Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

This was Tuesday - at 7:00 AM

This is the SAME Tuesday - at 4:00 PM... like nothing ever happened.

The Californians in Frisco look at things like this, though...

Snow on Mickey

Or NO snow on Mickey
(photos taken the same day - 7:00 and 4:00)

Fast Forward to TODAY... just TWO little days later.

The Kahle house now looked like this. 'Cept things were destined to get even worse in just a very short time.

This is our corner... whiter than I've ever seen it.

This is what our little blizzard looked like. I actually caught the snow falling.

And this is my car. It's trying to get away from me. It almost succeeded. My confused feet are trying to catch it.

And finally, this is Liz. Just standing and admiring the snow.

And this is me.

I'm just headin' back to the house. To sit by the fire. And try to process all that I saw today. All this white stuff is new to me... I only know beaches. Oh wait, those are white, too. But you don't need a parka there. Oh wait, yes you do. Forgot who I was talking about. I wear parkas everywhere. Come to think of it... snow at least gives me a reason to wear my parkas.

Time to go on ebay again?


Unknown said...

You are so funny!!!!

Veerrrrrrrrrry clever. I love that you guys are just footprints in the snow.

I WANT TO BE THERE!!!!! Temperatures are set to rise in CA. NOT FAIR!!

Come rescue me!! I know how to make snow angels, snow bunnies and SNOW KITTIES!

Unknown said...

(The snow kitties you make with REAL CATS! We would use Jeannie!! Don't tell Elizabeth .... shhhhhhh)