Tuesday, April 15, 2014

up in the air ...

After FINALLY preparing my taxes and FINALLY getting in to the little lady at H & R Block, I am FINALLY finished for another year.  FINALLY.

This year was particularly stressful because I wanted everything perfect.  I saved every receipt (or so I thought) and I took every deduction that I could.  I even PAID TWO YEARS WORTH OF PROPERTY TAXES!   "Why?" you ask.  Because paying the taxes on our rental property for 2013 and 2014 insured us that we would get a refund.  In fact, by doing so, we were gonna get us a big refund!  I was prepared and I was excited. 

I spent nearly a week getting everything together ... and planning my vacation to Hawaii.  Yep, that's what Rick and I decided to do with our huge refund.

And ... as of April 14, 2014 ... I was hit with the HORRIBLE news that I would owe this year.  

WHAT.  THE.  HECK????     There went my vacation to Hawaii.

So, on that note ... here is a little something that helped me to swallow the news that I would be staying home this summer.  This gal helped me to feel like I was on that plane to Hawaii.  Oh how I wish I was.

And in case you didn't know this little piece of trivia ... I used to be a flight attendant myself.  I flew with United Airlines way back when.  Yep, WAAAAY back when.  1984 to be precise.  And for the record, a speech like this was not allowed.

But it should've been.

Here's a bigger version, if you'd like.  Well, I'd like.  Just cause.  And I get to do anything I want since I don't get to go to Hawaii.  And because I owe the government.  And because I have a dog.  And ...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

not to be outdone

This here pin from Pinterest just screamed to me.  Maybe it screamed AT me but either way, it got its point across.  It yelled "Do Me!  Do Me!" as though it hated being chosen last for the softball team.

So, I picked it.

My media room will be the hit of the neighborhood!  And ... THIS little project will get done.  Just as soon as I finish the blog post.  And the bookcase shoe rack and the recipe framing and the dishes and the taxes and the cooking and the cleaning.

Ooh, the taxes.  It's not the 15th yet, is it?  Good.  Still got plenty of time.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

still more procrast'g

Next up, I decided that all of my shoes could look this cool and be this functional.  Pinterest won me over again.  I swear the blog post may never get written at this rate.

This here is a bookcase craftily turned into a shoe closet.  Despite that fact that I wear about two pairs of shoes in my closet ever even though I own 66 pairs (I counted last year) I felt I needed this.  In my room.  In my closet.  In my tiny closet.  Okay, it's not tiny but it certainly doesn't offer up the space I need for this monstrosity beauty.  

Hey, some of those shoes are darn cute!  I could see myself in those heels.  I said SEE myself.  I didn't say I would WEAR them.  In fact, those pink high tops on the bottom have my name all over them.  

Tomorrow:  the blog post.  Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

* fingers crossed *


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

procrasting continuance

umm …….. OH YES.

During one of my online-procrastination-party-escapades I found this pin.

The idea here is to frame your mother's or grandmother's old recipes and decorate your kitchen with them.

That pin got me thinking and the next day I had every one of my mother's old recipes framed ... and lying on my kitchen counter.  Um, my sink doesn't have a wall behind it.  And every wall that I could find, well, it was already dedicated to something else.

Pretty cute, right? I think so, too.  'Cept I do not live in a Pinterest world and I probably never will.

But that didn't stop me.  I procrastinated yet some more ...

** to be continued **


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

procrastinatio ...

Usually when I write a blog post, I've already got an idea spinning and whirling around in my head just begging to be let out.  Sometimes I prewrite it here or on scratch paper and then import it over to this page.

If there are photos involved, those almost always come first and they require some editing to get them "just so."  There's a three step process to getting those babies here.  Said photos are uploaded, then edited, then imported, then edited some more and then arranged and rearranged a billion times.

This is all a very normal process for posting a post.  Except for this post ... I did things kinda differently.

Liiiiike, I blindly wrote out the post here first ... then found a photo I liked which in no way represented the little tale I was telling.  So I rewrote the post and then discovered this would require all different photos.  So, I need to do different writing.  So right now ... I’m *supposed to be* working on the writing.

Except instead of typing stuff out, I went into iTunes and started some music.
Then organized half of my song library.
Then went to Facebook and browsed.
Then semi-stalked an old family friend/neighbor from California.
Then got a snack. {No, it was not good for me.}
Then I turned on some music again from Pandora.
Then pinned a few things.
Then went back to Facebook to post about these cookies I found on Pinterest.
Aaaaand now I’m back to finish this darn post.

At what point would you say I completely failed at staying ‘on task’?
Don’t answer that.

There is a point to me telling you how awful I am at staying focused.  I will get to it when I remember again.


Monday, April 7, 2014

now i lay me down to sleep

This is Liz' cat, Jeannie.  Jeannie knows that I've been struggling lately trying to find time to have a morning devotion ... or even an evening devotion ... or ANY devotion.  I've strayed, I have.

And Jeannie is letting me know that she has not.

Jeannie thinks she's better than me at almost everything.  Jeannie might be right.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

uh huh

It's been that kind of a weekend.  Uh huh, it has.

This little blunder did not do any damage but I would have deserved it if it had.  Heck, I might as well have just put a sign on the car that said, "The house is probably unlocked, too.  Come on in!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

and moving right back ...

Since we were looking back in time, I thought I'd look back one more time at a Becky moment.  Becky came to my most recent birthday party and gave me some beautiful flowers and a card as a gift.  Becky only gave serious cards.  Yes, she did.

Ah, Becky.

I love you, Becky Molidor.


Monday, March 31, 2014

moving on

Time to move forward ...

And what better way than to snoop through my daughter's Facebook photos?  Tee Hee.  This one really made me giggle.

This is Delaney.  Elizabeth used to babysit Delaney.  Delaney took Elizabeth's car out for a spin one day.

This is Andrea.  Andrea made a quick appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" tonight.  I used to babysit Andrea.  Andrea took my car out for a spin once, too ...

She has an amazing ability to drive from the roof of a car.

What a cutie.  And Andrea, too.  I'm sure this photo was recently taken.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

you know you're loved when ...


Good grief!  I've never known anyone so popular!

Becky Molidor, I am proud to have been your friend.

Thursday is "wear pink to work" day because that was Becky's favorite color.  And her memorial or "celebration of life" is Thursday night ... where they are expecting 2,000 people.  And that's not even the funeral.  No telling how many folks will attend that.

My only regret is that I didn't know her longer.  1 1/2 years was just too short of a time.  1 1/2 years was too short of a time not to completely appreciate Becky and all of her goodness.  1 1/2 years was a lot of diet cokes to consume, though.  Becky and I got diet cokes everyday.  I had one in my hand, she had one in EACH hand.  Becky always wanted two.


Nope.  Becky liked Oreos, too.  So instead, I just consumed a box of Oreos.  

I'm gonna need FOUR diet cokes now.