Thursday, January 18, 2018

hup two three four ...

March.   MARCH!!!!!

Just got word that our brand new house, the one that's being built, the one that is taking A YEAR to be built ... will now be ready FIVE MONTHS earlier than planned.

F.I.V.E.  Months.

No, I'm not ready, why do you ask?   I picked a house that wouldn't be ready for a year FOR A REASON!   I'M not ready to move yet!

And yet ... no one cares.    Um, if a tree falls ... and no one hears it?    Ahem.   A tree just fell.

So, the mighty packing frenzy has begun.  No, the house is not on the market yet; no we haven't even begun to clean it up; no we haven't fixed the windows, the wood floor, the carpet.  BECAUSE WE HAD TILL AUGUST!!!

So ... anyone have any boxes they don't need?



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

if a tree falls ...

Nope, didn't hear it.

But I did try out my gardening skills over the weekend. 

Rick has been wanting to trim up the front bushes for many, many moons.  I kept telling him (mostly as a way to simply 'put him off') that if he'd wait until December, the bushes would pretty much cut themselves.  Trees and bushes in Texas ... in the wintertime ... do not flourish.  They do not green and they do not pretty.  They pretty much brown and they pretty much 'stick'.  Yep, we've got nothing but brown sticks in our front yard.

Guess what I learned, though?  Brown sticks are had to cut.  I'm assuming that green ones are, too ... and maybe I'm wrong ... but I've sure got a lot of bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes and OH, MY ACHING ARMS! to prove that brown sticks ain't easy to cut.  So much for my brilliant idea to have Rick wait until December to cut the bushes back.  So much for Rick's brilliant idea to schedule surgery in December/January and NOT be able to do it .... but be able to remind me of how easy I said it would be in December.

Well, this is January and it was not easy.

But I did it.  And there is a freakin' bloodbath in my front yard.  Well, a 'sap bath'.  There are sticks and trigs and branches and bushes strewn everywhere.  No one told me that I'd have to pick all of that debris up afterwards ...

Know what the bright side is, though?  The pizza man can find us now.  Our address on the front wall of the house is no longer blocked. 

Now ... if I could just lift my arm up high enough for the pizza to actually reach my mouth.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

3 days later

... and I'm still keeping my food resolution.  Rick was falling asleep yesterday so I decided some nice, hot coffee would keep him awake.

Five minutes after he drank the coffee, he suddenly got up and ran out of the room (no easy task for him, either!)   Eventually he called to me asking for help.

"WHAT WAS IN THAT COFFEE????" he gently asked.


Apparently three year old coffee is not so good?
Apparently I got to clean up the remains of three year old coffee off of the bedroom floor ...


Monday, January 8, 2018

january 8th

I'm 8 days into the new year and so far I've kept all of my New Year's Resolutions!  Yea, me!

Here was the first one ...

Yep, kept that resolution real good.  Everyone'll want me to cook for them after this gourmet meal!

I learned how to set a table!  The most important item goes just to the left of the salad fork.

I learned how to bury my husband ... I didn't have a shovel so I could only hide him here.

I learned how to make my house warm.  Yep, I'm a redneck at heart.

I learned how to send text messages.  I'm real good at it, too.

I learned how to decorate my friends...

Meet Tamara.  Not sure she likes being decorated, though.

Here's another terrific text message I sent.  I'm getting so good at this!

Didn't what?

And finally ... I learned what my husband wants of me.  He made it clear on this gift bag that concealed my Christmas gift.

I wonder what he means?

I learned so much more in 2017 but some things weren't fit to print.  Well, they were, but perhaps they were legitimate lessons ... legitimate learnings?  Good stuff?  Either way, welcome to 2018!  I hope you have figured out half as much as I have this past year ...

And if not?  Well, you're in good company.

With me.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 in review ...

2017 has closed out.  Gone.  Kaput.  Kicked to the curb.

We ended it with a bang, literally.

Our house is falling apart around us, with creaking noises going on overhead incessantly.  None of our doors are tight so cold air seeps in all the time, in all the wrong places.  Several of our toilets flush at will, usually during the middle of the night. And just as we were about to sit down and watch that ol' ball drop ... the oven kicked the bucket.  Out came the crockpot for our dinner.

