Friday, October 9, 2015

So, THAT moment in time ...

was followed by THIS moment in time ...

Tuesday night was slated to be crazy.  I was dreading it from the moment I woke up.  It was a busy day at work, it was the day I had to get my flu shot in between the busyness at work.  Immediately following work (actually overlapping it) I was taking a CPR class that would last until 8:00 PM.  Following that, I had to make a salad for a pot luck the following day.  Yes, I had to.  I'd signed up for it.  And I'm that girl, that HAS to follow through.  And after that ... Rick wanted to go out to dinner.  But I had laundry to do.  Plus I had to begin the second round of food I was creating for the week.  I had another pot luck at a bunco party the next day and I knew there was just as little time on the day following.

I did survive it all ... but only because I was mile off on all of my days/times/minutes/weeks/even years, probably.  I went to bed at 2:00 AM after nearly completing every task.  Nearly.

I did get my flu shot ... about an hour late.  I was late because I managed to get LOST on my way back from lunch.  LOST.   L.O.S.T.   I have since learned that it's not wise to just follow the car ahead of you and turn where they turn.  They just might not be headed to where you're headed.  Yes, I'm that girl.  And after the flu shot finally, I headed to the CPR class which was nowhere to be found.  I guess it was lost, too.  Turns out that that CPR class is TWO MORE WEEKS AWAY.  Not even a straight two weeks... two weeks and two days.  I was that much off.

And ... when I got to work the next day, everyone wanted to know where I was headed with all that food.  Why would they all be asking, I wondered.  BECAUSE THE POT LUCK IS NEXT WEEK.

And now I had enough food for an army (because I'm THAT girl) and nothing to do with it.  The gal in the front office, though, was only too happy to join me for lunch.

The rest of the week was crazy crazy, too ... but at least everything there came to pass.  You know that Bunco pot luck I had to go to?  They had a great salad waiting for them.  Yes, I did.  I made that dang thing last for two more days.  And, oddly enough, I got compliments on my salad.  Go figure.

It's Friday now and the craziness of the week has begun to calm down.  Until tonight, that is.  I'm prepping for a garage sale tomorrow.  Because I'm that girl.  The stupid one.

Ya know what, though?  On my way home from Bunco last night ... I had some terrific news.  Made EVERYTHING worth it!  

I can't wait to share this news with you!

But I will.

* to be continued *

Monday, October 5, 2015

one moment in time

It's been one of those nights. It followed one of those days. And it culminated in this night. One of this night. One of ... those nights?  These nights?  It. Is. Still. This. Night.   Make it go away!

First, I had to pay a handyman. He wasn't home so I slid the check under the mat at his front door.  When he asked me about his money, I told him what I had done. And no, the check was no longer there. Of course it wasn't. And chances are, he doesn't believe that I actually did leave it there.

Next I had to pay a pest control service so they would come back to my rental property and perform their final service. I paid them ... but they didn't get it. Of course they didn't. So they didn't come.

Rick is busy filling out some forms for a new doctor he's hoing to tomorrow.   "How do you spell stenosis?"  I yell back that I don't know, even though I do.

And while he fills put repetitive paperwork, I am busy baking a cake that I have to bring to my work tomorrow in honor of the October birthdays. I wanted it to be homemade so I worked hard at this cake. All night.  It truly is a masterpiece. A masterpiece of mush. I created a strawberry cake with a wonderful buttercream frosting.  I also baked cookies because ... I had some extra time on my hands???  Sure. Okay.  Too bad they burned. But it was okay. Extra time, remember?

The buttercream frosting was too sweet. TOO SWEET. So I did what they suggested ... I added milk.  And suddenly I had soupy too sweet frosting on my hands. To thicken it up, I added more butter.  Now it was too buttery as well as too sweet. I took another tip from the recipe maker and added two tablespoons of cocoa powder. And now I had a light brown version of this too sweet, way too buttery buttercream frosting.

