Wednesday, May 20, 2015

day 202

I've quit counting.  Well just my "cold days."  I'm still counting those other days.  FOURTEEN.

But maybe my cold will go away now that I'm no longer counting "cold days."  It could happen...

There are 17 more days of work before my summer break, I do know that.  THAT is worth counting.

And before I get off work my nephew will have gotten married; my sister in law will have visited from and gone back home to California; my daughter will have turned 24; her cat will have turned 11 and my dog will have turned 15.  Yeah, it's all a numbers game.

And, of course, my DNA will have been revealed to me and I will then know if Lucille Privette Bowman is my mother ... and William J. Bowman is my father.  I will know if Cathy Bowman is my sister and if Jack Bowman is my brother.  I'll know, too, if Cheryl Dolby is my sister.  I think of her as my mother at the moment.  Yep, I'm a little mixed up.  It happens.

And I'll know if Blue Bell Ice Cream will soon be in my freezer again.

And if the trip to Hawaii that Rick wants to take will actually be taking place.

And if the exchange student Rick wants to take in from Sweden will be headed our way.

And if my new addiction to regular Coke will still be going strong.

And ... if I will ever gain control of the TV remote again.  Hey, it could happen.

But it probably won't.    You think I'll still have this cold, though?   Um, is the Pope Catholic?  I sure hope so.  But I don't think the last one was...


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the wait is killing me

absolutely KILLING ME.

So, Kris, how many days until the results come back?

I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!   But I do like the next picture a lot.  It's my favorite.  Kinda keeps me calm.  Water and sky does that.  Beaches do that.  FIFTEEN DAYS does NOT do that.  But I still like this next picture.

Know what picture I'd like even more?   

Come on number one!   COME ON BABY!   


Fifteen more days until I can sleep.  And until I can know if this face ...

actually belongs to this face...

I wonder if my cold will be gone by then...


Saturday, May 16, 2015

day 33? 34? 59?

I've so lost count of how long I've had this STUPID COLD!!

April 10th is when I got sick.  And since that time I've missed three days of work, missed 2 1/2 days of the play (and, by the way, that play HAS ENDED, thank you very much) and visited my doctor three different times.  Wait.  I went to the doctor twice and Urgent Care once.  Same thing, though.

I've been on steroids, antibiotics and I have an inhaler.

And since that time, my birth family has been found.  FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS I've waited for my birth family to be found ...  and it took a cold.  Wait.  That's not entirely correct, but I have found them during this cold and I've even had a DNA test since this cold hit me.


**  Cough Cough  **

How do I feel?  Fine, thank you.  How do you feel?

So, anyway, the DNA test has been completed and is now sitting in a laboratory in Ohio.  Or Nebraska.  Note to self:  WHERE'S my DNA????  

I did get a call from the DNA folks asking for some more information.  I figured Regina's name was on my DNA and everyone in Ohio or Nebraska was slightly confused.  I called them quickly and learned that everything was on track and they just wanted to let me know that my "sample" would be ready to read on June 3rd.

June 3rd?   Not June 2nd?   Or June 4th?


I have a payment due.  So I guess, if I don't pay them on time, it'll be June 30th.  I do have a question, though.  What if the sample is ready on May 31st?  Do I still have to wait until June 3rd?  Probably.  DNA folks are like that.

Actually, I have no idea.  I don't know any DNA folks.  I don't even know if I HAVE any DNA.  I do know someone without any finger prints...

So, June 3rd will one day arrive here.  It's going to be the longest 18 days of my life.

You think I'll be over my cold by then?

Yeah, I doubt it, too.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

by the way ...

Have you at all been wondering what this new family of mine looks like?  And if anyone looks like me?

I'll let you decide.

This is the other person being swabbed for DNA matching.  (The one on the right, in glasses.)  She may turn out to be my sister.

This girl may turn out to be another sister of mine as well.

This may or may not be my father.  He'll be swabbed at a later date.

And this is Regina.  DNA testing gave her a new identity.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

dna ... do not abbreviate ... dogs need amor ... dirty noble aristocats ...

Um, I have no idea what DNA stands for but I have now been swabbed and my DNA has been sent off to wherever it needed to go.  At least I hope it was mine.

I arrived at the genetic testing site and waited ... and waited ... for all of the technicians to get off of their cell phones.  Once they did, one young lady took me back to a little room where, most likely, blood is regularly taken out of folks.  The gal handed me a urine cup and said she needed a specimen.  I mentioned that I was not told about this but she said it was needed.  She then pointed to a little chair and asked me to sit so that she could take my blood.

"Blood?" I asked.

"Yes, that's necessary."

"But I was only told you'd be taking a swab of my mouth," I said.

The technician looked at me like I was crazy.  I was about to question her some more when she said, "Aren't you Regina Ray?"

Um ... no?   And I just knew this wasn't going to go well.

So, she got herself straightened out and the right side of my mouth was swabbed.  Then the left side.  Then the swabs were placed back into the envelope that she'd taken them out of.  Then she placed the envelope into a plastic baggie with some code numbers.  Then she stepped out of the room to go get a FedEx envelope.  She was gone long enough that I could've messed with those two swabs a whole bunch.  But I didn't.

The technician arrived back with that FedEx envelope and made me watch as she placed my swabs into it and then sealed it.  She proudly held it up when she was done.  I noticed that it said nothing on the front and was addressed to no one.  I was sure hoping she'd remember what was inside when she tottered off to make another cell phone call.  I also hoped she'd mail it off to the right place.  I just had my doubts, I did.

