Thursday, July 31, 2014

vacation plans are on hold ...

I received this sad, sad email from my dear friend Phil Huisman yesterday.  I'm absolutely heartbroken.

I'm writing this message to you with sadness. I traveled to London for a short vacation and unfortunately for me,  I was mugged at a knife point last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged and all cash, credit cards and cell phone were all taken away.

I have gone to the embassy and Police station but they're not helping issues at all. My flight leaves in less than 8hrs from now and i am having problems to pay my hotel bills.

The hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the bills. I need a loan from you to return back home and i want you to get back to me if you will be able to help me.


And then I remembered ... I don't know Phil Huisman.

I think I'll keep my money.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I asked my daughter ...

... what she did today.  I got this response:

"No I most certainly was NOT researching Hawaiian hotels at for the last 10 minutes and no I most certainly did NOT find one at $129 per night."

I like how she thinks.   I taught her to bargain hunt well.

This is what she found:

I happen to know better, though.  I'm pretty sure this below is what my $129 per night would REALLY get me when I WOULD WANT TO GO to Hawaii ...

Nice beach, eh?


Go back to work, Elizabeth.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

fo pawz

I love boo boos.  Kinda likin' these Granny Smith apples, too.  I'm a little worried about their color, though.  Maybe they're not ripe yet.

And speaking of boo boos ... I received this today:


Am I late or early?



Sunday, July 27, 2014

in closing ~

I was told to go to this restaurant while I was in San Antonio.  I was told that I would not be disappointed.
So I went.

I ordered these.  Randies.  Randies are tacos.  With cole slaw.  Very innovative.

Know what I didn't order?  A cold.  Got one anyway.

And this sight below?  Out of our hotel window ... at night!  

Trust me, it was a stunning sight ... the outstretched flag was just what we needed to see at that moment.  This trip was definitely a memorable one ... from the Alamo to the Hemisfair that I visited prior when I was eight years old to the River Walk that I'd been wanting to see for quite a while.  There was history all over the place and you could just feel it in the air.  Well, humidity and history.

My smart aleck, I mean dear, darling daughter, posted this photo and asked if I enjoyed my trip to the Alamo.  A few other smart alecks, I mean dear darling friends, asked if I remembered which car rental I'd used.

I showed them all.  I posted this picture of the inside of my purse.  Yes, my camera was having a field day that day.

And finally, I thought I'd show everyone that my husband does occasionally share the driving.  Especially when he's headed out of town.  Towards his home.  Quickly.  He was anxious to get out of the heat and humidity.  Like Frisco doesn't have any??

All in all, we did have a nice trip.  All in all, we were glad to get away, even if just for a few days.  And all in all, we would do it again.  Just not to San Antonio.  And not in the dead of summer.  And not right before I returned to work.  And not in lieu of Hawaii.  Yes, that is supposed to be our next adventure.

Because it's not humid in Hawaii?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

we interrupt this travelogue ...

... to bring you this:

Wanna see it closer?

Wanna see it really close?

even closer ...

Yep.  I'm just that proud of it.  
The ol' black thumb has done it again.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

so ...

once we were there and out on the town ...

... we found our way to an old adobe building downtown.
This girl got in the way, otherwise I'd show you the whole building.

Okay, wait.  Here's the whole building.  Got real close up this time.

Here's another shot.  This time some man got in the way ...

Wanna know what the inside of the Alamo looks like?

Sorry I can't show you because of this sign.

Wink wink.

Let it be said that I love a good challenge.

Here's another challenge I couldn't resist.

Yeah, I left some DNA in the Alamo.


Monday, July 21, 2014

next stop ...

... home.  Just kidding.  But the place that we would call home for the next couple of days was our next stop.  First of all, Rick chose San Antonio.  Rick wanted to come to San Antonio.  Rick wanted to see the Alamo.  And Rick selected this vacation spot because it wasn't very far from our home.

Or so he thought.

Five and a half hours of driving time later, (we made several stops so I'm only counting up the driving time) we arrived at our new home.  Rick was amazed at how long it took.  I reminded him that that was what FIVE AND A HALF HOURS OF DRIVING felt like.  He still seemed so surprised.

But we did arrive.

And while I was off parking the car ... he was off shmoozing with the front desk gal.  I always secure us the best rooms with the best views of the best walls or trash cans.  Rick managed to get us a FULL UPGRADE with a room ON THE RIVER overlooking THE RIVERWALK.


Rick is now in charge of getting us rooms all the time.

Rick done good.  Too bad he didn't order cooler weather for us, though.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

to cure the moodiness ...

... we snuck away for a couple of days.  I really really really wanted to go somewhere during my summer break but the time just got away from us.  We were either awaiting info on Liz' trial date (didn't want to be away and unable to return to the big event) or we had some dr. appts. lined up that we couldn't miss or we were poor (when aren't we, though?) or we (well, I) just didn't have the energy.  A little bit of each of those excuses, I'm afraid.  However, the last one rang the truest.

I return to work this coming Thursday so I just HAD to be able to say I went somewhere.  Anywhere.  And, San Antonio won the pool.  So off we went on Wednesday.

First stop?  Italy, Texas.  We didn't KNOW we were in Italy, Texas... it just so happens that the gas station we stopped at was in Italy.  And it just so happens that the gas station has THIS attached to it!!!  I was a very happy girl!  I grew up loving this place.  Well, not THIS one in particular, but many of it's cousins.

Now, it sure ain't what it used to be... but it'll do.  It used to be a full, free-standing store but now it's just a small little area in a truck stop.  Still ...

And once I was all pecan-logged up, off we headed ... to remember the Alamo.


Monday, July 14, 2014

for lease

We've had some tenants living above our front door for a month or so now.  Mom was there first, dad would visit.  The two little guys you see here are the result of what mom was warming and raising.

Meet Dante and Danielle.  Liz named them, I didn't.

Danielle spread her wings and left home first.  Dante waited a day and then tried his wings out, too.

Dante didn't get very far.  For the last two hours he's been hanging around our front yard...

Ah, boys.