Monday, October 16, 2017

actual conversation ...

... that took place in my home today:

Phone rings ...

K:  Yes, Dear?
R:  Where on the ceiling is the crack?

K:  Is the handyman there yet?
R:  Yes, he's right here with me.  We're in the bathroom.

K:  Well, look up.  It's on the ceiling.
R:  But where?

K:  It's over the bathtub.
R:  Where over the bathtub?
K:  On the CEILING.

R:  In the shower?
K:  No, the bathtub.

R:  But where?
K:  LOOK UP.  It's on the ceiling.

R:  We're standing in the shower and we don't see it.
K:  THE TUB!  Look over the tub!!

R:  Is it IN the tub?

R:  We don't see it.  Can you see it?

I knew what he meant, but I couldn't resist playing with him some more.

K:  I can see it.  It's right there ... over the tub.

R:  Is it on the ceiling?

K:  Let's start over.  It's ON THE CEILING, OVER THE TUB.
R:  We're in the shower ...

Ay Yi Yi.

And when I got home for lunch today ... the crack was still there, just smiling away at me.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

i can't move ... i can't afford it!

In order to move forward on the house that we're buying ... I had to attend two sessions of choosing colors and paint and stoves and faucets and grout (whee ...) and all of the wiring junk before they would say that it was safe to "break ground" on our house.  It is now safe to break the ground.

Did I have fun doing all of that?  Um, no.  And it wasn't my first rodeo, so I knew I wasn't going to have any fun.

Anyway, FOUR LONG HOURS of choosing and choosing and choosing and more choosing and I thought I was good to go.  Oh, I was wrongo.  I still had to attend an additional session on wiring.  Um, I'm no electrician, but I went.  I took my hard hat, too, just in case I would have to go "out in the field."  Fortunately, I only had to visit a design showroom.

So, anyway, the gal at the first meeting stuck to the budget I gave her and I only walked away with a couple of things that I really hadn't planned on (read  didn't know I needed.)  I was not so lucky at the second meeting with the wiring dude.

I walked in and was immediately asked about the things that I wanted in my house.

"Well, I want a fancy doorbell where I can see people."
"We don't do that here."
"Okay, I want a switchplate in the floor to plug lamps into."
"We don't do that here."

* Sigh *

"What do you do here?"
"Well, we wire your house for camera monitoring and we hang TVs on walls ... stuff like that."

Rick had specifically asked that we mount our TV on the wall in the living room so I knew I was in the right place. 

My salesman showed me only one option of doing that.  I assumed I had to believe everything he told me to get that job done.  He then showed me that my house was wired for "surround sound" and he showed me the speakers that I would need to get that done.  He then told me that it was "old fashioned" to have a modum box in your closet to ignite the internet ... and who wants to be old fashioned?  He explained that I needed to have a fancy-schmancy metal box in the WALL of my closet to HIDE my ugly ol' modum.  Sadly, I believed that I needed that.  And, of course, I needed sped up internet connections ... that he could wire in.


I left, two hours later with all kinds of plugs and wires headed to my new house ... and a big ol' metal box to put my modum in and four "unobtrusive" wall speakers for my surround sound.  Yep, I had to have all of this stuff or else ... my house wouldn't work?

Little did I know that I just got tooken.  Yup.  I in no way needed a metal box.  I also didn't need those four fancy speakers that couldn't even GO IN MY WALL for the surround sound ... because I don't have walls where the surround sound will be.  I didn't need them because the speakers provided by the new house people had already taken care of that. 

I don't know what else I bought because everything started to go dark about an hour into the meeting.  I'm sure I bought a dog, too.  You know, just because the dog I already have isn't big enough.

The good part, though, is that nothing is returnable.  All sales were final.  Yeah, that's the good part.  Because once I woke up from that nightmare, I definitely would've been returning everything. 

Except the doorbell.  That's cool.  Too bad they didn't sell those there.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I house-sat over the weekend ... and, of course, the house needed some tending to.  Things always happen when I'm in charge.

The a/c guy had to come and the GIANT dog had to be monitored while the a/c came and performed his miracles.

GIANT dog did not like a/c guy.
GIANT dog did not like a/c guy climbing up into GIANT dog's attic.
GIANT dog stood guard.

I do not like GIANT dogs.  GIANT dogs, though, for some reason like me.

Ahhhh, sweet little GIANT dog.

"Come here, Baby.  Give me a kissy."

Go away GIANT doggy.


Ugh.  GIANT dog won.  I am sufficiently kissed all over.

Good thing he had just brushed his teeth ...


Saturday, October 7, 2017

one day at a time ...

