Thursday, January 31, 2008

Greetings from Chicago... I mean, Texas

Wind and I are not friends. Wind and I just plain don't get along. Wind irritates me.

Wind stole a report that I had to turn in today. Wind took that report and whooshed it through the skies.

I think my dislike of wind started in 1989 when Rick and I were trapped on an island - St. Thomas - while a class 5 hurricane smacked our brains out. It was one of the most memorable times of my life. It was also my honeymoon.

For one entire night, wind, at forces of 150 mph, slammed against our hotel room and eventually tore the roof right off. Since it was also raining, the missing roof allowed a multitude of raindrops to pour down on us. The room flooded and Rick and I fled to any dry spot we could find in the room. Rick hung out on the bed; I climbed into the jacuzzi and pulled all of our salvageable suitcases in with me. What remained on the floor was lost.

Before I go off into a tale I didn't intend to... let me say that Texas today is mimicking St. Thomas. I mean, who does it think it is... Chicago? If you open your car door you can be assured that you will have a battle getting it closed. If you did your hair up all nice, you will regret having wasted the time this morning. Of course, I did just that. Not that it looks great, but why did I even try?

Trash cans are flying down the street today. Wind is swirling in mini tornadoes and people are running to their cars looking like they are pushing against brick walls. I'm half expecting another trampoline to land in our yard tonight. I hope this one comes assembled.

Wind? No like. In fact, I may just have to climb into another jacuzzi tonight. Too bad I don't have one. You think my bathroom sink would work?

Hotel Lobby ~

Rick in the once beautiful lobby...

Hurricane Jacuzzi ~

You thought I was kidding...

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