I went ahead and frosted my cake, knowing that this cake would not be going to work with me tomorrow.  It was a poor version of Neapolitan, as the white buttercream was not mixed very well with the chocolate powder. White was peeking out from everywhere. And it wasn't until I finished frosting the cake that I noticed in the recipe that I had missed one step. Kind of an important step, I might add.  Beat at medium speed for five minutes. Yep, missed that. I was lucky to have completed two minutes.  But hey, I'm  impatient.

"How do you spell hospital?" Rick called out.

I cleaned up the kitchen, I packed up my cookies. I prepared my lunch and I took care of the dog. I cooked dinner (well, dominoes did) and I got all of my laundry started.  Too bad I didn't get it finished though. I ran out of extra time.

And I may never have free time again, judging by all the messes that I have yet to clean up.

And all the words I need to spell for Rick ...


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Just look what's sitting atop this ol' box!

I spy some keys!  

There they are!!!!

Oh wait.  Those are the wrong keys...


Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday Monday Happy Days

While all that furniture pushing was happening .... 

    ... this was happening. 

Who is he you ask?  Well, here's a better photo ...

Think Happy Days.  Think Potsie.  Think Anson Williams.

So, whilest this was happening ....

... my dear darling daughter was off having an adventure of her own.


Most people I asked didn't recognize him, but actually Anson Williams has aged pretty well, I think.  

My buddy Herbie Pilato (we were Pages at NBC together) has put together a foundation/group/website/event where once a week, he hosts a gathering in Burbank and it features a star from a classic TV show.  Herbie adores classic TV and he's vowed to keep it alive.  He's hosted events starring Cindy Williams (LaVerne and Shirley), Kathy Garver (Cissy from Family Affair), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island) and many, many more.  And this week, the star was Potsie (Anson Williams) from Happy Days.  

I knew that my dear, darling daughter loves that show ... so I sent her to the event in my place.  And I told Herbie to be nice to her.  

In short, the actor who is the star of the event, gets to talk for about 30 minutes about their days on their show and then tell about what else they've been up to.  In Anson Williams' case, he went on to direct TV shows and also to write a book.  

Liz arrived about 30 minutes early (because she is NOT her mother's child) and she sat on a couch and waited.  Herbie knew she was coming and he recognized her from my Facebook posts and came up to her.  Just as he was introducing himself to her, Anson tapped Herbie on the shoulder to say he was here as well ... so Herbie introduced him to Liz, too, and the three of them chatted.  Eventually Herbie had to leave to do a sound check or something ... leaving Anson and Elizabeth alone to continue their chat.

As I understand it, Anson Williams took an immediate interest in Elizabeth.  He began chatting to her about the business and what she wanted to do with her life.  Every once in a while, he just paused and looked at her.  Then he apologized and said he just had a "vibe" that she was going to make it in this business.  That she was on fire and she was sincere and that he would like to encourage her in any way he could.  (I asked Liz if he was married ... fortunately he is and he even had HIS 24 year old daughter there, too.  So it wasn't a come on.)  

Finally the show was ready to start and Liz sat in the second row.  Her view was a bit obstructed with sound equipment and such and she had trouble seeing him.  SO ... Anson Williams directed his whole talk to her.  He positioned himself where he could see her better and she could see him.  His whole talk was on encouragement, oddly enough, and encourage her, he kept on doing.

Everyone else in the audience saw that Anson was pretty much only talking to Liz.  And, as I understand it, even the owner of the Barnes and Noble (where this event was being held at) noticed, too, and even stepped in at one point to tell Anson to take questions from the other people there, too.  

Eventually, the "show" ended and Herbie texted me to say, "Your daughter stole the show!"  (Hopefully he meant that in a good way.)

And, after the event, Herbie took Anson out to dinner.  And in true Elizabeth form, my dear, darling daughter was invited to join them.  At Anson's request.  

That's our girl...


Sunday, September 27, 2015

this is my fight song ...