The stuggle is real ....

.... when you have no furniture.

It's kinda tough when the sun is in your eyes, too ... 


Thursday, October 5, 2017

hello? GOODBYE!

Remember that condo in Idaho?   I've been busy releasing it.  I didn't really want to ... but it will keep peace within the family, so it's the best idea I could come up with.  It is no longer a vacation rental, it will be a full time rental as of October 15th.

I had it stuffed with beautiful decor and wonderful furniture ... and I gave my "sister" permission to sell the furniture and pack up the decor for when I next come to town. 

She got it backwards.  She sold all of the decor and packed up a bed.  Yep, I'm stuck with one bed now. 

Wait, what?

I simply said to save all of the travel motif/decor for Elizabeth since I was saving it all for her ... and poof, it's all gone.   My dear, darling sister was so proud of herself for selling everything, too.   She'd say, "I just sold the coffee pot!" and I'd say, "NO, NOT THE COFFEE POT!"  And she'd say oops.

My sister's funeral is Thursday.  Or sooner if I can get up there.

Memories .... light the corners of my .... wait, she probably sold that, too.

Nice bed.  But don't come visit us ... it isn't there anymore.

Nice table and lamp.  Gone. 

I used to have a bookshelf.   With books.

I loved this container.  Why of why did she sell this??

Hey, the lamp came back.  Oh wait.  Just the photo did.  Nice lamp.  Wish I had it.

Good thing I didn't really like these coffee pictures ...

Ten to one, I no longer own those dish towels, either.

I was given this couch by my new mother.  Bye bye, couch.


I loved this heater.  It kept me warm ... once.


I loved that TV.  It kept me happy ... once.

I guess Jeana couldn't lift it.

Somehow I'm doubtful that I still have a guest book.

Or a sign.

I loved this bulletin board and key rack.
No, not really.    Still...

I really DID love these items.  Those are keys hanging over the sink.
How am I going to get into the sink now, without the keys???

Jeana gave me this sign.
I used to love this sign ...

The only piece of furniture left standing.  Or left at all.
I guess you can come visit us.
You can sleep here! 

She managed to save that sign on the wall.
Too bad I hate that sign.

Gone.  You can no longer Relax, Refresh nor Renew.

You can't tell time, either.

And don't ever plan on toasting your bread again ...



I guess I'm homeless now.
Well, I'm at least toastless.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

and then ...

... we bought us a house.

Well, I put on some clothes first.

Yep, yesterday Rick and I had the afternoon off together and whoops?  We bought a house!

My best friend and roommate Nancy went out for some ice cream once and she didn't come home and she didn't come home and then suddenly she burst into our apartment gleefully.  "Guess what I just did??!!"   She got her ice cream alright, but while eating it, she decided she wanted to go look at new cars.  She came home in a new car.

I've always laughed at how someone could be so impulsive.  I'm no longer laughing.  This is my second time around coming home with a new house.  Well, I didn't exactly come home with it ... in fact, I can't even bring it home until NEXT AUGUST!!  Dang it.  That stupid layaway plan.  Something about making sure it had doors and windows.

Actually, this is our first go around at having a house built.  It should be fun.  I know it's been a hoot so far.

So, I gave them my monies and signed my life away ... and here goes nothing!

There she is.  Isn't she purty?  That's my room up top there.

Another view.  We don't get that 3rd car garage ... oh how I wish we did.

Rick likes his new house.  Of course, he thinks he's getting the model.  Wait until they tell him he has to leave.  I'm suspecting some fireworks, I am.

This is my favorite room.  Not quite sure what to do with it yet, though.  The paperwork is calling it a mud room.  Like, seriously?  We're all supposed to take off our shoes here ... and dump our mud?

No wait.  This is my favorite room.  It goes to ... nowhere.  But I like it!

This would be Rick's favorite room if he was willing to go upstairs.  I know he's not, though.  So, I guess this is MY favorite room.  No boys allowed.  Even if they DO know how to play pool.

So THIS is really my favorite room.  It leads up to my favorite room.  And since there's no boys allowed, it can truly be my favorite room.  All mine.  The 'She Shack'.  Or the 'Girl's Getaway'.  Ooh, I know!  The 'Lady's Lounge'.

Scratch that last one.  Although there is a bathroom up there.

Mademoiselle's Manor?  Damsel's Delight?  Peaceful Palace?

Let's stick with Kris' Corner.  'Cuz that's really what it is.

Look what was growing just outside where the house is to be built ... a gorgeous sunflower, ready to welcome us.

And I've since learned that a sunflower is really a weed.

