Monday, January 26, 2015

home sweet home

Wanna see where Rick is residing right now?  It's a nursing home. It's a very, very nice nursing home, but it's still a nursing home.

This lovely scene greets you as you walk in.  Kinda reminds me of a Cracker Barrel.  I wonder if there's a gift shop inside.    

I wonder if Rick knows he's going to have to take up the piano.  I wonder where all the piano students are.  Or where any of the people are at all, for that matter ...

Definitely not a Cracker Barrel.   Cracker Barrel isn't actually this nice.  And I have yet to find the gift shop.  

I have yet to find any people eating in this restaurant, too.  Maybe the food's bad.  Maybe the residents are all sick in bed from food poisoning.  Maybe ... maybe ... maybe the waiters are all on Medicare, too.

Hey, maybe we could get Rick a job here!

A gazeebo?  Maybe Rick and I could get married again!  Hey, after our 25th wedding anniversary spent on a radio station ... anything's possible.

But a wedding here?  That's where I draw the line.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Faux pas

I'm not above shopping while Rick is in the hospital, no, I'm not.  And while perusing Facebook the other day, I found this little gem on one of those garage sale sites that I'm addicted to.  It made me giggle.  I'm pretty sure that it's okay for me to buy it ... even though I'm not a kid.  Cuz I'm the right color.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


A sweet tribute from Elizabeth ~

The trouble is, though, that all of Rick's cousins in Holland THOUGHT HE HAD DIED!

Good one, Elizabeth.


Monday, January 19, 2015

3 day weekend

Whether you believe me or not, it's true.  I've had a very nice weekend.  Yes, even with Rick in the hospital.  I relaxed, I slept, I shopped, I ate single-girl food, I watched TV, I computered ... and I'm even planning to clean my house.

I said planning to.  Don't hold me to that last proclamation.

Today is Monday and the day that Rick is supposed to move from the hospital to a "skilled nursing facility" so that he can "rehab" with the best of them.  Sure.  Rehab with a million old ladies asleep in their wheelchairs is more like it.  But either way, my single-girl life is supposed to continue for a little bit longer.  I am SO hoping it does.  I'm enjoying my break.

Not everyone is enjoying this little break, though...


Friday, January 16, 2015

just another manic friday ...

After a sleepless Thursday night, Rick decided he needed to go back to the ER for some more pain meds.  He really liked the shot of Dopamine (or whatever it was called that made him dopey) and was hoping they'd see fit to give him another blast.  So I left work early and drove him there.  It was 11:30  AM when we arrived ... and 7:30 PM when I left.  Note, when I left.  Rick is still there.

Yep, they admitted him.  More tests, more interview questions, more meds, more shots.  And finally they were able to see what I've seen all along.  The man needs help.  

The good news is that all of his tests concur ... there's nothing wrong.  His hip replacement is sound and his back is doing amazingly well, too.  The bad news is that there's nothing wrong.  Good news that Rick will not need the surgery he was fearing.  Bad news that the pain is caused by his left hip and there's almost nothing that can be done about it.  Except pain management.

Pain management is like a stupid term.  Oxymoron?  Whatever you call it, he's still got pain and he's got to try to manage it.

More good news ... they admitted him.  Yes.  That's good news only for me, though.  I love it when he's in the hospital and getting the care that I can't give him.  Bad news?  Our lives are turned on end and nothing that needs doing, gets done.  Ugh.  

Why does Rick always go into the hospital just as we're preparing our taxes?  Yeah, good one, Rick.

He'll be in the main hospital for the weekend and then transferred to a skilled nursing home for 20 ish days.  As I see it, that's 20+ days for me to actually hold the remote in my hand.  20+ days of single girl living ... and eating.  Pizza every night!!!!  Whee!

Oh, who am I kidding.  I'll be at the hospital every day.  I took him dinner just tonight and I see many more dinner deliveries in my immediate future.  Unless, of course, a gas station dinner doesn't appeal all that much to Rick.  Yep, tonight's faire was a hot dog, two egg rolls, two tacquitos and a bag of Lay's Potato Chips ... from our local QT mini mart.