I decided to ask her one last question before I left ... just to see what her answer would be.  How long would it take?  I mean, I knew the answer but I wanted to hear her's.

"It take two days to get there.  So, if it arrives on Monday or Tuesday, you should have your answer the next day."

Yeah, no.  This was a 3 week test with results not being known to us for a full 14 business days.  Like I said, I just wanted to hear her answer.  Regina did, too.

So, maybe my sample has gone off to the lab and maybe it hasn't.  Maybe Regina's has and maybe it hasn't, either.

Maybe we'll learn something from all of this.

And maybe we won't.

And maybe Regina will get that call that she's been waiting for.  It could happen, you know.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

we interrupt our regularly ... oh, skip it

Day 28 of my upper respiratory infection and today Pneumonia was ruled out.  Coincidentally today I began to feel better, too.  Coincidence?  Probably.  I'm finally on the mend.

Rick has started physical therapy and he's on the mend, too.

I have my DNA testing scheduled for tomorrow morning (Friday) so my heart and brain can mend as well.

And you know what?  Life at the Kahles can get back to normal.  Back to the roses and soft kittens that we all know it as.  Life at the Kahles is finally calming down and I see beautiful rainbows in our future.

Oh wait.

Yep, the Kahles were found in an Urgent Care tonight.  Something about a dinner party and some boiling honey.  Don't ask.  It isn't pretty.

And, so.  A little trip to an emergency room.

But never fear.

A little gauze, a little lecture, a little money and we're as good as new.  

And life is once again CALM at the Kahles.

I hope.


Monday, May 4, 2015

we now return to our regular scheduled programming ...

... which is usually half over at that point.

But no, we've only touched the tip of the iceberg here.

Where were we?  Oh, yes.  Because I haven't had enough going on in my life with getting my actor guy dressed an onstage every night (and believe me he had to change clothes every two minutes!) and with my pneumonia (that's what I've decided it is since it's been lingering for FOUR STINKIN' WEEKS!) and with getting Rick situated (and listening to him continue to get his days and weeks and, especially, his holidays! confused) I've got this on my plate, too.  My new family.

For 57 years (give or take) I've wanted to know all of this information.  For 57 years (give or take) I'd known that I would NEVER know this information.  And suddenly, here it is.  In my lap.  And I'm afraid of it.  I'm afraid that if I stand up, it'll all spill off onto the floor.  And I'm afraid that if I just sit still, it'll quietly all seep onto the floor anyway.  But first it'll run down my legs and ruin my shoes.


So ... what, Kris?  You don't want to know?  No, no.  I do.  (Excuse me while I work this out in my head.)  But what am I getting myself into?

Well, here's the next step.  DNA test.  Yep.  I've agreed to have a DNA test done.  And who knows?  Maybe we'll get the OJ Simpson trial settled once and for all!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming ...

... to bring you a word from Rick.

This morning, Sunday, he decided he was ready to return to church.  He said he wanted to go for me, for Mother's Day.

K:   Um, Rick?  TODAY is not Mother's Day.

R:   It's not?

K:   Nope.

R:   When is it?

K:   NEXT Sunday.

* * pause * *

R:   On FATHER'S DAY?????


I suppose I better start my Christmas shopping.  It'll be here before you know it.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

brrrrring.... bbrrrring....

Those four text messages were very, very interesting.

All four of them told me the name of my mother ... the mother that I have never known.  The young girl who gave me up for adoption back in 1957.  And not only was her name listed there, so was her husband's name and the names of all of her six or seven children.  (There was a question about one of the children and whether they were living or not... hence the six vs. seven.)

So there it was.  In black and white.  Something I have wanted to know for over 50 years ... and there it was.  The. Names.

AND ... their phone numbers.

Surreal, to say the least.  In fact, despite having wanted this information for SO SO long, I actually couldn't process it all and didn't know what to do next.

The main private investigator told me to call her.  I did.  (Yes, I waited until the show was over.)  She gave me more facts and more information than my little head could hold.  But I ate it all up and took notes as fast as I could.

There it was in all its glory.  The names of seven children and my name and birthdate tucked into the list second from the bottom.

Having grown up in a family with just one brother, longing for another sibling and having become an "orphan" eight short years ago ... suddenly I had siblings of all shapes and sizes.  And parents.  REAL parents.

My head spun.

So what happened next?

                                                        **  to be continued  **


Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It was like any other Sunday afternoon, except I was working at the theatre getting my actor guy all prepped and ready for his Shakespeare performance.  I've been working there for four weeks now, so yeah, it was like any other Sunday afternoon of late.

Right before the audience was slated to enter, I checked my phone one last time.  I have to turn the ringer off for the show and I usually do that early on so that I don't forget.  That's all we'd need ... the "I Love Lucy" theme song chiming from behind the curtain signaling that I was getting a call.  Shakespeare would turn over in his grave.  So, silence it I did ... but I checked it one last time.  And I noticed that I had four missed messages.  Four?  Wow, I was popular on Sunday.

I also noticed that the messages were from four different people.  Four people that I didn't know.


I peeked quickly at one and then one more.  The news in those messages didn't make sense.  I had never read anything so weird, so confusing before.  And yet, I knew what those messages were telling me.

And I screamed.  Loud.  The rest of the theatre crew stood there, looking at me like I'd sprouted five heads.  No one rushed me because it wasn't that kind of a scream.  It was an odd scream.  It was an odd time to scream, too.  And for heaven's sake, they all wanted me to shut up.

But I couldn't.  In those four messages, my life had just changed forever.

                                                              *** to be continued ***