Thursday, August 25, 2016

still bummin'

 I wasn't the only one at the beach that day.  There were others ...

And some of them even brought friends.

These two don't seem to be speaking to each other.  I'm guessing their vacation isn't going so well.

I got to visit my birthplace on this trip, too.

Well, I wasn't born at a state university ...

... nor in a car.

But I was born in Long Beach.  Or so I'm told.

And while in Long Beach, I visited my friend Katie.  She was born in Long Beach, too.  We were even born in the same hospital.  Just not at the same time.  Although I don't know that for sure, I'm just going by what I was told.

Katie and I met at a funeral.  Who knew that a funeral could bring people together.  Usually it's just the opposite.

And speaking of funerals ... I didn't go to one, but the next day I thought I'd be planning one.  


Ever ridden on a train?


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

more bummin'

With weather like this ...

... why not continue to hang around the beach??  

Hey, I even found a fun ferry and a ferris wheel.  

I didn't do the ferris wheel, but I did do the ferry.  

So did my car.  Although this isn't my car; it was my car's view.  Yep, my car got to view a BMW.  It's probably never seen one before so it was good for it to get up close and personal with it.

And because I'd seen my car before, I got out of my car to see some other sights.  Perhaps I just wanted to see the BMW a little closer.  Or the water.  Yeah, the water.  We don't have water in Texas.  Well, we have water ... just not water.

We don't have no streets named this in Texas ...

Nor any cities named this ...

We do have welcome centers ... but they're not as cute as this one.  I like being welcomed in California.

So, welcome to Oceanside, Kris.  You are officially 'side an ocean.

And loving it.


Monday, August 22, 2016

beaching it ...

I've been into real estating again lately.  Got my eye on a couple of these little beauties.  You think someone would want to sell me one (or two or three) pretty cheap?

No?  Why not?

I like the first one that comes with a little Solvang-type bike for tooling around the beach in.

I think I could stand waking up to this view every day.  

Texas is short on beaches.  California has plenty.  I made sure I headed out to see the edge of the world while on my California junket.  

Yep, this view'll do.  Especially aboard the little bike that I want.

I look thinner at the beach.  

Well definitely taller.

Hey, look.  My legs got shorter.  That's not so good.  They're short enough.

Elizabeth and I also saw this on our beach outing.  

Found it at the Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach.  Didn't buy it, so I'm kicking myself now.

It doesn't hurt much, though.  My legs are too short to do any real damage and high kicks are out of the questions with my new stubby legs.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

time for chaos

Wanna see some chaos?  

My daughter put together a cute little "slide show" about what the day held for me, but first I'll show you where we were.  It were swanky.  Swanky swanky.

It were the Larchmont.


Yep, The Larchmont.

 I can now say that I filmed a TV show in LA.  Of course I can say I did that in Texas and in Idaho, but there's something a bit more glamorous to doing it in LA.  

Here we go ...

 Photo Bomb

Here's what I look like on a monitor.  It's the first time I'm seeing this, too.  Remind me to wear a necklace next time that lays down a bit better.

Liz was bored and got a little fancy with this slide ...


And the author of this new book ...

See?  I told you you were in for some chaos...

Pic of the day:

My lunch ... that the crew bought for me.

Sure beats that reunion meal, eh?

And it didn't cost me $120!

This one only cost me $560!!!  The exact price of a train ticket that SOMEONE was insistent upon travelling on.   Yep.  

More chaos tomorrow, if you're up to it.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

cray cray

Before we go all chaotic and everything, I wanted to pin up just one more photo of ol' DLand.

This will always be one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom.


This spot is infamous.  

I got lost here when I was five years old ... and a mean old lady found me, but threw my ice cream into this here lake.  I didn't mind being found, but seriously?  Take away a poor little crying kid's ice cream???  Never mind that it was running down my arm.

On this particular day, (not the day that I was lost and gone forever) a little ducky was just-a swimming by.  

I'll bet he ate my ice cream.

No, really.  He looks pretty guilty to me.

Of course, that would make him like 53 years old now.

Not that I'm 58.  It would just make him 53.  'Cause I said so.

See this girl here?  She scolded me for getting on my phone in her presence.  I'm thinking about scolding her for the same reason.  

Nah, she'd come up with some dumb excuse.

I know I did.

And so ends a nice little day at Disneyland.  Well, for Elizabeth, anyway.  While she went to work, I stayed on and on and on and on and on and darn near walked my little feet off.

I figured I could lose fifty or so pounds before the chaos hit.

I didn't.  And the chaos hit anyway.

Stay tuned.