Monday, March 30, 2015

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire???

Me!  Me!  Pick MEEEE!!!!

All of my financial troubles are over.  I got a ROYALTY check for my book!!  I didn't know anyone cared.  I didn't know anyone would still buy it.  But SOMEONE did!!!  Wheeee!

I'm rich!!

Hang on Rick!  You get to stay in rehab after all!!!!!

For about a minute anyway ...


Saturday, March 28, 2015

catching up

Over the past few days we have learned that Rick's surgeon is out of the picture.  Rick's medical care is in the hands of the doctor at the Rehab Center.  We learned that the Rehab Center couldn't ... or wouldn't ... release the name of that doctor to us.  We also learned that Elizabeth was not about to stand for this.  Give that girl a cause and she's a-running.

Over the past few days we learned that since neither I nor Elizabeth were on Rick's admission papers, neither I nor Elizabeth could know what meds the Rehab Center was giving Rick.  Thank you HIPAA.  But, once again, give Elizabeth a cause... nope, this time, GIVE ME A CAUSE... and I'm off and running.

Over the past few days we learned that the Rehab doctor has never met Rick.  Never been to see him and was quite surprised that a man who had back surgery was even there.  

Suffice it to say that Elizabeth and I have a scheduled meeting with this doctor.  Suffice it to say that we both have a bone to pick with him.  And with the center.  And with just about everyone in general.  It's a mighty big bone!

Rick's insurance has run out and he is quite happy about that.  He SO wants to come home.  He SO needs to be there, though.  This has not been a fun stay for him.  

So... in honor of Rick's insurance no longer paying for his stay in Rehab ... we held a garage sale today.  

Tap shoes, anyone?

Scary shoes, anyone?

Scary baby, anyone?

These two angels of God came and ran the show for me today.  I couldn't have done it without them.

And this angel came and mowed my lawn.  I couldn't ... no, I WOULDN'T have done it without her.  And didn't.

Come on over, now.  The scary shoes and the scary baby are gone.  

So is the scary grass.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

sock it to me

I always hated that phrase ... Sock It To Me.  Probably because my dad used to use it all the time.  And he was old.  Old people talked weird.

My dog is using that phrase now.

Guess who's yellow sock that is?

Yep, her best friend's.  She and her best friend's sock are inseparable.


Gotta tell you, too, that she sleeps peacefully now, with or without the sock.

Unless she hears a noise.  And thinks her best friend is home. 

I see no sock in her bed right now.  Perhaps that's the problem.  She's waiting for her sock to come home ...



Nah, I'm here.  Life just got in the way for a bit.

So where were we...?

Rick transferred to a rehab facility last Thursday and was supposed to stay there for ten days.  But good ol' Kris miscounted and just as soon as he got there, he was supposed to turn around and head back home.  Well, close to that, anyway.  He really only had five days left that our insurance would pay for and he didn't even really get started in his physical therapy until the fifth day.  Sigh.

By the last day of his hospital stay, Rick was struggling with a complication.  All had been just fine and dandy up to that point.  Fortunately his doctor (the surgeon) was in the room when Rick was being discharged.  Unfortunately, he did not listen to my concerns.  And on that very last day, Rick was having some severe pain.  He was also a little bit loopy, too.  But when I voiced my concerns to the surgeon, he just said, "Don't worry.  Think positive.  Everything will be fine."

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

I did worry and I'm still not happy.

Since that time, Rick did transfer and is now on his sixth day in rehab.  He is also on his sixth day of not walking.  He is also on his zillionth day of pain.  What happened?  He was supposed to be as good as new just three days after surgery.

**  cricket sounds  **

Hello?  Is this thing on?

Yep, that's how I feel right now.  No one is listening to me.  No one cares about my concerns and they certainly don't care about Rick's concerns.  My concerns are obvious.  Rick just wants to come home and plant his bottom in front of our TV and have Midnight jump all over him.

I could only help him with one thing....

