Saturday, May 21, 2016

25 and counting

We are 25 days away from beginning our second adventure in filming ... and the subject has gotten sick. 25 days?  That's a long time, right?  Yes. And no. I have faith that Janette will rally and be as good as new, despite Pneumonia and a host of fluid around her liver. Rick lives with fluid around his heart, so ... oh wait, that's a bad example.  But she will be fine. The fluid will be drained on Monday. Janette's fluid will, not Rick's. Rick has to live with his.

So, two subjects are sick ... is that what I'm saying?

Nope. Three are. Rick just gave me his cold.  Yes, in addition to the fluid on his heart, he has a cold. And now, so do I.

If this cold would only take my appetite, we'd be in business. But two out of three sick people have lost their appetites and one hasn't. Yep, my appetite is doing fine, darn it.

Quadruple chin, here we come.

Maybe I can catch some of everyone's fluid and it'll wash away my appetite. Or my chin.

Or my shoes.

Being sick made me want to go shopping. I bought some shoes.

And a car.

But I don't want the car washed away ...


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

post script

So ... we have a new chapter in this funny little book called life.

Did I like being on TV?  Yes and no.  Yes because I had the time of my life.  But mostly no because I am not a thin person.  I did not/do not like seeing myself up there on the tube.

However, I better get used to it because that girl, the one with all the hair, the one with the triple chins, the one who led the world to believe that she likes to feed ducks (I'm not sure I've EVER fed a duck before) is at it again.

Remember Janette?  Remember Jeana?  Remember Chris the host?  Gonna be meeting up with all of them again!  Yee haw!

Them Kahles are at it again.  Been selected for a "Where Are They Now?" episode of Long Lost Family.

Did I already say 'yee haw?'         Are you sure you heard me???

Yee Haw!!!!

Oh great.  

You know what this means now?


Just salads.

Lots of salads.

Don't want that triple chin to quadruple...


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

two years ago ...

For awhile now, I've been trying to remember just how I felt ... knowing I was adopted but not knowing who my natural mother was.  Fifty-eight years of not knowing and wondering and suddenly I couldn't remember how I felt about it all.

And then, this popped up on Facebook.  

Apparently I'd written it two years ago.  Before I even had an inkling or a hint about what was to come.

And neither mother ever got to read this ... I'm going to make sure that one of them does now.

> * < * > * < * > * < * > * < * > * <


Monday, May 9, 2016

before we proceed ...

... thought I'd show you that we're no longer a one-car family.  Yep, I thought we could do it, but we failed miserably at it.  We always both needed to be somewhere, somewhere different at the same time.  So, yeah, one car didn't cut it.

So does that make us a two-car family now?  


Our other car took one look at THIS car and fell apart.  Thirteen years of ZERO problems and suddenly it threw in the towel.  The air bags died (all of them?  seriously?) which caused the horn to stop working.  So, we can drive the car ... but Lord help us if we're challenged by a passing car...  We can't honk to yell at them and we can't even crash into them.  No air bags!


$1000 later ... that car will be home on Friday.

So, we're a one-car family ... again.

I wonder if this car can take on that roller coaster?

Wink, wink.


Friday, May 6, 2016

long day ...

Actual conversation that took place in my closet this morning ...

"Rick, can you step out of the closet for a moment, so that I can get ready?"

"But I have to be at the doctor at 11:00."

"But I have to be at work at 8:00.   Rick, you have four hours to get ready."

"Three and a half."

"What?  Whatever.  Please step out."

"I.  HAVE.  TO.  BE.  THERE.  AT.  11:00."

"I get that.  But since I have to be there at 8:00, could you give me a moment, FIRST?"

Rick left the closet, grumbling, and then grabbed his planner and his coat and his keys and headed to the car.

"Where are you going?"

"I told you.  I have to be at the doctor's at 11:00."

We then headed to our one and only car and headed to my work, which, of course, I was now late to.

"You can pick me up at 4:30 today."

"If I'm back from the doctor ...  You know, I have to be there at 11:00."

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I don't actually have any Cinco De Mayo plans ... but I DO have plans!

Guess What?          Guess What?          Guess What?          Guess What?

Rick and I have been making plans to head back up to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho for a fun little reunion ... and I've just learned that if we hadn't already been going there ... we'd be going there anyway!  

Details to follow ... FUN details to follow!

But I can say this ....  If you've wondered "where are they now?"  Well, you may just get the chance to find out!


Details really will follow.


I'm beyond excited.

But you couldn't tell that, could you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

on the horizon

So, is there anything else on the horizon?

Oh, don't you just know it.

I've been asked to ghost write a book on adoption with a section about my story.  Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

I've been asked to turn this tale into a mini motion picture.  Yeah, we're gonna do it.

I've been asked to appear on "Secret Lives of Americans."  Yeah, NOT gonna do it.

And my dog continually asks for dinner.  Someone else can do it.


Friday, April 22, 2016

our episode

Should you want to watch, if you missed it, here we all are!
Just click on our smiling faces.

Oh and you may need headsets.  Not sure why, just do it.


 Long Lost Family

Here's the actual link ... in case you don't like clicking on my face...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

can't remember ...

... if I showed y'all any photos of my fabulous family.  If not, here goes!  And if so, here still goes ...

This was shot the day after the reunion was shot.  In fact, this photo aired at the end of our episode as the "coda".  That's fancy TV speak for summary or "what's happened to them since" except the little boy on the far right wasn't in the shot.  Nor were the roses.  Never mind, this isn't the same picture.  Sorta looks like it, though ...

I love our blankets.  My "mom" and I are both always cold.  We both love blankets.

This is Jeana, my wonderful, wonderful sister.  I'd always wanted a sister and I couldn't have asked for a better one.  Seriously.  

This is Joe.  He my wonderful, wonderful brother.  I couldn't have asked for better one of him, either.  Do we look alike?

We also went to the same high school at the same time.  Probably crossed paths a million times.  I can just see God laughing and saying, "There they both go!  And they have no idea..."

This is one of my favorite shots.  Our hands together.  

This is Jeff.  Jeff was our producer.  Jeff bought my breakfast on the day before the shoot.  Jeff wanted to go to Einstein's Bagels.  Kris didn't.  We wound up at The Egg and I.  Kris won.

Jeff was very nice.

So was my bagel that I got at The Egg and I and not Einsteins.

And here's that girl again.  Everything her parents told her was a lie.  But it was all for the best.