Friday, September 14, 2018

wow. just wow.

July was a long time ago.

Nah, not really.  Not when you've moved twice or three times or four.  And not when your daughter has moved countless times, too.

And your fridge died and your house flooded (again) and it's rained and it's rained and it's rained.  My back went out, my hip went out and today I have a headache.

Are you done complaining, Kris?  No, not quite.

My daughter and her fiancee broke up several times and my own husband went into the hospital.  Our mail got lost and my dog got out and got lost.

I'm going to move to the Adirondacks and start over.  Wanna buy my car?

And that was just all in July.

Just kidding.

Let's catch up real quick ... Today is September 14th and Elizabeth recovered from her Celiac Sprue flareup and is now back in Hawaii living and working on a cruise ship.  She's performing her heart out, I hear.   Ben is there, too, pouring enough drinks to sink a ship.  Rick lives in McKinney, out of my hair.  He has officially taken up residence in our new house.  Buddy lives there, too.  He did get out and explored the neighborhoods, late one night ... in the rain.  Good thing he has a GPS around his neck.  And a light.  He was NOT incognito like he though.  Jeannie and I are still in the apartment, cleaning it up and closing it down.  I'm getting it prepped for a stint with AIR BNB because I'm an expert at it now.  Okay, I'm not, but I like to think I am.

And one of our two PODS arrived yesterday and boxes are EVERYWHERE in our new house.  Good grief we have a lot of stuff ... and that's just the beginning.  We have another whole POD to go AND a full double storage unit.  Never mind all of the stuff that's still in our apartment.

I can't even wrap my head around all that still needs to be sold. 

Garage sale anyone?

AND ... the new house has ants.  THREE WHOLE DAYS worth!  Yep, I've been exterminating ants for three days.  409, my go to bug killer DOES NOT WORK on McKinney ants.  I guess McKinney ants are indestructible.

The coffee pot isn't though.  I plugged it in and it instantly died. 

We are down one fridge, one coffee pot and one Kris.  I'm about to die, too.

I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll never move again.  I'll ...


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