Midnight.  Running in to her Daddy's facility.

Rick and his best friend Midnight ,,,. and Midnight and her best friend Daddy.  The reunion was sweet.


I didn't get a shot of it ... but this little lady resides next door to Rick's facility.  And Midnight got a glimpse of her.

Horsey sees Midnight.  It was a reunion of another sort.  And not the best, might I add.

Fortunately we got away before any damage was done.  Good thing, too.  I'd hate to have had to make a pair of shoes out of her.

Although, shoes are nice ...


Thursday, March 19, 2015

tra la la

So ... what's been going on with the Kahles? 

Well, despite a successful surgery, there have been some complications in Rick's health/condition and he remains in the hospital in Frisco.  He is supposed to move to a rehab facility but that hasn't happened yet.  And when will it happen?  Your guess is as good as mine.

In the meantime, Elizabeth has done gone and gotten herself sick from some possible gluten contamination.

My life is fun.

So, how am I coping?  

I ran out and got myself a manicure.  Hey, why not.  

Liz'll be fine.  Rick'll be fine.  I'll be fine.

Wanna see Rick's scar?  Good, I thought you would.

Warning... not for the faint of heart.

See all that pretty red stuff around the scar?  That's a new found allergy to the tape of his bandage.  And to the attentiveness of the hospital.  Yep, he's allergic to the tape; I'm allergic to this goofy hospital.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

come saturday morning ...

Feeling numb today.  Rick's surgery lasted over eight hours and although I just did a lot of sitting around, I am worn out today.  It was a very long eight hours.

Three wonderful friends came and sat with me throughout the day and then my sister in law joined in, too.  Elizabeth was there in the morning but had to go to work.  Becky and Judy came over almost immediately after that and stayed the entire day!  How's that for friendship!?!  Theresa met us at a restaurant for lunch (yes, I broke away from the hospital!) (heck, we even made it to Sam Moon!!) and then my sister in law, Linda made an appearance, too.  It was a friendly day!  Too bad Rick wasn't around!

Liz returned after work and once Rick got out of 'recovery' and got into a room, I began to crash.  Two nights of no sleep and one VERY early morning (4:00 AM yesterday) took it's toll on me.  I smiled at Rick, turned on the TV and bolted.

Did I have a restful night, last night?  HECK NO!  Someone forgot to turn her 4:00 AM alarm clock off!  AARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

So, I'm numb today.  Not sure if it's from the exhaustive day yesterday or the alarm clock going off at 4:00 this morning or the end of my Spring Break rearing its ugly head ... but I have no feeling.

Liz visited Rick early this morning and reported that he's in tremendous pain.  That doesn't help.

I can't fix it.  I wish I could fix it, but I can't.

I can't fix the dog pee on our wood floor, either.  Well, I can, but I don't want to.

Okay, I will.

But I don't wanna.

I do wanna show you some pictures, though...

Rick ... prepping to go to surgery.  He had no idea he was so cute.  He also had no idea that I would take his picture.  He really should've known though.  He's met me before.

Becky, Judy and Yours Truly.  The gorgeous one in the middle is Judy.  I wish I looked like her.  I wish I had her jacket, too.  

Dining at Jason's Deli.  Sometimes you just have to get away from the hospital.  It looks more like we snuck off to a hockey game.

My pals hung out with me ALL DAY!  Good grief.  Even I don't like me that much.

The next picture is a bit unsettling.  

Don't peek at it unless you really, really want to know what Rick looked like right out of surgery.  And only if you have a strong stomach.

Sumo wrestler, anyone?


Thursday, March 12, 2015

prep day

Spent a good portion of the day getting Rick ready for his vacation surgery.  We had to pop over to the hospital to pick up some soap that he has to use three times (that means THREE showers) on his back to cleanse it.  What the heck is that all about?  I'm sure he'll sweat the sterilization off by morning.