I'm such a good wife.

And a stressed one, too.  Can't you tell?

He's not too stressed, either.  Give the man a TV and put a remote in his hand?  And all is well.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liz speaks ...

And here is what she had to say.  She says it best ... about what the Kahle family has been struggling with lately.  And sadly, I didn't even realize how this was affecting her.  (Side note:  She puts together a daily newspaper but took a day off to chat about what she saw at our house last night.  Should you ever want to look up her little newspaper ... it's called "The Daily Kahle")


Today is Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

I didn't forget about your news I promise. I actually had a really nice spread set up for tonight. But I came over to my parents' house after work for movie night and now everything is all upside down and backwards and nothing makes sense.

That sounds so dramatic, I'm sorry. I just mean... ωσя∂ѕ αяє нαя∂... breathe... Ok.          I just... I spent the last two hours sitting at my daddy's bedside, talking with him, crying my eyes out, trying to understand what it is I'm even seeing.

I'm looking at a man who literally screams out in pain every time one of his limbs or his neck moves even a fraction of an inch. He can't use his left leg, can't put any weight on it at all or it buckles underneath him and he goes down to the ground. Even still, EVEN STILL, he is completely obsessed with making sure neither Mommy nor I are put out trying to take care of him.

He'll bend down to pick up something that drops, he'll hobble and limp and virtually fall into the kitchen to retrieve his pills, anything to take on the chore himself so that we can, quote, "stay put, you're comfortable sitting there on the couch, don't get up."

Not to mention that he's cracking jokes and asking about my work day and aiming to entertain his family the entire time.


I just don't understand how this person is even real. How does a man like that even exist, how is this possible. Literally the ONLY person I can think of who was willing to suffer like that so that his loved ones wouldn't have to is Jesus Christ.

I don't want to get preachy on you of course, I'm just explaining what's going on in my head.

It makes no logical sense to me how he can be in that situation and choose to respond in this way. Meanwhile I was put off by having to listen to my cat use the litterbox loudly before I was out of bed this morning.

Just puts everything into perspective. It's good for the soul, keeps you calibrated to what's actually happening in the world.


Thanks for letting me share this.   - Kris


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

because ...

... Rick wants to move and because our house has some structural problems, I have consented to search for us a new home.  I don't really want to move, but I'm a tad scared of my house.  It cracks and snaps and pops all the time.  Loudly.  LOUDLY.  And usually in the middle of the night causing me to bolt awake fearing that someone in my house has just been shot.  Since no one ever turns up dead, I usually fall back asleep.  But not before I make a mental note to call All-Pro back out to inspect our foundation again.  

That day just happened to be today.  All-Pro corrected some foundation problems for us 1 1/2 years ago by raising up our garage and placing "piers" underneath it.  (Think bouys keeping a large boat from bashing into the dock.  Wait, are those bouys?  Okay, don't think bouys.  Think white thingies that dangle from the side of a boat.  That's a pier.  I think.)  I was fearing the worst today, fearing that instead of the garage slipping a bit more, now the entire house would need lifting.  And not just a face lift ... an entire body lift.  All I could see were massive dollar signs floating up above our house.  Hence the decision that it was now time to move.

But who'd buy a house that has structural damage?  Certainly not me.

Anyway, we got the good news today that all is well.  The house does creak.  And crack.  And pop.  And occasionally take out it's BB Gun and point it at our roof... but all is well.  No shooter could be found.  We do have to remove a tree ... but I've never really liked that tree anyway.  It gets in the way of my view of the fence.

So, are we moving?  Nope.  But don't tell Rick that.  Actually, we'll need to move before Rick turns 65 (finances, finances) but until then, I want to enjoy my pretty and large house.

