Monday, July 21, 2014

next stop ...

... home.  Just kidding.  But the place that we would call home for the next couple of days was our next stop.  First of all, Rick chose San Antonio.  Rick wanted to come to San Antonio.  Rick wanted to see the Alamo.  And Rick selected this vacation spot because it wasn't very far from our home.

Or so he thought.

Five and a half hours of driving time later, (we made several stops so I'm only counting up the driving time) we arrived at our new home.  Rick was amazed at how long it took.  I reminded him that that was what FIVE AND A HALF HOURS OF DRIVING felt like.  He still seemed so surprised.

But we did arrive.

And while I was off parking the car ... he was off shmoozing with the front desk gal.  I always secure us the best rooms with the best views of the best walls or trash cans.  Rick managed to get us a FULL UPGRADE with a room ON THE RIVER overlooking THE RIVERWALK.


Rick is now in charge of getting us rooms all the time.

Rick done good.  Too bad he didn't order cooler weather for us, though.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

to cure the moodiness ...

... we snuck away for a couple of days.  I really really really wanted to go somewhere during my summer break but the time just got away from us.  We were either awaiting info on Liz' trial date (didn't want to be away and unable to return to the big event) or we had some dr. appts. lined up that we couldn't miss or we were poor (when aren't we, though?) or we (well, I) just didn't have the energy.  A little bit of each of those excuses, I'm afraid.  However, the last one rang the truest.

I return to work this coming Thursday so I just HAD to be able to say I went somewhere.  Anywhere.  And, San Antonio won the pool.  So off we went on Wednesday.

First stop?  Italy, Texas.  We didn't KNOW we were in Italy, Texas... it just so happens that the gas station we stopped at was in Italy.  And it just so happens that the gas station has THIS attached to it!!!  I was a very happy girl!  I grew up loving this place.  Well, not THIS one in particular, but many of it's cousins.

Now, it sure ain't what it used to be... but it'll do.  It used to be a full, free-standing store but now it's just a small little area in a truck stop.  Still ...

And once I was all pecan-logged up, off we headed ... to remember the Alamo.


Monday, July 14, 2014

for lease

We've had some tenants living above our front door for a month or so now.  Mom was there first, dad would visit.  The two little guys you see here are the result of what mom was warming and raising.

Meet Dante and Danielle.  Liz named them, I didn't.

Danielle spread her wings and left home first.  Dante waited a day and then tried his wings out, too.

Dante didn't get very far.  For the last two hours he's been hanging around our front yard...

Ah, boys.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

one by one

We've been in Texas now for ... eight years.  Yep, eight.  Hard for me to believe, too.  And since it's been eight whole years, it's only fitting that I attempted to finish unpacking.  Right?

Actually, I happened upon one last box yesterday.  It was stored way way back in our pantry and although I knew it was there, I did a pretty good job of ignoring it.  But the time came yesterday to finally open it up.

This dorkiness was inside:

Was I ever that young?  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

speaking of selfies ...

This is our cat, Jeannie.  Liz caught her taking a "selfie," too.  She did pretty good ... 
... for a cat.

Wanna see another funny picture?

Oh, good.

Liz went to Oklahoma last weekend (not all that far, if you're reading this in California and wondering) and parked near this and freaked out.  I imagine she freaked out laughing and not from sheer terror.

Most of us would imagine this was a statue of a cow pretending to be a policeman.  Not Liz.  She posted it on Facebook and titled it:  "A cow pretending to be a flight attendant?"

Good grief.

I prefer Jeannie's selfie.  Unless, of course, that cow really is pointing to the exit doors.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

because ...

because I just KNOW you all want to see a REAL close up of my new friend ...

... here it is!!!!

Side view:

And you know what?  LOOK what happened this morning!

The other bud opened up DESPITE me being anywhere near it!

Know what this looks like to me?

Sunflower selfie

Can't you just imagine an iPhone in the outstretched arm?

Or mine?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

you are my sunshine

We have some very average foliage in our front yard.  I make no claim to have a green thumb, in fact, I'd go so far as to say I have a black thumb.  Nothing grows, nothing even tries to grow.  So, our foliage is average at best.  And I take no credit in even getting it to it's average status.

These purple thingys are in our front yard.  Just sitting there being purple.

The little yellow flower below is making a statement.  It's saying, "hello... I'm here, too, no thanks to the lady who lives in the house."

Here's a little bigger picture of it.  I want you to see how well a flower can actually grow when I don't take care of it.  At all.  When it's left to its own devices.

More purpleage.  

Some pinkage, too.

So ... what's the point here?  Despite my black thumb, despite my lack of gardening knowlege, soil savvyness and my desire to even TRY to grow anything ...

... something growed.

And I have no idea how or why or where.  Well, I know where.  But WHERE did it come from?

One, and I mean ONE, lone little sunflower is standing in our front yard.  Just standing there!

The weirdest part?  No one has ever seen it before.

It just suddenly appeared.  Right there!

I felt compelled to take another photo of it, lest it decide to turn and run away.

Close up.  'Cuz I'm still in shock.

Close up of my car, too, in case it up and ran away as well.

Wanna see a side view?

Wanna see the back view?

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed, in case you couldn't tell.

Best view of both the sunflower and my car.  

I had to photograph this little guy.  I fear I might never, ever see it again.  And, if left to my gardening prowess, I never will.

Look!  Is that a little bud growing beside the main flower?

RUN, Kris, RUN!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurray for the Red, White and Blue?

Rick and I went out to lunch on Friday, the 4th of July.  You'd never know it was the 4th, though, right?  Rick's shirt sure doesn't give it away ...

Rick, your hat is crooked, too.

My hat is not crooked.  My head is, though.

Anyway, we went out for lunch.  There's a new restaurant in the area called Zippy's and usually we are not very adventurous in our dining but for some reason we decided to give it a try.  

This is Rick's lunch:

5 rather small shrimp ... fries and toast.  Not all that impressive.

My lunch, however?  Amazing.  Amazingly scary, anyway.
I didn't know whether to eat it ... or pet it.

This 1/2 chicken pretty much scared me to death.

Wanna see it again from another angle?  Yeah, thought you would.

Looks like he's resting comfortably.  But please keep it down, we don't want to wake him ...


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

My friend, Cara, posted a picture of this little beauty on Facebook.  She's a doll of Cara's who is easily 50 years old.  The doll ... not Cara.  Neither Cara nor I are even close to 50.  Not even close.

Cara must've played with this doll before she was born.

Anyway, Cara has her all dressed up for the holiday and despite many comments about the little gal being creepy, I think she's beautiful.  She is in far better shape than any of my 50 year old dolls.  Not that I have any dolls that are 50 years old.  29, yes.  50, no.

And lest you think that I've been a bit too serious here lately, allow me to show you the first picture that Cara posted of her patriotically-dressed dolly.  The one that's REALLY creepy ...