Wednesday, November 14, 2018

november 30th

... is fast approaching.  IF there was still going to be a wedding, it would be missing a few things.

We do have a dress and all that goes with that.  No shoes, though.  But Elizabeth wanted to wear tennies anyway.

We did have a cake ... um, that's partially in our freezer, partially in my tummy.

We had a venue, we had a getaway car and we had the table decor.  We also had the easels for holding the games and the photos and such.

So ... Liz was going to be partially dressed and I was going to be partially fed.  We could've sat at a beautiful table and looked at some easels.  And then made a quick getaway in her little red car.

Sounds like a good wedding to me!

Now ... if we only had a groom.

He's back in Hawaii, wearing tennis shoes and playing the games.  But you know what? 

I have the cake.


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