It figures.  A weed is waiting to wave us in.

And tangle up around all of our plumbing and cost of zillions of dollars and tons of frustration ...

Wait, it'll simply welcome us.

Till we mow it down.


Monday, September 11, 2017

irma shmirma?

Hurricane Irma was hyped and hyped as the biggest thing to hit landfall since sliced bread.

Okay, so that made no sense.  But she was hyped to death.  Even my friend in Orlando said she was turning off the TV and staying off of Facebook because she was sick of all of the media hype.  It's true, every channel on TV was warning us about Irma ... and telling us to take cover ... and begging us to take it seriously ... even though I live in Texas.

Know what I did?  I hid.  I grabbed my iPad, put on my jammies, baked some cookies and hid out for the day.

When Rick and I got brave enough, we went out for pizza.

We showed that ol' Irma!




Wednesday, August 30, 2017

harvey schmarvy

Hurricane Harvey wrecked Houston and continues to wreak havoc on the rest of Texas, too ...

Not only did gas prices in the entire state JUMP ... gas became unavailable at all of our local pumps.  Apparently trucks can't get to the refineries to get the gas and then deliver it to us.

And all of this just brings Hurricane Hugo to the forefront of my mind.  Hurricane Hugo visited my husband and I on our honeymoon in St. Thomas 28 years ago.  28 years ago or not ... the memories are still quite vivid.

Celebrities.  Wet Celebrities.

Rick, posing with himself.

Closeup of the celebrated ones.

Hmmm, I guess there was a gas hike back then, too.

Hey, wanna see something funny?  I mean wonderful?  Read the last paragraph, if you can, of this story ....

Too small?   Here.  Let me help.

Attractive.  They called me attractive.

I like them.


Monday, August 28, 2017

tap tap tap ** is this thing on?

Sheepishly she asks, "Is anyone still out there?"

If so, I'm back.  Something called life hit me in the gut.  We've had a hospital stay, a new school year starting, the purchase and loss of a new home and the realization that my beautiful home that I KNEW would sell overnight, won't.  I stood back, took a long look at it and said, "Nope.  Not pretty enough.  We'll be lucky to take a loss on it."  There were three floods in our house last year and they have certainly taken their toll on our house.

So ... here we go.  The house hunt continues, school has started, Rick is home from the hospital and ... yes, life goes on.

Oddly enough, the song "Life Goes On" is currently playing on the radio.

It figures.

And ... Houston has flooded.  And not just flooded, but flooded its brains out.  Being a hurricane survivor myself, I'm extremely interested in this weather event.  Not just interested, I'm nervous.  Nervous WITH them and nervous for them, too.  I can live without hurricanes, I can.

But, I promised a few photos and I'm making good on my promise.  If nothing else, I've chosen a few light-hearted ones ... 'cuz, you know, life is funny?

It really is.

So, in no particular order ...

Here's the house we were having built.  Looks small here ... but it really wasn't.  It was my dream house.  And nothing else will ever compare to it.  No, I'm not bitter, YOU'RE bitter.

The condo that we stayed in in Idaho for two months.  Felt like two years while we were there ... it's like the blink of an eye now.

It is going up for sale, too.  Long story, don't ask.

I SAID, "Don't Ask!"

We came home to our little house on this little lake.  

Were we glad to be home?  Yes.  Will we leave again for another summer away?  I hope so.  But being gone for a summer was a bucket list thing.  And I get to cross it off now.  It's time to move on to sky diving and bungee jumping.  Oh wait, wrong bucket list.  Those aren't one mine!

Highlight of our trip this summer?  Denny's.  You think I'm kidding?

When there's nothing around you for miles and miles and miles and miles and ... well, Denny's can look pretty good to you.

Not really.

But I will take Denny's over these two beauties that we ate this summer.

Seriously.  Keep the elk, please.

One last highlight.  We went searching for a church that Rick used to attend when he lived in Spokane.  He was baptised at the little church in Spokane, too.  And ... he wanted to find it.

We think we did.

Windows were all boarded up.  Church was apparently a thing of the past here.  In fact, it weren't even a church when it bit the dust.  I guess weddings and events were a thing of the past, too.

Remind me not to get married in Spokane.  Probably wouldn't last.

And shortly after that, we headed home.

Saw some more of this ....

and a lot of this ...

(which is a lot of nothing, come to think of it)

I looked like this a lot (most of the time) ...

Saw some more of this ... 

And now?

We're trying to get ready for this:

Not really.  I'm not quite ready yet.

And Kitty is just praying for anything from Santa.

She hasn't been so good this year.