Wednesday, April 27, 2016

on the horizon

So, is there anything else on the horizon?

Oh, don't you just know it.

I've been asked to ghost write a book on adoption with a section about my story.  Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

I've been asked to turn this tale into a mini motion picture.  Yeah, we're gonna do it.

I've been asked to appear on "Secret Lives of Americans."  Yeah, NOT gonna do it.

And my dog continually asks for dinner.  Someone else can do it.


Friday, April 22, 2016

our episode

Should you want to watch, if you missed it, here we all are!
Just click on our smiling faces.

Oh and you may need headsets.  Not sure why, just do it.


 Long Lost Family

Here's the actual link ... in case you don't like clicking on my face...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

can't remember ...

... if I showed y'all any photos of my fabulous family.  If not, here goes!  And if so, here still goes ...

This was shot the day after the reunion was shot.  In fact, this photo aired at the end of our episode as the "coda".  That's fancy TV speak for summary or "what's happened to them since" except the little boy on the far right wasn't in the shot.  Nor were the roses.  Never mind, this isn't the same picture.  Sorta looks like it, though ...

I love our blankets.  My "mom" and I are both always cold.  We both love blankets.

This is Jeana, my wonderful, wonderful sister.  I'd always wanted a sister and I couldn't have asked for a better one.  Seriously.  

This is Joe.  He my wonderful, wonderful brother.  I couldn't have asked for better one of him, either.  Do we look alike?

We also went to the same high school at the same time.  Probably crossed paths a million times.  I can just see God laughing and saying, "There they both go!  And they have no idea..."

This is one of my favorite shots.  Our hands together.  

This is Jeff.  Jeff was our producer.  Jeff bought my breakfast on the day before the shoot.  Jeff wanted to go to Einstein's Bagels.  Kris didn't.  We wound up at The Egg and I.  Kris won.

Jeff was very nice.

So was my bagel that I got at The Egg and I and not Einsteins.

And here's that girl again.  Everything her parents told her was a lie.  But it was all for the best.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So, I know how everyone else felt, at least I know what everyone has said to my face ... and I've been pleased with the feedback.  But now it's time to address how I felt about the show.  Not about the reunion; that was wonderful.  That was beyond any of my wildest expectations.  But how do I feel about the show ... and the job that TLC did portraying our story?

1)  I have way too much hair.  So much for thinking it was thinning.

2)  I should never wear black.  And since black makes you look slimmer ... and it failed miserably to do so, I guess I should just give it up and wear an old bathrobe.  It'd look about the same.

3)  You can hug the host all you want to ... but it might end up on the cutting room floor.  Then people will ask you why you didn't hug the host.

4)  Don't tilt your head when answering a question.  It might feel 'cute' at the time, but it isn't when you see it live.

5)  Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch yourself on a 65" TV.  Never.

6)  If you DO watch on a 65" TV, at least adjust the aspect ratio.  Then you won't look like the truck you're standing next to that's wildly out of proportion, too.  Just sayin'.

And finally ...

7)  Don't entertain, even for a moment, any of the other ridiculous offers you've gotten since your show aired.  No, I do not want to be on "Secret Lives of Americans."   Well, not until I adjust my aspect ratio, at least.


Friday, April 15, 2016

three, two, one ... blastoff!

This is your official reminder to watch Long Lost Family this Sunday night.  My commercial is airing now, as a tease, but the full episode will (hopefully) be even better.

And the countdown begins ...

Here's a sneak peek:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

woofy woofy

I luv you more ...

Okay, naptime now.  Please don't leave me, krissy.  There's a big bad man up in our attic.



Wednesday, April 13, 2016


As we begin the countdown to the show, I thought I'd take a moment away from that craziness to show you a funny picture ...

Meet Maggie.

Maggie is the GUARD DOG at the rental property that I own.

Maggie is a good guard dog.  She likes no one.  She growls and barks at everyone.  She is fierce and she knows it.  I had to go restrain Maggie on Monday so that an air conditioner repairman could go inside and fix said air.  It were hot in the rental property and no one but Maggie could stand it.

Once the a/c guy was up in the attic ... there was no way he was getting down again.  Maggie stood guard.  Maggie were a-growlin'.

And she stood guard some more.

And she watched and watched and watched.  She was a nosy little thing.  Noisy little thing, too.  Noisy BIG thing.

She liked to watch me, too, just to make sure IIII didn't get out of line, either.

However ...

As fierce as Maggie is ...

she's just a ...

pussycat  when I come into the room.

kissy, kissy ...

I luv you, krissy....

yeah, you're fierce all right ...


Monday, April 11, 2016

tease schmeaze

Here's the info that the show put out this week.  This is the title and the summary.  Or the tease, if you will.  I chopped it off so that no one could really see the spoiled ending.  

Here's what it really said:    


See why I didn't want everyone to see that?  See?  See?

But guess what...?


Thursday, April 7, 2016

what some people won't do to get out of paying their taxes ...

Here's something fun to do on a Sunday ....

 Give your husband the drops that go in the dog's ears .... 

                                then tell the dog to run!!!!

Just kidding.  I didn't tell the dog to run.  The dog did that on her own.

Then Rick and I RAN to the ER.  Yep, down he went.  Up, he couldn't do.

So, yeah.  We spent the afternoon at the ER and now Rick is home spending his days upon the couch.  And me?  I'm spending my days and nights and nights and days waiting on him hand and foot.

And mouth.

I've run out to Taco Bell more times than I care to note.

And the dog hasn't tripped me once!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

double you two

So, I drove myself to the bank and begged for a new W-2.

"You mean a mortgage interest statement,"the teller guy said.

"Um, sure, although I didn't just buy a house."

"You don't have to buy a house to get a mortgage interest statement," he said.

"You mean, I can get a mortgage interest statement just like that?  Without ever having to buy a house??"

"Yes, ma'am!  We can offer you all kinds of things here at XYZ Credit Union."

"Wow!  Will wonders never cease!  But tell me, WHY would anyone need a mortgage interest statement if they're not buying a house?"

"For the same reason you do," he simply said.

We were getting nowhere. "Look, I don't know what I need or why I need it. I just know that I got one for 2015 but not for 2014 and Turbo Tax says I need it."

"Need what?"

"A mortgage interest statement."

"Did you just buy a house?"

I kid you not.

If I don't ever get my taxes finished, it's HIS fault.