Friday, November 30, 2007

A New Blog, A New Beginning...

Until February 19th of 2007, I had a blog. I blogged. And I enjoyed running to my computer every time a thought popped into my head. I loved my blog. It served as a release for me - of everyday life's musings and it also served as a little journal. One that I knew I'd enjoy reading at a later date.

You know what? You have to back up those blogs though. I've learned that now. I didn't think I'd need to then. After all, computers never crash, right?

And on February 19th, I got the silly notion in my head that I could do this for profit. That I should do this for a profit. And why not? Other bloggers did. Dooce did. I would, too.

So, late one night in February, Elizabeth and I petitioned Google to read my blog and put their advertising on my website. Google complied. I had enough readers and my content was up to par with their standards. So, Google was going to be displayed on my blog.

And I would be rich. Anyone who clicked on a Google ad through my website would add to my winnings. My riches. My retirement fund.

Aah, but those teenagers. They are brilliant but they are impatient. They can figure anything out but only if it's in their time and only if it's immediate. Elizabeth is no exception.

Late one night in February, Elizabeth and I lined up the Google ads and positioned them exactly where we wanted surrounding my blog text.

But late that same night in February, something went terribly wrong. The Google ads didn't lay down correctly. The Google ads stole my formatting and my masthead. And my life. My blog was frozen.

No problem. Just hit the back button. However, those teenagers can be so impatient... mine being no exception. After hitting the back button once and seeing that things were moving too slowly... Elizabeth promptly turned off the computer with the hopes of rebooting and freeing up some space.

Rebooting does not help in all cases. Rebooting freezes you. Rebooting can rob you of the ability to move the text (or ads) that you have just laid down. Rebooting permanently cements your errors. Rebooting ruined my life. If only we had let the back button do it's magic. If only we had waited.

No amount of technical support could help me. And I was willing to pay big bucks for said help. There apparently was no one in the world smart enough to undo what Google had done. What Elizabeth had done. And what I had done through my greed. I had wanted ads... I had wanted to be rich... and now I never would be. The blog was frozen and gone forever.

AND... exactly one year later... after I have semi-recovered and mourned the loss of blog #1, I proudly introduce blog #2 to you.

Welcome to the ongoing saga of "Trails of the Kahles" - part 2.

So much has happened in the past year, too. But this is a new chapter in my life and one which will be starting fresh. The past year was really quite interesting but it went unblogged, unrecorded. But we are now ready to continue the journey of blogdom.


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