Rick has also been mentally packing and calling out things he wants to bring with him ALL DAY.  May I say ... SHUT UP!!  You'd think he was going on a long cruise.  I wish I was going on a long cruise.

Somewhere around 8:00 tonight, he decided that one suitcase wouldn't be enough and he would need two.  Seriously, Rick?  He wanted to bring his robe, his tennies, his toothbrush, his planner, his cell phone, his iPad, his watch, two pair of sweats, two pair of jeans ... and the list went on and on.  It took all I had and it took a lot of volume to convince him that I AM NOT HAULING TWO (or even one) SUITCASE ALL OVER THE HOSPITAL TOMORROW.  He argued that he'd just keep them in his room!


Will, too.

Will NOT.

Will, too.

I won, because I convinced him he could pack them but we would have to leave them in the car.  I plan to actually leave them at home.  Oops!   He thinks HE won because he's sure I'll regret my decision and will be eating my words.

Hey, not my first rodeo, Pal.  I've got this.  Plus, I only live THREE BLOCKS AWAY.  Anything I've forgotten IS NOT LOST FOREVER!

Rick thought about it and still decided that I would regret this.  But he accepted it.

Then he asked if he should bring his walker or his cane.

NEITHER, PAL.  I'm pretty sure the hospital has a few of those.

A few more moments passed and he then told me that he would have to remind the nurses to keep him on his side ... to prevent bed sores.

Good thing the nurses will have Rick there tomorrow.  I'd hate for all of those RNs to just be sitting around wondering what to do with those cute little bed pans.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I am that person ... the person who sends out that ridiculous email from another country, claiming to have been robbed by an armed assailant and having nothing left in my possession but the shirt on my back ... and probably a tote bag full of souvenirs.  Yes, I am that person.  Please send money so I can get home.  You can wire the money to ...

And today, that unknown armed assailant got me.  So here I am, sending that pathetic email out to anyone who'll listen ... trying to get money.  You can use Western Union, if you prefer.  I'm not picky.

Actually, it wasn't really me, but it was Kris Kahle.  Or at least it was my Visa card.  Yep, my Visa card made it to Italy with a short stop in New York first.  To buy a house or two.

Got the call today from my bank asking if I was travelling (I wish) and had I ever heard of POLIMODA?  Nope and Nope.  Had I done any business recently with Newfield Realty?  Nope.  Bought any houses lately?  Nope.  And no, I was not funding anyone to attend a fashion design institute in Italy, although I think I will volunteer to fly there tonight, you know, just to straighten things out in person.


Why not.  Life has been so boring lately... I needed something like this to spice it up.

Good grief.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

post script

Before we move on to more pressing matters, I thought I'd take a moment and show off my talent.  Yep, I have a talent. It may be my only one so enjoy!

Despite being well-seasoned, now that I live in 'snow country', I have never ever ever built a snowman.   Not now and certainly not in my childhood. Must be because I was too busy building sand castles. Didn't make much sense building a snowman at the beach.

Soooo, I done went and built me one. I is so proud.

Here he is in his natural surroundings, his home, if you will.  Mounds and mounds of snow surround him.

Here he is in MY natural surroundings.  Mounds and mounds of sunshiune and springtime greenery surround him.  Even he seems to like being away from the snow.

I taught him to drive ...

He hung on to the back bumper when I drove ...

He waited patiently for me to get home from work ...

He sunbathed a little ...

oh oh ...


Sunday, March 8, 2015

here we go again ...

I feel like it's time to make the announcement...

Rick will be going back into the hospital this Friday morning for a "Lumbar Laminectomy ".  All other avenues for pain management have either been tried (with no success) or vetoed and we are left with more surgery.  Sadly, this couldn't be avoided. Happily, we've heard only good things about this procedure. Sadly, this surgery will be very hard on the pocketbook. Happily, we can't even think about that because at least there's something that can be done.  Sadly, Rick is very nervous.  Happily?  More single girl dinners!!!

Oh, and don't tell Midnight.

FYI ~ Prayer appreciated!