Friday, July 24, 2015

Been through the desert ...

I was pondering this today ...

Sorry if the song is now stuck in your head.  Better yours than mine ...


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If it's Wednesday ...

It's been a full week here, with lots of fun things going on.  In just four short days I've managed to evict a tenant, discover the pig sty she'd made of my rental property, sell off a lot of her belongings, recaulk a toilet, dry wall a wall, drive Rick to two doctor's appointments for two different diagnoses of what turned out to be a bed sore caused by his tail bone splitting open his ... tail, endure a drenching rain that nearly drowned our house, pet a wolf, and have a screen test for a TV show.  Did I already mention that last part?

Photos please, Kris...

Well, which ones do you want... these or those?    No, not those.  Those are not pretty.

Okay, these:

HEY!!!  I just said that THOSE are not pretty!  Oh, wait.  These were the prettiest of the non-pretty group.   THIS was all in my renter's garage.  Yep, this was the stuff that I've been getting rid of.  It's actually still there ... I'm still working on the dumpation.

After all that cleaning and dumping ... these made me smile.  They are in no way related to my tenant's departure ... they have everything to do with my desire for chocolate.

But aren't they cute?   I'm guessing that these are potato chips, Rolos and red licorice.

Could someone make these for me, please?

Below is the rain storn that nearly knocked Rick onto his keister.  It wasn't funny at the time ...
Okay, it was.

After that horrific rain storm, I needed some cuteness.  Isn't this cute?  Well, it is unless you look at it in a thumbnail print on your phone.  In that instance 'under side of a kitty' turns into a totem pole head and I keep wondering why I have a photo of a totem pole head on my phone.  No, seriously.  Squint and see if you don't see an old skull or alien head ... or totem pole head.

Here's one more fun thing.  
This man was sitting behind Rick at the restaurant we were eating lunch at.  At least I think it was a man.   It could've been another alien.

Now, THIS was fun!

THIS is a modern day screen test.  For a modern day TV show.  Casting directors are coming younger and younger these days.  They are also coming from San Dimas.  Yep, this gal and I chatted for quite awhile about coming from the same city.  Not sure I got the job ... but at least I know how a screen test goes.   So much for the ol' clap board.

Hey look ... they don't use chalk any more.  Sigh ... I remember when ...

There.  Much better.

And I'll wrap this all up with this ...

A 'pre-contract'.  If nothing comes of it ... feel free to wrap your garbage in it.  Better yet, go ahead and use it to help me clean out that garage above.,,


Saturday, July 18, 2015

moving on ...

Oh, wait.  Gotta address one more thing.  Or two.

This was NOT my favorite part of the trip ...

But it was only that temperature ... 
because I was here.

Palm Springs be hot.

This really is one of my favorite photos of the trip.

This is Patty.  We've known each other since we were ONE YEAR OLD.
I kid you not.
Back then she was known as Patty Lou.  She would hate me if I told y'all that.
So I won't.

Wanna see a close up of Yours Truly?

I really like this shot.  And there ain't many of me that I like.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

continued ...

So why on earth is this my favorite spot on earth?
Well, first of all, I'm kidding.  This is a very MEMORABLE spot for me, but certainly not my most favorite.  If there's any love of this spot at all, it's because I'm am instantly transported back to my childhood.

You know what happened in this spot?

I got lost.
Well, not in the water.
I got lost on THIS side of the fence.

I was five.  I was holding an ice cream bar.  It was just a fun, fun day at Disneyland with my family ...
... when all of a sudden, they left without me.  And I was lost.  And the ice cream bar ran down my arm.

A lady, a not-so-nice lady, saw me standing there lost and crying ... and she picked me up and carried me to the Lost and Found at Disneyland.  She first threw my ice cream bar into that lake.


I cried some more.  You'd cry, too, if some lady had just taken the only thing you have ever loved on this earth and tossed it into the lake.

To this day, I still peek in just to see if it's still there.  I haven't seen it yet, but I'll keep looking.

And by the way, I was found.

You'd never know it, though.  Occasionally I can still be seen, standing next to that lake and peering in.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

post cali

 So where were we?  Oh yeah, in California.   By the way, REAL Californians do NOT (I repeat do NOT) call it 'Cali.'   Ugh.  It's California.  'SoCal' if you must, but I'll accept nothing else.

Below first ... are the obligatory photos.  You know, who was I with, what did I do, where did I go...  So there they are, laid out for you.    THEN I'll tell the real story.

Those are my Cali (oops) friends from college.  We go back to ... well ... okay, the 70's.  We were all in the same sorority and not necessarily the best of friends then.  We are now, though.  I'm way in back.  Obviously this was one of our meals.  Don't ask me which one, though.  We ate a couple of times.

That's me in the back again.  I make sure I'm always in back, I guess.  And, uh, that's a wine bottle I'm holding up.  No, really.

So, on to the non-obligatory pictures ...

Here's how the story went:

I saw special people,

I went to special places,

I saw parades,

I ate at the best of places.

I saw castles,

and castles caught on fire.

The traffic was unbearable,

the real traffic wasn't much better.

There were lots of people in the pool, too.  Lots. Of. People.

Not a lot of wildlife, though.

Not a lot of clothing, either.

Wanna see a close up?  Yeah, me either.

