Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Love Lucy and she loves me ...

She's the reason I'm taking me a train.

Well, that and the diner.  I'm dying to eat in the dining car.

I pray no one stops the train while I'm trying to eat.  I don't want to miss a second of my dining car experience.  

You suppose there'll be a jewel thief aboard?  Well, at least a bank robber?
I come from a long line of bank robbers, you know.

No seriously.

This is me demanding to know where the dining car is ...

So how was the food, Kris?

The conductor STILL hasn't told me where the dining car is!!!

Fine.  I'll just stop the train the only way I know how.

Maybe I'll just drive.

You suppose these guys'll sing to me all the way?


Monday, July 18, 2016

Julie, Julie, July, Do you love me?

July has been interesting.  To say the least.

Here's a rundown of my life of late ...

Another shoot date for Long Last Family was confirmed today.  I will need to be in LA on August 2nd and 3rd to meet my new sister.  New?  Well, my sister.  Apparently the only sister I have on 'dear ol' dad's' side of the family.  Am I excited?  Yep.  To shoot, to film.  To meet my sister?  Eh.

Do you think she looks like me?

She (sis) is the one on the right.  No one thinks she looks like me.  I, however, think we could be twins.  But what do I know ... I see zero resemblance in my biological mother and myself.

That's my mom on the left.  That's me in the center.  See?  No resemblance.  

Thank you.

So what else did July bring to me?

A new car for Rick
A new car for me
A new tenant upstairs in our guest bedroom
A new tenant upstairs in Elizabeth's bedroom
A cat in the guest bedroom
A cat in Elizabeth's bedroom.
The cat in the guest room now owns this entire house.  Just ask him.

200 more cracks in our house here.
A hole in our roof.
A leak in the master bedroom below the hole in the roof.
Leaky window seals just outside of Elizabeth's windows
... leading to 
A hole in the roof of our closet in our guest bedroom.
We have a very holy house.

Midnight is still with us.
But Midnight has a few problems.
Midnight makes a few messes in our house.  Guess who 
   cleans them up?

I was invited to be a 'ghost writer' on a book on
... adoption.  
I need to GET STARTED on my portion of said book.
I CAN'T GET STARTED on the book!!

I worked part time at our local theater.
I hated working part time at our local theater.

And the biggest moment of my July?  
I.  Hung.  Up.  All.  Of.  My.  Clothes.
You don't know how pretty my closet looks now.
You don't know how crowded my closet is now.
You don't know how many dumb, ugly clothes I own.
You don't know how many dumb, ugly clothes I'm 
... planning on getting rid of.


And so, my closet remains stuffed, pretty, and full of
... dumb, ugly clothes.


Heading out of town tomorrow ... just me.
Heading out of town tomorrow ... if I can convince
   Rick to stay home.  Wish me luck.
And then, I head to CA to shoot. film.
Although, if it doesn't go well, I may want to be shot.

Elizabeth and I are taking a train from LA to Dallas!!!

I watch too much I Love Lucy.

Pretty much how I'll look on the train ... 
when I figure out that it's a 2 day trip and it isn't a five-star hotel.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

here we go!

So .... drama.

What do you do when you find your biological mother and biological sister and the circumstances surrounding them and your relationship to them isn't so great?  You realize it doesn't matter.

What does matter though, is the circumstances surrounding your biological father's past.  He's got quite a history and quite a story.  I'll never meet him because he's already passed on ... but wow, oh wow.  What a tale.

Of course, you know most of it.   Bank robber, career criminal, kidnapper, rapist, thief, money launderer, etc.  A real upstanding guy.  But none of that compares to the chaos that came home to us recently.

Apparently ... dear ol' dad had a wife.  Or two.  And he remained married to one of them for many, many years.  And they had a daughter.  This was all AFTER the kidnapping.

But let's take a peek at things BEFORE the kidnapping.  There was another wife.  And that wife had a daughter with dear ol' dad.

And THAT WIFE, that woman, that confidant ... was a friend of my biological mom.  A friend!!  A confidant!  And yet, she didn't stop the kidnapping.  SHE LET IT HAPPEN.

And that daughter of hers and "dad's"?  THAT FRIEND is claiming that THAT DAUGHTER is not related to me.  Implying that MY DAD is someone else.  Implying that THERE'S ANOTHER MAN IN THE PICTURE.

But I know there isn't.

And THAT FRIEND is still alive and causing/stirring up trouble.

See?  There's always drama.  In every family.

And you know what else?

I win.

I won.

I continue to win.

I've got the best mom/sister/brother ever.

So there.


Monday, July 4, 2016

happy 4th of july

We'll take a little break for the holiday.

Rick didn't, though.

I told you ... Janette (Mom) never got a word in at all ...

Rick did find a friend, though.  One that listened to him ad nauseum.

As long as Rick kept petting him.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

continued ... just 'cuz

You're not ready for the drama yet, I just know you're not.  Let's peek at another picture or two.

Or three.  Shut up.

There was a BBQ in Coeur D'Alene.  I felt compelled to show you the condiments.  'Cuz I like food.  And condiments.   Always good to practice safe eating.

We went to a birthday party, too.  For Jude.  And Josiah.  'Cuz they had birthdays.  

