros. coffee isn't just a bonus for me.  I peeked at the reservation that I've got for my first vacation renter ... and it appears that 


Um, no?

I barely even eat breakfast.
I barely cook.
And I certainly don't live in Idaho.
Good luck getting breakfast, Pal.

However, there is one of these just down the street ...

Drink up!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

all packed

So, I'm all packed for my next venture (no, really) and wouldn't you know it ... the trip moves.


Um, which of those two statements are not true.  And don't say both.

Okay, I'm not all packed, but the trip really did move.  I'M NOW GOING TO BE HOME FOR HALLOWEEN.

* candy for Kris *  * candy for Kris *  * candy for Kris *

This could be very dangerous.

So anyway, we will now be closing on the condo one day later than planned.  And although it's just one day, it throws the entire universe into a spin.  One day means that we close on Halloween now instead of October 30th.  It means that I can no longer take that particular weekend plus two extra days off work and "move in" to my new condo ... and set up the furniture.  One little day did all that!  You see, I'll have nowhere to stay.  And I seriously doubt that the sellers of that condo want me bunking in with them.  Plus, they're taking their stupid furniture with them.  The nerve.

BUT ... they are leaving me a table and four chairs!  Who needs to sleep?  As long as I have a place to sit and eat!!   Okay, never mind.  I'll move in with them.  They can cook for me.  I may be tired but I'll have food in my belly.

Does Dominos deliver to Coeur D'Alene?  Does anyone?

So, here's what I do have going into the condo ... and being left behind:

This little table stays.  As does these four chairs.  I don't need the high chair tray.  So it'll probably stay.  Just 'cause.

Here's what I wish were staying ...

Yep, everyone needs an "Always kiss me goodnight" plac.

Actually we do.

Okay, okay.  I wish the bed were staying.  It's gonna be mighty uncomfortable sleeping on this:

That goldfish takes up WAY too much room.

Probably hogs all the covers, too.  You know how goldfish are ...


Saturday, October 8, 2016

run around sue

Hey, look!  I'm already packed for my next trip!

Just made plans to head back to Idaho ... to 'close' on the new place.  And furnish the new place.  And pretend that I don't mind that a stranger is going to be living staying in my little new place.

And shutting me out from spending Thanksgiving with my little new family.

Yeah, no.  I don't mind.


But seriously, I am getting ready to pack again.  I'll be heading back there at the end of October.  'Cuz that's when I become rich, I guess.  The lifestyle I've been leading ... one would have to be rich to do.  

I'll be buying a condo's worth of furniture very soon.  

And letting someone else live on it.  And sleep on it.  And dine on it.  And tinkle in it.



Life is SO not fair.  I won't even be home for the little trick or treaters in Frisco.  I won't even get to hoard all of the extra candy.  Know what I will get to do, though?

Buy TONS of candy and convince Rick that TONS of kids come to our house for Halloween.  AND THEN WE'LL HAVE ALL THAT CANDY LEFT OVER!!!!!

Watch.  This'll be the one year we run out of candy....

wink, wink


Thursday, October 6, 2016


My husband just asked me if I was ever going to unpack my suitcase from my August trip to California.

Silly husband.

This is from my trip to Idaho in June.

I can't even find my suitcase from August.


Monday, October 3, 2016

say what?

So, we're all set to close escrow on October 30th, the day before the day of goblins and witches and candy and the like.  A sweet time of the year, no?

Two little tiny things cropped up.

One - my new mom (the nameless one) has decided that she's tired of keeping her old couch and chair in her garage for me ... because ... what if it snows?  Not that it will ... but what if it does?  What will become of her car, for heaven's sake?  If might get wet!  Not that it even snows in October or ever has ... but what if???    Sigh.

Two - I jumped the gun a bit.  But I usually do.

I.  Have.  A.  Renter.    Yep, he's coming in from Oregon to visit his family in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho for the Thanksgiving break.  Um, really?   Kris, Dear ... you haven't even closed escrow.  You haven't even gotten your couch out of 'new mom's' garage.  YOU HAVE NO BEDS.  You also haven't had the inspection yet to see if you still even want this place!



Good grief.  I'm proactive, okay??????

Know what Elizabeth, my dear darling daughter said?  "Why are you letting someone in to RUIN your cute condo?"  Thanks, Liz.  Thanks.  Cuz that WAS my plan all along.  Not the money ... I just wanted someone to ruin everything for me.

And what do I care?  I don't even own the place yet.


Oh, hey.  I found a bed.  Just perfect for the family of four that's coming for Thanksgiving.  Right?



Thursday, September 29, 2016


Did I mention that I've been back to Idaho?  I went to surprise my new mom.  New momma.  Someone please tell me what to call her!!!!!

She prefers MOM.  I can't do that.  I had a mom.  And a darn good one.  I prefer JANETTE but she doesn't seem to like that.

Anywhoo ... here we are.

We're awfully cute.

Too bad we don't look alike, though.

No, seriously.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

cottage cheese

I hate cottage cheese ... but I'm rather fond of this lil' cottage.  It's our newest attempt at real estate in Idaho.  The first property fell out of escrow (and it was a hard, hard fall!) and this one jumped right in to take it's place.  Whatcha think?  Think any vacationers will want to rent it out?


We've got a living room ...

and a roaring fire.  It's not 'roarin with recipes' but it could be ... if I don't learn to cook something better than scrambled eggs...

It does come with a kitchen.  But I'm not sure what to do in there.  

I've heard that some people actually create food in these rooms.  Something I know nothing of.

It comes with a nursery, too.

Now what am I supposed to do with this????

I think the grounds are pretty.  Rick, however, does not.  Rick wants a view.  I told him it HAS a view.  Right into your neighbor's living room!!

You can see a lot peeking into your neighbor's living room, you know.


So, we're in escrow, whether Rick likes it or not.

And we'll be open for business soon.  I've already secured bunches of furnitures.  Fifteen or so beds.  'Cuz I want you all to come.

Just kidding.  Fifteen beds wouldn't fit in there.  Only fourteen will.

Or two.

Okay, two.  Two beds, okay??  

I will have two fridges, though.  Bring lots of food!!!!


Monday, September 26, 2016

whilest i was sick ...

.... I found me a moment to go through some fun old stuff.  Yep, fun old stuff.

I am very proud of this little folder I made:

Even prouder of the "recipe" I found inside.

Um, yeah.

Breakfast anyone?


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ferm ... Fer ... Fermometers

So, dang.  I had such big plans for this weekend. None of them included holding a thermo meter under my tongue.

A metering device that measures my thermo just confirmed my worst fear.   I'm on fire.

Pffft. That didn't stop me though. I still made it to work last night at the Cowboy Stadium where I promptly lost my voice. I also made it out to breakfast this morning for my newest addiction, the spinach soufflé.  I then made it all the way to my bed.


Hatin' life right now ... but don't worry. I'll make it out to lunch tomorrow!

I think the tacos are winning ...