So, as we plan to move in 2018, we will not be sad to see this house go.  No oven (although we did reboot it and get it to work), no heat (because I turned the heater off and it thought I meant FOR GOOD), no fireplace logs (used them all, trying to warm up the house), creaking, creaking and MORE creaking, flushing toilets (ghosts?), and several ruined floors from several broken pipes awhile back.   And a peeing dog that helps keep those ruined floors ... ruined.

Yep, we couldn't get out of 2017 fast enough.

So what does 2018 hold for us?

A new house (that'll break us for sure), back surgery for Rick (that'll break us more), a daughter in Hawaii who constantly needs help financially (need I say it, we're broke) and a move (that's it, we're officially poor) done in two parts.  We'll need to take an apartment after we sell our house ... and before we can move into the new house.  My hands are already up in the air in desperation.

But 2018 won't be all bad.  Did I mention that we're getting a new house?  A NEW house.  Literally.  And nothing goes wrong in new houses, right?  Oh, shut up.

We won't be too much further from where we are now ... but we will be out of the Frisco tax umbrella.  We will not live in a creaking house (can I get a BIG AMEN!?) and our peeing dog ... well, he's coming with us ... unless I kill him first.  The toilets might just flush on cue, and the house might just be warm.  And maybe the pipes won't freeze and flood.

There is hope for us in 2018.  The biggest hope is for Rick.  He will be having back surgery that is supposed to be the be-all/end-all back surgery.  It is supposed to put an end to his pain.  And for that, we can only say that no matter what, 2018 will be a good year.

2018, here we come!!!!


Friday, December 15, 2017


Rick had his pre-op/surgery prep for his upcoming surgery and I swear 
I've seen his technician before ...

... like in a Star Wars movie?

Gitchy gitchy goo!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

this kid ...

this kid ... is da bomb.

She's the one in the middle.  Upper middle.  I don't have any sons.

So, Rick is in pain.  Rick is in P A I N.  PPPPPPPPAIN!!!  Nothing new for him, though.  He lives in pain and he just grits his teeth and bears it.  Poor guy.  

Every couple of years the pain is so extreme that we have to take him to the Emergency Room and beg them to admit him ... praying for the surgery, any surgery, that will ease his pain.  We made that trip in November (right before Thanksgiving) and we made that trip again last Thursday night.

Let me back up and say that Rick has been trying to get in to see a new spine doctor.  He wants NO MORE SURGERIES and he wants NO MORE REHAB/nursing homes.  So, he took it upon himself to find a new doctor that might give him some relief.  Oddly enough, he picked a doctor that is reknown in our area and, of course, impossible to get in the see.  Remember, this man is in extreme pain right now ... so being told that there were no more appointments in December was a big disappointment.  But he preferred to wait it out and just grin and bear it, again.

Fast forward to Thursday night when I took him to the ER.  I was prepared to beg for an admission to the hospital and also prepared to beg for the surgery that would relieve his pain, if only temporarily.  Rick hates the ER but agreed to go because he couldn't stand the pain any longer.  Tears are common for this trooper.  Seriously.  And that's how I knew he was serious.

So, once inside and checked into our ER bedroom, Rick tells his story and wouldn’t you know it … the ER doctor knows the guy Rick has been trying to get an appointment with.  She offered to call him on her cell phone, reached him, and moved his appointment up to the very next day, Friday.  THIS, the Kahle family has decided is an absolute miracle.

And the ER sent us home that night with explicit instructions as to how to get our appointment the next day.  Ask for Ashley, Ashley knows the story.  Etc., etc.  

Since nothing ever goes as planned and since nothing is ever easy, we couldn't get the appointment the next day that we were promised.  I put THIS KID on it.  I was too frustrated.

This kid did it.

Elizabeth grabbed the reigns; demanded to speak to Ashley or someone else just as competent and wouldn't stop until Ashley was found and Ashley was reminded and Ashley relented.  And ... she got him in.  

