Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl

For weeks now, Elizabeth has been lobbying to host a super bowl party with some of her friends. At our house. After all, we do have a large house. Never mind that everyone here in Texas has a large house. Elizabeth thinks ours is huge and just made for hosting parties.

She had it all planned. 40 people would be visiting us and cheering on their favorite team... whoever they are. 40 people would be eating themselves silly and not making any mess at all. 40 people would also sit around and play fun games before the real game started. And 40 people would be thanking Elizabeth for being the bomb of a hostess and begging to return next year. Like I said, it was all planned.

Keep in mind that Elizabeth has never been to a super bowl party. Elizabeth has no idea what actually goes on at a party like that. She honestly thinks people will be wanting to play party games.

Sitting Elizabeth down and trying to explain that we are not set up to entertain 40 people (let alone able to afford all that food) didn't go so well. In fact, several heated arguments ensued.

But Elizabeth solved the food problem... it would be potluck. With Elizabeth providing the main dish - nachos. Oh wait, a "nacho bar." She was SO excited with her idea.

And she agreed to clean the house inside and out, till it sparkled.

And the seating? We only have seating for seven in our family room... the room with the big TV. But she'd thought of that, too. Everyone would just stand - and mingle - or sit on the floor.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to sit on the floor for five or six hours. Or stand around. But Liz was not worried. She knew it would all work and she kept telling us that she was up for the challenge. "Bring it on," she kept saying.

But there's one thing she forgot. Or forgot to tell us. Elizabeth is going out of town for the weekend, due back 1 1/2 hours before her magical party is due to start. Yet, she still was not worried. She promised to clean her brains out on Wednesday night (her last available night) and told us it was our responsibility to keep the house tidy throughout the weekend. She honestly thought Rick could keep it clean for four days...

And as for the preparation for the party? It was easy. She has a whole hour and a half before the party starts. She's due home at 12:00 on Sunday and her friends won't even be arriving until 1:30. Plenty of time to cook. And pray that her friends would actually bring the food they'd promised to bring. You see they were going out of town as well.

My daughter is completely oblivious. If her hair weren't red, I'd say it was blonde.

Will she pull this off? I don't even want to be around to find out. But I've been asked to chaperone. Chaperone? What kind of a party is this, Elizabeth?

You'll find me at the mall that day... drowning my sorrows at Macy's. And I don't think there'll be too many people there... they'll all be at my house.

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