I did spend a little bit of time looking around though.  I found this:

Tell me this doesn't look like a little dry cleaners.  Possibly even a drive-thru.  Hey, there's a good idea.  Live in a drive-thru.  I can't even imagine how handy that would be.

This home that I found has such a private and spacious backyard.  Good grief.  I guess I'd have to refrain from nude sun bathing.  Well, since there's no pool, that's probably a good idea anyway.

And nothing beats this backyard.  Room for a whole tree.

Wanna know the funniest thing I found?  Someone selling a little chest of drawers ... for my new home, I guess.

Faux pas, anyone?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

wanna know ...

what really caused me to throw my back out?


She brought over a healthy, organic, wonderful for you, no better tasting pretend coke.  Kambucha, I think she called it.  Not sure, doesn't even matter.  But she insisted I try it and she swore I'd love it.

It was okay.  Just okay.  And after a few sips, I put it in my fridge and forgot about it.  On Saturday morning I found it, pulled it out of the fridge and took a few more swigs.  I didn't even panic when I noticed that the expiration date had passed.

I DID panic, though, when I saw something swimming in the bottom of the bottle ... after I'd already drank half.

Fearing that it was rotten and I was soon going to die ... I panicked, choked and began to cough.  I coughed so hard that my entire body turned hot and ... out my back decided to go.

So, you see?  It's Liz' fault.  And Kambucha's.  And the jelly fish swimming around in the coke.

It tasted good, though.  Wish I had another one right now.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year's Resolution ...

... has flown out the window, I'm afraid.

The Kahles have had a week.  Nothing we won't rise up from, but still.

The week started with Rick's pain becoming WAAAAY too intense and us having to rush him to the hospital.  He was not admitted (even though I begged) but we did learn that his pain is NOT coming from his left hip that he SWORE was the cause.  Nope.  The X-rays showed that his former hip replacement is still beautiful.  That left only one thing ... his back.  Two doctors concurred that he has Sciatica and the pain is radiating from his back into both hips, the worst being his left.  Do I foresee more back surgery for Rick?  Yes.  But don't tell Rick that.  He won't have any of it.  No more knives for him, he demands.  We'll see.  But, right now, we are treating the pain with some strong pain meds.

And, right before all of the hospital excitement, Rick visited his primary care dr. and was given a preliminary pain medicine that about did him in.  Well, me anyway.  I'm the one who had to care for him.  Some pain meds make him goofy.  This pain medicine made him downright crazy!  And, sadly, it did nothing, except cause me to refuse him from taking any more.  Hence, the hospital stay that followed.

So, the Kahles had some excitement and then some cold, cold weather.  Then some bouts of exhaustion.  And some more cold weather.  And then, because I was feeling a bit left out I guess, I threw my own back out.  Wanna know how I did it?  I coughed.  Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe.  If I told you the real reason, though, you'd just shake your head.

So, here we are.  It's Saturday night and you're possibly wondering how all of this ties into me giving up my New Year's Resolution.  Maybe?  Well, here's how.  Lock me up in my house during a cold spell and two rounds of back trouble ... and a sister-in-law that dropped off three casseroles?

Yep.  It's an eating fest over here.  When one of us can crawl to the refrigerator, that is.


Monday, January 5, 2015

It's the most ickiest time of the year ...

I'm never crazy about taking down all of the Christmas decorations.  In fact, each year I put up less and less so that there's less and less to remove and take down.  Or at least I think I do.  I have just spent the last DAY AND A HALF taking stuff down and putting it away.  And I'm not done yet.  I just noticed that the wreath is still hanging on the front door.  UGH.

My daughter just posted this on Facebook:

4 Steps to Undecorating Your Home From Christmas
By Elizabeth Kahle
1. Remove one ornament from your tree
2. Sit down to watch 4 episodes of Scandal
3. Decide that it's not worth it to keep getting up
4. Eh whatever, I'm just going to leave this up until next year

Well, that's one way of doing it.

I wonder if anyone would notice if that wreath was still up in July ...