Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Retro TV

Once in awhile a trip away from your daily activities and daily stresses is a very necessary thing. This is especially true when you've been through the kind of year that the Kahles have had to endure.

Six jobs (I still work at two of them), two deaths, the sale of a house, a multitude of health problems (both Rick's and mine) and several storms that left our house soaked are all reasons that I needed to get away. Not to mention a little side trip to Arkansas the night before our trip.

Even though we've been on this cruise before... and to the exact same ports... it's just good to get away and rest. And shop. Rarely do I get to do nothing. And on this cruise, I did just that for most of the time.

Retro TV, Royal Caribbean's version of old-time TV was my main entertainment, too.

Liz wanted me to go shopping with her once.
"Can't. 'Partridge Family's' on."
Liz wanted to go for a walk around the Prom Deck.
"Can't. 'Ozzie and Harriet's' on."

And then when I finally wanted to go up to the upper decks for a walk? She said, "Can't. 'I Dream of Jeannie's' on. I'm going to marry Tony, you know."

If only she knew he wasn't really 25. And didn't look quite that good.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kahle proudly announce the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to Major Anthony Nelson. Ceremony simple, service held in a small bottle.

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