Sorry.  I've got that song stuck in my head today.  Actually all weekend.  I've been watching way too much TV, I fear.

You know that T-2 thing awhile back?  Yeah, no.  Liz made it to CA but her furniture is still here.

HOWEVER, it leaves my house today.  YOUR house, I hear you asking?  Yep, MY house.

After a terrible series of events, I had to move ALL of Liz' furniture to my garage.  Doing this was harrowing but I had the help of some wonderful friends ... they literarlly saved my life.  And having Liz' furniture here made my stress level go way down.

So, it leaves today and will arrive in Brea on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And all will be well.  It has to be.  I can't take much more of this!!

Here's some fun pictures of the move.  Well, of the furniture's move.

Hey!  Give me a break.  We are not professional movers.  We used what we had available!

And since Rick wasn't using it ...

Hey, I said we had fun.  We HAD to make it fun...

Yeah, more fun.   So much fun...

This is Judy.  She just always looks like she's having fun.  I hate her.

No, I really don't!!!  She saved my life!

Kudos to Noreen and Joe Brown, Cody Bridwell and Kenneth Jolly, too.  They also saved my life.  So did the man in the elevator who helped us push everything out!  He saved the elevator's life.

And ... here's the final picture.  All gone.  All gone.

Oops.  All here.  All here.  

Hey you forgot something!

Next up ... what Liz was doing while her furniture was changing zip codes.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Could a day get any worse?

No, really, could it?

Good grief!    From a moving company that doubled their price by counting their footsteps (and not parking by the nearest door...) to having to FIRE the moving company after many arguments over their price ... to a doctor's appointment gone bad ... to the declining health of your husband who refuses to take the necessary steps to "fix" himself ... to unlimited arguements with said husband over taking care of himself ... to a negative balance in your checkbook causing many bounced checks ... to some bills that didn't get paid ... to the capper of the evening; finding out that the awful moving company charged you a huge cancellation fee and plans to keep your deposit as well.

And then the dog threw up.

Then she pooped in the kitchen.

I'd slit my wrists (just kidding) if I hadn't received the good news that ...

MY DAUGHTER GOT A JOB AT DISNEYLAND TODAY!!!  Yee haw!   I've got free Disneyland passes!  I mean, SHE got free Disneyland passes!  (For me.)

And I booked a trip out to see her in November AND December!

Take THAT moving company!   Oh wait.  I doubt they care.


Friday, September 18, 2015

ahhhhhh ....

My child is gone.  She done flew the coop.

Well, not literally.  The birdies flew the coop but my dear, darling daughter hopped into her little red corvette ... I mean her little red solara ... and drove away.

The first five minutes that she was gone?  I smiled.  Life would now be stress free.

But at the sixth moment ... 

the agenda I was left with became more busy than ever before.  Wait, that was stinky English.  Suffice it to say that my world was more of a whirlwind than before.


For the last 48 hours, I've been packing and repacking her boxes ... some were not packed appropriately for United Van Lines.  I've fired and hired three different moving companies, I've also scheduled her hotel rooms, finished handling her new apartment and signing all of the paperwork, taking care of a broken a/c at my rental property, booking a pest control for the rental property, losing Elizabeth's keys, handling a visit from my sister in law which will take place on Saturday at 11:00 ... where did I put those keys??? ... working on a group bible study that I'm leading on Sunday, dressing and redressing Rick's flesh wound ... anyone seen those keys? ... paying about 100 overdue bills, doing all of the laundry, taking bids for our own house leak repairs ... and cooking a meal or two.  

Tonight's pizza was awful.  I'm gonna leave the cooking to Domino's from now on.


My time is not my own right now and for that, I'm stressed.  Life is whirring around me right now.

Know what makes it all better?


Elizabeth wrote Rick and I 365 letters to read while she's away.  One for each day of the year.  'Cept there's only 150 here.  She got tired halfway through.


