Wednesday, March 4, 2015

my dear darling daughter ...

... had some fun during snow week/icemageddon, too.    

Wanna know what she did?

Yep, huh.   I taught my daughter well.  Always, always put metal and foil into microwaves.  The results will blow your mind.  Or your microwave.

Or your mother's belief in you.



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ready for spring, again...

Thought I'd give you a glimpse of what a California girl looks like in a Texas snowstorm.  

Yeah, not so pretty.

I figured I might as well go rob a bank, too ... since I was all dressed up for it.

Anyone needing any cash?

Good thing I didn't rob any banks .  Not sure they would've taken me seriously.

Not sure I could've gotten to one anyway with all of the ice we had over the weekend.

Not sure I even know where a bank is anymore.  ATM, yes, bank, no.  But I'm dressed more for an ATM hold up, anyway.  


Monday, March 2, 2015

speaking of snow ...

My dog Midnight, who's terrified of rain, adored the snow.  Go figure.

I couldn't get her to come in.  She trompled all over the place.

She's beginning to sink, here.  Soon she'll be buried.  Alive.  Just kidding.  It only went up to her knees.  Do dogs have knees?

My car was buried up to its knees, too.  I know cars have knees.

This all started while I was at work on Friday.  Guess who wore heels to work on Friday?  Guess who is stupid...

Here's what snow looks like next to my car.    I'm from So Cal.  We didn't have stuff like this next to our cars.

And here's the view my car had all day ... while I was safely tucked away in my office.  In my heels.

Speaking of cars ...

Rick's car got all dressed up for the day, too.  No heels, though.  No one is that dumb.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

the thrill is gone ...

I'm about done with winter now.  Although it seemed like it would never come and it would be springtime forever, when it did come, well ... it just won't go away now.

With apologies to my East Coast friends, I'm sick of snow.  Yeah, yeah, I should live in Maine ... but since I don't and since I'm from sunny southern California ... get lost, winter.

I've eaten about every cookie I could find in our house, I've cleaned out just about every closet I could and I even made my bed this morning.  I've walked my dog up and down the icy cul de sac every day, I've played computer games until I'm sick of them ... and I've burned every spare log we had in our fireplace.

I've even read every appliance manual that I had lying around.

I'm so tired of being cold.

Oh, remember my puzzle?  It's still not finished.  It would be ... if it weren't right next to the coldest window in the house.  Brrrr, it's freezing in our kitchen.

Here's where I am on that, though:

No, wait.  I'm further along than that ... I know I am.  And I refuse to go back in time... this thing was TOO HARD!

Much better.  It's getting doner.

In fact ... LOOK!  Last piece about to go in!


Hey, stop messin' with me.  I finally got this thing done ... I know I did!


Okay, how 'bout we all look at the beauty of a snowflake instead?

Just stunning, huh?


Thursday, February 26, 2015

on par

Just when things were all on par ... and going well ... and predictably being predictable (never mind an ice storm here and there) ... life throws you a curve ball.  That's what life does best, I guess.

Rick visited his Lupus doctor to get permission to get a shot that would help his pain that would postpone his surgery and give us a normal life, well a somewhat normal life, for a little while, today.

Guess what the Lupus doctor did?  Go on, guess.

Give up?

She vetoed the permission for that little ol' shot that would help his pain that would postpone his surgery that would give him a normal life ... for a little while.

Guess what's up next?  Yep, surgery.  Within a month.  No one vetoed that.

You know that puzzle that ain't done yet?  I foresee a little bit of time to get it all done!  Wait ... I started it when he was in the hospital and it ain't done yet.  Hmmmm, it's no longer looking good for the puzzle.  It's no longer looking good for Midnight, either.

Life has, once again, gotten in the way of life.

Maybe Midnight will help me with the puzzle.  Maybe that'll take her mind off of her daddy's soon-to-be-absence.  Wait ... she has no thumbs.  I smell trouble.  Maybe I just smell Midnight.  Maybe I need another ice day ...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


See?  I knew I could be productive if I wanted to be!

Just don't ask me about my closets.  Yeah, don't ask.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

ice ice baby ..

I am beyond thrilled that school has been cancelled for tomorrow.  It's an ice, ice day, baby!

I have SO MANY things I'm going to get done.  And I will.  No, really.

My linen closet needs cleaning out ... and I'll do it, too.

