Friday, May 23, 2008

19 hours and counting...

Just 19 more hours. 19 very L O N G hours! If I can just survive 19 more hours, then I can survive anything.

Details to follow, if I live. If not... well, I'll send you the tale from the great beyond. Easy enough.

18 more hours and 55 minutes to go!

In the meantime, let me say that Elizabeth is on her first "real date" tonight. Her first formal dance as well. And we actually got to meet this boy. Unlike the first boyfriend who hid from us once we called the police on him. I wonder why that made him nervous...

And tonight we got to do all the fun parental things that we old folk do when we meet our little girl's date... We took pictures, we grilled him about his future, and we threatened his life if he didn't have her back by midnight. And just in case, we made sure her glass slippers would self destruct.

Elizabeth has been lobbying for a 3:00 am curfew but because of what we have going on tomorrow (sorry, I just can't say yet... in case Elizabeth is bored on her date and pulls up my blogsight. Hey, it could happen...) we need her to be home and rested. Well, home. She's never rested. She's always on high speed.

I, on the other hand, am not. I run on slow to sedentary all the time, now. So since I can't sleep until she's home... well, I just hope she's home on time. Me without sleep is not pretty.

And you know what her date said tonight? "Oh, don't worry. I'll have her home by 12:00. We're all going out for ice cream after that, but I'll be happy to drop her off."

What a nice guy. What a heel I am. Ice cream? Oh for Pete's sake. What a mean mom I am.

18 hours and 30 minutes to go.

Tune in tomorrow. Same Bat Channel.

Here's our baby.

And here's her date. She done well.

And look who else came?

Dad was a chaperone and I couldn't have been happier. I gave Dad permission to stay out until 12:30.

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