I'm tired, too.  I'll read them all tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Or after I find the keys.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

all mixed up

Not sure how that last post got mixed in with my daughter's adventure to California ... I mean, wasn't my wedding anniversary LAST WEEK?  Didn't we have a hospital visit since then?  Didn't my daughter head off to California since then?  Heck, I'm not even sure now.

Here's what I do know:

Elizabeth did leave this morning, for a new chapter in her life.  She trusts me a lot.  I know she does because she left me with AN APARTMENT FULL OF FURNITURE to ship to her.  She also left me with her debt.  Wait, I don't trust me with that.  And I don't even want to think about that part.

It's all good, though.  I only have to pay her first month's rent, her deposit, her application fee, her hotel rooms, her gas, her food, her moving van, her extra month's rent at her current apartment (since we miscalculated her exit date), her ...  I give up.  I can't even begin to be able to add up all the expenses.  Elizabeth is very kind about it all, though.  She keeps saying 'thank you'.  That's all that matters, I guess.


Here's what really does matter:

My daughter said 'goodbye' to us in a most unusual way ...  She wrote us about 365 letters.  One for each day that she's away.  Well, it would've been 365 letters but she got tired after 150.  Either she got tired or she only plans to be gone for half a year.

Know what Rick said?

"When did you do all this?"   Know what Rick really wanted to say?

Never mind.  We don't really need to know ...


Monday, September 14, 2015

26 years

So ... just how DID we spend our anniversary?  Outside of the hospital, I mean?  

We got home from the hospital around 4:00 AM and dove straight into bed.  After about five hours of sleep, we headed to a TGI Fridays to have lunch.  TGI Fridays, because that's where we met ... 
29 years ago on a blind date.  

We like to return there and reminisce.  We didn't actually meet at this particular one in Plano, Texas ... but it's close enough.

Then these two crazy kids pulled out a camera.

Yep, that's how we celebrated.  

We were scheduled to have dinner that night at a Brazillian Steak House but after a short hospital stay ...
and zero sleep (no that five hour nap does not count for quality sleep)

we did not make it to dinner that night.  Or the next night.  Or the next.

I'm still waiting for my special dinner.


Happy Anniversary, Rick.

Let's try not to celebrate our 27th in the hospital.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

T minus 2 again

The first T minus 2 didn't happen.  It couldn't.  The T minus 2 girl herself just couldn't get packed in time.  T minus 2 girl didn't get her car checked over, her apartment cleaned nor her apartment checked out of, either.  She certainly didn't have the time to turn off her utilities and perhaps get some money back.  No, T minus 2 girl is still here.

We have a new T minus 2 time.  The ol' girl is set to leave now on Tuesday morning.  At 4:00 AM.  No, I will not be up at that time to say goodbye.  Well, I might be, but I'm not planning on it.

So, what else happened in the last week?  Well, suffice it to say that it's a good thing that T minus 2 girl didn't leave yet because that ol' dancing fool on the last post?  You know, Twinkle Toes?  Well, he done danced himself right into the hospital on Tuesday night.  Actually it was Wednesday morning.  All evening, Tuesday night, Fred Astaire was having extreme pain in his left hip.  And at midnight, Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning) Fred asked me to take him to the Emergency Room.  Normally he doesn't like hospitals, so when he asks to go... we go.   No, WE GO!  And we did.

The pain THIS time is caused by arthritis.  Not from too much dancing.  And why it cropped up now?  Well, Gene Kelly forgot to tell me that he was out of his pain pill.  So he was pain pill-less.  And pain full.

Know what else I learned?  When we checked into the ER I signed everything 9/8/15.  The nurse there quickly told me that it wasn't 9/8 ... it was now 9/9.    And I quickly told him ... oh, great.  It's also my wedding anniversary now.   SERIOUSLY, RICK???  What great timing you have.

The nurse took a liking to us and brought us an anniversary meal.

And ya know what?  We ate it.

You just haven't had an anniversary dinner until you've had one with Rick...