'Cuz they're older now.

I learned to like coffee in Coeur D'Alene.

But only Dutch Bros.

And only the "White Angel."

Very little coffee in a White Angel.  Even less, the way I ordered it.

Extra Sweet.

I was worn out from all that ... all that ... what, vacationing?

Always good to put one's feet up.

There was a campfire in Coeur D'Alene.  Apparently I wasn't invited.  Apparently no one was.

You don't suppose the rapture happened .... 

And someone forgot to tell me?????

Elizabeth made some friends.  She asked if she could bring one home with her. 

I said yes.

I mean't it, too.

Liz really liked this photo.  

Wait, maybe she didn't.  Maybe she yelled at me.

It was windy once.

Or twice.

Or everyday.

Okay, drama next.

I promise.


Friday, July 1, 2016

texas or bust!

I'M  B A C K !!!!!

First the photos, then the intrigue. 'Cuz yeah, there is some. There's always some.  Always some drama. Always some intrigue.  Actually not too much drama. Not any at all.  Oh but that intrigue.   Have I intrigued you enough?

First the photos.

Bear with me.  They kinda make no sense.   Then again, does anything I ever do?

We arrived in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho and got started on filming right away.  See the camera?  That's about the only thing that's standard from the old days.  See the computer?  That's how they monitor and shoot and even edit nowadays.  Yep, it's instant.  

See the people?  Well, you know what they do.

This man is always behind one of these.

See these girls?  They're watching little computers up in a playhouse.  Yep, that's the way it's done nowadays.  You can't have a filming at your house unless you have a playhouse.  And I don't have one.  I had to fly to Idaho to find one.

Here's the whole gang.  That girl with the huge denim jacket on and the red blanket on her legs?  She was cold.  And she liked wearing all that stuff because it made her look so tiny.


Getting the girl primped, prepped and ready.

Better?  You can't even see the red blanket.

She looks better in a small photo.

Ooh, even better here.

Maybe this side is better.


But below are some favorites of the trip.  Gotta speed this up since the intrigue is killing me.
So's the drama.

Mom and daughter.  This is a favorite shot of mine.

Mom, daughter and granddaughter.  Sarah is my favorite.  I told her that daily.  I mean't it, too.  Although all the kids are my favorites.  It's just that Sarah's my favorite.


This will be our Christmas card photo this year.  Try to forget you've seen it.

Day two ... my favorite mom, my favorite drink.  Funny how we both wanted the same drink that day.  We shared it.  Yep, I shared a drink with my mom.

Who'd of thunk it.

Mom meets Rick.  Mom is amazed at how much Rick can talk.  Actually we all are.  Not sure Janette ever even got a word in.

Another fun photo.  Daughter and mom in other daughter's house.  

Did you notice the dog on the top of the couch?  

That's Lucy.  Lucy doesn't like me.  Lucy doesn't know I'm there.

Wait'll she wakes up.

My favorite shot of all time.

And next up:  the intrigue.  Okay, the drama.   Intrigue and drama.

Okay, just drama.



Sunday, June 12, 2016

T - 3 days

Time to get my hair cut and colored. Time to select that one special outfit from the 500 I've purchased for the show. Time to get my nails done. Time to pull out the suitcases, retrieve my packing list and begin laying out my clothes. Maybe I should do some laundry?

Time to buy new shoes ... yeah, there's time to break them in.  (Sure, Kris.)

Time to straighten up the house?   Nah, we can skip that.  We always do.  Wouldn't want to give the house a heart attack.  I'll do laundry instead. The washing machine can take it. It's survived several heart attacks.

Is it time to take the dog to the kennel?  Nope, not yet. I'll have to clean up her area with her still standing right in the middle.  

How about the packing?  How's that coming, Kris?    Don't ask.

Note to self:  Find suitcases.

And who told Oma that we'd take her to lunch today???  Oh, me. Well, shoot. There ain't no time for that!!  We've got a show to shoot on Wednesday!

Sigh.  Just sigh.

The nerves are kicking in again and all I can say is ... thank goodness I lost those 50 extra pounds.

Shut up.  Good think we've got lunch planned.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

T - 4 days

Once in awhile, everything goes perfectly.  Once in awhile, a day just works out beautifully and you smile.

Today was not that day.  IS not that day.

First of all, Midnight decorated our house with a number of her bodily fluids.  Our A/C decorated our house with some of its residue as well. And to top it off, I cooked.  And I decorated the air with some sweet-smelling odors, too.   Yuck.    Burned popcorn.     Don't ask.

And it's only 9:05 AM.

Gonna be good day. Yes it is.     And I can see it's only gonna get better because I can see the dropping of a rat ... right over there ... in front of the fireplace.

Gonna be a good day.


Sunday, June 5, 2016


Since my daughter has such severe food allergies, I'm always on the look out for new places for her to eat ... and wonderful new foods for her to try.

Is this vegan?



Friday, June 3, 2016

a week away ...

... and I'm already starting to lose sleep again.   Great.

In trying not to think about it, my daughter sent me this text series from a friend of hers.

Meet Spenser.  I taught Sunday school to him many moons ago.  MANY moons ago.  But I am proud of who he became, turned out to be, is.


Pardon the swear word.  I left it in for effect.