Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The cruise was on!

On Monday, the Monarch of the Seas began toting three Kahles to San Diego, Catalina and Ensenada for five glorious days.

First up: Unpacking.

Uh, Rick... why did you come on a 9 day vacation with only 1 pair of jeans? Did you just know that you wouldn't spill anything on them for 9 days? Did you think the laundry fairy would magically come to your cabin every night and wash those smelly blue jeans of yours for you? Did you mean to drive your wife over the edge? Because you have darn near done that.

A trip to Arkansas on Friday night wasn't enough??

"Well, you told me the Captain's dinner was optional. You told me I didn't have to bring my good suit if I didn't want to."

"Rick? May I tell you a few other things?"

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