Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Surfin' the net

What the heck? All I was doing was searching for an actress that I used to watch on 'General Hospital.' Honest!

Yesterday (Monday) I found myself thinking about my days in 1984, when I was absolutely obsessed with 'General Hospital.' Remember that soap opera? Luke and Laura... Tiffany and Rick Springfield... and of course, the Quartermaines. I haven't seen that show in years and I have no idea why it came to mind yesterday.

I also began to wonder whatever happened to Nurse Vining. Little Amy Vining, the gossipy nurse who minded everyone else's business. Shell Kepler. I don't know why I was wondering.

I liked her. I wanted to be her. Not the gossipy part, but the actress part. She had, in my eyes, the perfect job. She went to work about once a week, appeared in a couple of episodes of GH a month and had a few lines now and then. Oh and she made a ton of money. Probably. I don't actually know. But I imagined she did. And with all that money and with all that time off, well, I knew that I wanted her job.

Yesterday I decided to surf the net and see what ol' Nurse Vining was up to. Was she still on 'General Hospital?' What did she look like now? Was she married with kids? Etc., etc. I don't know why I was so drawn to finding information on her. Just yesterday... I searched for information on her yesterday.

So what are the odds??? I turned on my computer this morning... punched right into Yahoo... and ol' Nurse Vining was the lead story. WHAT?? You're kidding! I have to be dreaming...

She died this morning.

I'm afraid my net surfing did her in.

I promise not to surf the net looking for any of you...

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