Thursday, June 25, 2015

for your viewing pleasure ...

While we wait for my plane to land in Los Angeles, California, I thought I'd show you some of my favorite photos.  Think of this as a delayed Father's Day.

Yep, these are two of my favorite people.  

Actually, they are my two favorite people.  Not just two of ...

And below is the only photo I have of my own father as a child.  See if you can find him.  Wait.  You have no idea what he looks like.   Well, he's dead center.  2nd row from the top.  In the dark overalls.  With the dark hair.

Yep, that's my dad.

And yes, I had an older parent.  Well, two older parents.  My dad (and mom) was raised during the great depression.  Although, you'd have no way of knowing that by looking at this photo.

Sure, Kris.

So ... off we go to California!

via boat

or car

or plane

Heck, maybe I'll just walk.  I need the exercise.  I'll bet they didn't have planes back when my dad was a kid.  Cars, yes.  Planes, no.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I ... um ... forgot something.   Flight attendants would never forget this.   Seasoned travelers who've traveled all over the world would never forget this.  I should never forget this.

I have no ride to the airport.

Oh, well.  I sailed around the world.  We didn't need cars on that boat.  Nor shuttles.

I have no ride home from the airport, either.


I best find me a boat.   Well, it IS Texas after all.  Home of the all-water-front homes due to all of the rain.

Now, if I just had a paddle.


Monday, June 22, 2015

monday, then tuesday

and if it's Wednesday, it must be California.

You know, I grew up in California.  And I've been there many times since moving to Texas.  And I've been on many planes.  I was even a flight attendant in 1984.

I've also been on many vacations since moving to Texas and purt near all of my life.

I've even traveled around the world.  By boat.  Yes, I have sailed around the world.

So, uh ... why am I nervous?  Why am I nervous about this upcoming trip to CA?

Sigh.  Must be my age.  I blame everything on my age.

I'm old.  Old and grey.  Old, grey and ugly.  Old, grey, ugly and fat.   Oh, wait.  That's not what we were talking about.  I digress.

So, back to my age ...  my daughter made a funny comment.  I decided that Rick was perfectly able to stay home by himself while I was away and Elizabeth would have no part of it.  She is MOVING IN with Rick.  You know, cuz we're old.

Then she went one step too far.  She decided that maybe she should move in permanently ... cuz, you know ... we're incapable of taking care of ourselves.

I changed the locks.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

wake up call

For quite awhile, I've been planning on going to a "girl's weekend" reunion sort of thing.  Ten girls from my college days (and sorority) have all kept in contact over the years and get together twice a year for a girl's weekend away and for a Christmas party.  I've had to miss the last few due to finances/Rick's health/distance or what have you.  However, with Rick's long illness this year, I've decided to go.  And I've made a valid attempt to attend once again.  Besides, we've lost two members of the group this year ... one to lung cancer and one to cirrhosis of the failure.  I can't miss any more!

And so, I've made 3/4 of the plans.  I've booked my flights, I've booked a car; I just need to select a hotel for the part of the stay that's just for Kris.  There will be three days just for Kris.

I haven't made any move towards packing, though, because it's still a month away.  And, at times, I feel like my little trip will never get here.

And today ... I had a wake up call.  IT'S NOT A MONTH AWAY.  Not even close.  Wait, I mean, it is close ... closer than a month away.  Yep, that's what I mean.

DANG!  It's a week away.

No, wait, it's LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY.  I'm leaving on Wednesday.  Good grief.

So... vacation, here I come, hotel or no hotel.

The good news is, I've already paid for my flight.   At least I can get where I'm going ... even if I don't have a roof over my head when I get there.

Maybe I'll just go camping.  Stars make a good roof, don't they?

Actually, here's a photo of my tent ...

I'll be able to see stars there, I'm sure.

And if not?   That little boat below will provide just the roof I need.

! ! !



Sunday, June 14, 2015


Just in case you're not totally bored with this subject ... we've had a breakthrough in the Kahle vs. Bowman case.  Yep, we did!  And it's all good.

My "sister" Cathy has had a heart attack.  Okay, no, that's not the good part.  Not at all, in fact.  But due to this event, "sister" Cheryl felt the need to tell her about me.  Cathy was not surprised.  In fact, Cathy said that their mom had told her, long ago, that there had been an out of wedlock pregnancy courtesy of their father.  That pregnancy ... was me!

So, we are going forward with another DNA test, this time testing the paternal genes.

You know, I think we're on to something here!


In case you need refreshing, this is Cheryl.  On the right.

This is Cathy.  Cathy, I believe, is the one who most closely looks like me.

And this is me.  Maybe you knew that already.

This is me, too.  I really need more makeup on here.  Snow or no snow.

This is me, too.  Much more current shot.  

Shut up.

I used to be cute...



I wasn't quite sure how to answer Rick's query tonight ... I had to fight with every ounce of my being not to be a smart aleck.  But how would you answer him when he asked, "Does Smoothie King make smoothies?"

I had to be true to myself, though.

"No, Rick.  Last I checked, they only made pizza."

I fear he believed me.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

three guesses

I found this note left for me today when I got home from work.

I know what he's trying to tell me ... and I didn't even have to guess.  The only mystery was WHICH bath room!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


While trying to determine if I'm going to request a 2nd DNA test or not, I've kept myself busy in other ways ...

Here's one of the fun things I've been doing ...

The ceiling in the master bedroom has flooded and is threatening to open up an rain down on me... 

This was fun, too.  It's the floor that flooded this time.  Within a week of the ceiling, which means that no, it's not fixed yet.  Neither of them are.

This is also in the master bedroom.  We have fun trying not to step on any wet spots ... and ducking to avoid all of the drips.

This was also fun.  

It's my nephew's wedding in Oklahoma.  I drove up over the weekend and had myself a gay ol' time.

I took some wonderful photos, too.  I'm very proud of them.  Wanna see?

You can almost see the bride way back there.

You can't see the bride at all here.

Below is the wedding venue.   For a moment, I thought we were in jail.  (Marriage is like that, you know.)

Maybe it's just the photographer.

This, however, was NOT the photographer's fault.  Oh, someone will try to blame me, I'm sure.  But, really, I didn't do this.

I did, however, make sure everyone in the place saw it.   And I did, however, make sure I called the groom "Goom" all night long.  Yes, I did.

Below is my favorite part of the wedding.  It sure held my interest...

(the cake.  not the purple hair.)  (although that purple hair did sorta lighten the mood.)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

know what happens ...

when you say hello to your dog ...
         ... but it's actually your purse sitting on the floor?

Yeah, me, neither.  I've never done that.