Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

Got a call on my cell phone today. Of course I have Caller ID... I don't know how I ever got along without it. Then again, if the other person has their calls restricted...

And he did.

And I took the call.

I just knew it was from my friend Tamara. She always comes in as 'restricted.' And since I was looking forward to the diversion from my work, I grabbed the 'restricted' line and gleefully took the call.

It wasn't Tamara. It was Clint. Clint is my former boss at the hotel. Clint is no longer my former boss at the hotel. Apparently Clint is my current boss at the hotel. Apparently he needed someone to work the front desk tonight. Apparently I said yes. Apparently I am stupid.

After I agreed to work (because I am stupid and because I must've forgotten I had just put in 8 hours at my day job) Clint said, "and please be careful going home. There's an ice storm tonight and I don't want you out driving in it."


I guess it's good that I work at a hotel... in case I need a room... with padded walls.

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Anonymous said...

No, it WAS me you silly girl!! I was telling you, "Please, don't hate me. I know you are voting for McCain, but I am voting for CLINTon." And THEN I said, "I haven't found any WORK yet and haven't heard back from the Ritz HOTEL but it's hot here in LA so I am on my way to get an ICE-blended mocha. Take CARE."

I think it is because we had a bad connection. I thought you told me your BRA was PADDED!

Tamara Clint Fowler