Friday, December 28, 2007

Ring out the old...

With 2007 nearly behind us, I can't say enough about how great it feels to get through this year. Get to the other side of it. It has been the most heart-wrenching of years and also the most enlightening. If I ever thought 1997 had a lot to teach me, I realize now that I only had a glimpse of what God can deliver.

1997 was a year of surprises. Rick became ill on Valentine's Day of that year and exactly three weeks later was in the hospital for a full 110 days. We witnessed things that no one should ever have to or want to see. And all of that was done with a 5 year old in tow. And the 2 1/2 years that followed were filled with healing, recuperating and learning how to live a new way, a new lifestyle and with new knowledge of exactly what medicine and prayer can do for someone. 1997 also taught me how to pray for other people, because I saw SO many folks who were so much worse off than we were.

2007 came with a host of surprises, as well. Also around Valentine's Day of this year, my mother had a fall that would ultimately become her downfall. A broken femur caused a surgery that would never quite bring her out of the anesthesia and therefore leave us with a person who desperately wanted to be normal, but couldn't be. She was just too frail and too ill. And I was filled with grief throughout her decline during the following three months. My brother Brad was very helpful throughout that time and it was nice to get to know him better.

But that came with a price... when I lost him just 3 and 1/2 weeks after burying my mother, I really felt a loss. And I feel it to this day. Not being close to someone for most of your life and then suddenly having them to support you through a tough time can rack you with guilt when you lose them. A heart attack brought him down and he passed away just one day before his 53rd birthday. And a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico left me feeling privileged to have known him.

2007 has been every bit as interesting as 1997 was... but in a different way.

God showed us incredible mercy during 1997 and was there for me during every inch of 2007 as well.

And prosper us? Did He ever. We (well mostly me) are still in shock over the two deaths that would ultimately allow us to shop at stores other than Wal Mart and Big Lots (not that I don't still shop there) and take a vacation now and then where I didn't have to have four garage sales first. My mother's house sold in 2007 and since Brad and I were heirs, Brad's portion was turned over to me as well.

Am I rich? Heck no. But it does feel good to know that my daughter can go to a college of her choice rather than having to go to the community college around the corner. (Rick still wants her at the local community college though. I think he wants to keep an eye on her.)

2007. Aah, 2007. I am happy to see it end. And happy to let it go.

On the very last day of 1997, I went out and bought myself a new car. Feeling like I should do the same for myself at the end of this most auspicious year, I went car shopping, once again. I found a beautiful, gold Lexus that I looked pretty darn good driving.

Did I buy it? Nope. Don't need to. I don't need a reward for getting through this year. I now know that I can survive anything.

Goodbye 2007. And please tell 2017 that I'd like a quiet, peaceful year that year. These "7" years are killers. But, I can get through it. With or without a Lexus.


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