The very day, Liz took Rick in ... and the nice doctor there said he wanted to try something new with Rick that he felt sure would work.  Fingers crossed.  Elizabeth got all of the info and it seems that Rick will have an object (some sort of monitor and pain medicine squirter) placed onto his spine and he’ll have a remote.  The jist of it is that this object will kill the pain and Rick can control the dosage until the nerve endings are fried/dead and no more pain is felt.  The pain’ll still be there, but he won’t feel it.  There’s also a battery in this pack-thing, but it will only lose 5% in 15 years, at which time, they can opt to replace the unit or let it go, slightly lessened in intensity.  He'll be 80 at the time so who cares?

The good part is … Rick will have a trial first.  A simulator-thingy will be placed on top of his spine on Monday.  It will very nearly mimic the results he’ll have after he goes under the knife and it’s permanent.  He’s excited about that.  We’re all excited about that.  Then, after Christmas, if all goes as planned and it works, he’ll get the real thing.  Not sure what kind of recovery we're facing but we're all still in favor of this thing.  And Rick is a new man.  He has something to live for!  

Wanna know something funny?  This funky object-thingy will be able to give MRI results, as needed, anywhere in his body.  Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it, but hey.

So, that’s it.  Here’s to some pain relief on Monday Dec. 18th!  And hats off to the gal above that got the ball rolling.

Now, if I could just kick my cold.  Maybe I can get a cold-killing-object-thingy placed on MY spine!


Friday, December 8, 2017

my greatest acting assignment EVER!

Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but I didn't do my job last night.

Well I did, but I didn't.

My second job, three nights a week, is that of a security guard.  At various Frisco venues.  Do I like it?  Yes and no.  I like being a security guard and bossing people around ... and I like my coworkers.  And I like bossing my coworkers around. 

And I like all of the shows that I work up in Oklahoma, too.  I like the dinner they feed me up there, 'cuz I love pizza.

But what I don't particularly love ... is when my equipment fails.  Malfunctions.  Dies.  Kaput.  And last night it did.   The wand that I use to scrutinize  embarrass  torture scan folks before they step foot into the arena died.  It UP AND DIED. 

And you know what my supervisor said?


And so I had to.  And so I did.

I spent two hours "wanding" basketball patrons before they could enter the stadium and I had to look like it mattered.  I had to pretend like it was beeping if something suspicious "alerted."  A coworker (remember, I like my coworkers) kept trying to make me laugh by making beeping noises behind me.  I no longer like my coworker.  I no longer like my job.  I'm going to Hollywood instead.  Because if I can pull that off ... AND I DID ... I am the greatest actress that ever lived.

I even caught a knife in someone's pocket.

Now THAT'S really good acting!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

moving in

Went to peek at our new house over the weekend and we were absolutely blown away at how fast this house is materializing!  Yesterday it was a patch of dirt ... today it's ready to move into!  Whee!

That's it!  That's our new house!

I've got the kitchen pretty much unpacked stocked.  I think I just need to hang a few things on the walls to make it feel complete.

And this is ... our guest bedroom!  We're ready for you!

Bring a coat, though.  It gets a bit chilly at night.


Monday, December 4, 2017

epic failz

I was putting together a calendar, yesterday, for my dear, darling husband as one of his Christmas gifts this year.  I spent several hours pouring pooring stressing over which photographs to include and finally decided on about 60 that I felt depicted our past year pretty well.  Never mind that they all began to look alike after awhile ...

Once done, I couldn't help but marvel at how some of my finer work had managed to get included into the final project.

Just what Rick always wanted on his calendar, I'm sure ...

That there is 409 sitting atop our table.  Glad I took a picture of it.

This is our cat.  She had no head.

Anyone want a banana?

Food I thought my dear, darling daughter would like ...
(no one else would)

My dear, darling husband ... who was never proud of this look.

Glad he didn't keep this look for very long.

Yeah, this needs to be in all calendars.  Typos in an ad for a family night.

A beach with no people.  Also needs to be in all calendars.

And ... our Christmas tree this year.  No ornaments, no lights.  And an attempt at throwing a Santa hat atop it in lieu of an angel.

My husband already knows I'm lazy; let's not rub it in.

So there you have it.  Two hours worth of work yesterday and THESE epic photos are what I have to show for it.

I think I'll go buy him some socks.  He'll need them when he takes my gift out to trash the next morning ...