Here's a good view, too.  Just a little meat market in L. A.   
It's okay to say Cali in this case.  Cali would have a V.A.G. Market.

Here's my favorite spot on earth.
No, really.  Tomorrow I'll tell you why.
It's too emotional for me right now.


Sunday, July 12, 2015


So, let's start with terrorism ... terrorism at its best, I guess.

As I was about to board my plane bound for California, a young man ahead of me in line asked me to go on first.  Hmmmm, I thought.   He's a bit unkempt, he's got longish hair and he looks scary; scary in that the could take me down and hide my body very nicely.  First he'd cut my head off, though.

That scary, Kris?  Well, no, not that scary.  But close.  I'm gonna say that he looked a bit like a terrorist.  I just knew he was hanging back for a reason.  Maybe he had a box cutter on him and was gonna bring down the plane.  Then he'd cut off my head.

When he asked me to go ahead of him, he looked at me and said, "This is my first flight."

Sure, I thought.  Oh sure.  And I memorized his face in case ... in case, I died?  No, that wasn't it.  But in case ABC News was waiting for me at the other end and wanted to know exactly who he was and what he said to me.  "Yep, Mr. Interviewer, he said, 'This is my first flight.' "

Reluctantly, I boarded.  Reluctantly I found my seat and successfully, we all flew to California.

The plane did not come down.
There was no trouble aboard the plane (delays, yes, trouble, no.)
My head was not cut off.

Know what I learned from this?

That I'm stupid.  And not compassionate.
America is stupid.  And not compassionate.

And that I watch too many movies.

That young man was truly nervous about flying and I missed a great opportunity to put someone at ease, to help a scared young man and to possibly be a better human being myself.

This will not happen again.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

i've learned to spel Manila ...

This is the letter, the email that I apparently sent out to everyone in my contact list.  Yep, sounds just like me.   In fact, my buddy Lynn thought I'd really sent this out.  Oh, she didn't believe the email at all, but she was just sure that it came from my little head, my little mind.

Nah, it didn't.  I'm actually not smart enough to think it all up.  In fact, I didn't even know that Manila was IN the Philippines.  I thought it was a separate country.  See how dumb I am?  I've also learned that there's two Ps in Philippines.  Wait, there's three.

By the way, I also would've put my bank account info.  I'm at least that smart...

You know ... now that I look at it closer, that's not my grammar.    And what's with "on the way to the hotel I stayed"???  Someone left out a word.  And NO, IT WASN'T ME!   I would never do.

"when I make payment" should be "when I make THE payment" or "when I make A payment."  Didn't this clown go to the 5th grade.  Oh, that's right.  It's Manila.  Maybe they don't have the 5th grade there.

And what's this LOAN jazz?  I stink at repaying loans.

And finally, what I'm most baffled at is this ... WHY did this email go to the Junk file?  THANKS, Brandy ... 

Just kiddin', Girl!

Next up, California.  Remind me to tell you about the terrorist on my plane.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

nightmare. headache. problem. hatin' life. HACKED

I'm back from California and suddenly find myself in MANILA??  Yep, that's where my email says I've been.  And apparently I was in a horrible accident.  I'm hurt.  I'm broke.  And I'm begging anyone who'll listen, to send me money.

I hate hackers.  They seriously need to get a life.


EVERYONE in my email address book got an email from me today ... stating the above.  Oy the embarrassment.

Fortunately no one sent me cash in Manila.  Sadly no one put money in my Texas account, either.

I am back from CA and had to face this today.    The bright side is that my buddy Tamara actually took the hacker on!  I'll post her responses later.

Anyway, the first thing this morning... several people asked me how Manila was.  Um, good?  California was greater, though.  I'd rather go back there.  Tomorrow I'll touch on that trip.  Then I'll touch on Manila.  Then, who knows?  Maybe I'll touch on East Ethiopia.  Why not?

Oh and remind me to give you all my REAL bank account info.  You know, just in case you're worried about me.  And the horrible accident I had.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

for your viewing pleasure ...

While we wait for my plane to land in Los Angeles, California, I thought I'd show you some of my favorite photos.  Think of this as a delayed Father's Day.

Yep, these are two of my favorite people.  

Actually, they are my two favorite people.  Not just two of ...

And below is the only photo I have of my own father as a child.  See if you can find him.  Wait.  You have no idea what he looks like.   Well, he's dead center.  2nd row from the top.  In the dark overalls.  With the dark hair.

Yep, that's my dad.

And yes, I had an older parent.  Well, two older parents.  My dad (and mom) was raised during the great depression.  Although, you'd have no way of knowing that by looking at this photo.

Sure, Kris.

So ... off we go to California!

via boat

or car

or plane

Heck, maybe I'll just walk.  I need the exercise.  I'll bet they didn't have planes back when my dad was a kid.  Cars, yes.  Planes, no.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I ... um ... forgot something.   Flight attendants would never forget this.   Seasoned travelers who've traveled all over the world would never forget this.  I should never forget this.

I have no ride to the airport.

Oh, well.  I sailed around the world.  We didn't need cars on that boat.  Nor shuttles.

I have no ride home from the airport, either.


I best find me a boat.   Well, it IS Texas after all.  Home of the all-water-front homes due to all of the rain.

Now, if I just had a paddle.