Laundry needs doin', fridge needs cleaning, closet needs to be pared down and the abundance of shoes I have needs to be scaled down, too.  My pantry's a mess and will get my full attention tomorrow.

The floors are a bit sticky, the ashes in my fireplace need to be cleaned out ... and, of course, tomorrow is a good day to start on the garage.

Ooh, can't forget the pile of clothes that need repair.   Which reminds me, tomorrow will be a good day to set up my new sewing machine.

Remember that Super Bowl party I had?  The TV/DVR box is still upstairs and needs to be brought down.  I'll do that, too.  And my vaccuum is lonely.  I might as well get started on the vaccuuming, too.


Here's what I'll really be doing on my day off tomorrow ....

Well, it's been on my kitchen table since Super Bowl Sunday.  I think it actually takes precedence.  Yeah, it does.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

funky town

So, I've slept since that last post... and I've had a change of heart.  Maybe it was just those chickens up there that did it.  Yeah, that's probably it.  I've always had a soft spot for Easter eggs.

I'm ready to go to Rick's nephew's wedding ... but I'm awfully busy right now (shut up) so it's good it's in June.   I have no desire to go to Washington DC again, so maybe Rick's surgery will interrupt that.  And if it doesn't ... maybe I'll send Elizabeth to go with him instead of me.  She's the better speaker anyway.

I don't want a new house right now ... so Rick's surgery will continue to interrupt that, too.

I hate Domino's so I won't be ordering any of that.

And I am helping Elizabeth book a trip to Walt Disney World today and that has totally brightened my whole day.  I originally wanted to go with her ... but now I think I'd like to stay home ... and just let her go on her own.  She's old enough.  23 is definitely old enough, especially since she used to live there ... without me.  I'm going to live vicariously through her.

I think I've figured out my problem.

Agoraphobia.  Fear of open market places.  Well, not literally, but literally.  I prefer to think of it as the "I am going to stay home and never go out at all" disease.  Home is such a nice place.  It's not Washington DC, it's not Norman, Oklahoma and it's not Orlando, Florida.  It's not even California any more.

Me and Rick.  Home.  Never going out.  Nope, never.  'Cept for pizza ... cuz I hate Domino's.  Good thing Papa John's delivers, too.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Speed It Up A Little!!!!"

Just sitting here contemplating all that today has held...

My husband will be having some more surgery.  This is a good thing.  My mother in law will be moving back to California.  Also a good thing, even though I feel like a failure for not making Texas enticing enough to stay.  Rick's nephew is getting married and I booked our hotel room today.  Good and bad.  Good that we are getting a little out-of-town getaway... bad that it's not 'till June.  I'm ready to roll now.

One week after the wedding, Rick and I are supposed to go to Washington DC again, to speak on Capitol Hill.  A good thing, yes.  I liked going there three years ago, but not enough to want to return.  We are returning, though.  And this is a good thing.  I'm in the mood to travel (after having booked the hotel room for the wedding... hey, sometimes that's all it takes) so I'm okay with traveling to DC again.  This time I'll also get to visit with some family and a former roommate.  Former roommate works in the Pentagon and has promised us a tour.  This is a good thing.

So, I'm in a good place right now.  Many more good things than bad are swirling around my head ... and yet, I'm in a funk.  I can't shake the fact that my mother in law doesn't want to stay in Texas.  She so wants to move back to California ... even though we worked so hard to convince her to leave.  Sigh.  From the frying pan into the fire.

I looked at a home to buy over the weekend and it wasn't the right one for us.  Not at all.  But it fueled Rick's fire to push on and keep looking for another home for us.  I don't want to move, though.  I somehow want to remain in my current house.  And that's good.  Very, very good.

Maybe things are just moving too quickly for my taste right now.

Maybe I need a pizza.

Yet, pizzas take too long to bake and Domino's doesn't deliver for like 30 minutes.  Not quick enough.

So, maybe some things don't move quick enough after all.

Maybe my mother in law can move in to Domino's and speed things up a little.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Holy Guacamole ...

Actual conversation in my house tonight ...

Kris  ~  This salsa is spicy. It makes my eyes water.

Rick  ~  You want some ice water?

Kris  ~  No, it makes my eyes water.

** Rick brings me ice water. **

Kris  ~  Thanks, but my eyes are watering.

Rick  ~  So, do you want this ice water or not?