Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Batton down the hatches!

Just as though we were living in California, the news stations here get carried away with weather warnings.

In California, a couple of rain drops warrant a storm warning. I once saw an email entitled "Storm warning in California" where there was a picture of a tipped over patio chair. That's all.

Well, CA... you're not alone. Right now, Texas is flashing warnings all over the TV. We are expecting the storm of all storms. A tornado that just may wipe Texas off the face of the earth... It's on all the news channels. The golf course we live on even rolled out their tarps and tied them down around 4 pm.

Here, they even seem to be able to predict what time the storm is going to hit. Fort Worth will feel the drops at 7:10, Dallas at 7:19. Our city is scheduled for 8:30. I'm glad that our weathermen (meteorologists?) are so well trained. They must have crystal balls.

Well, it's 8:43 and nary a drop has been felt. It isn't even particularly cold here at the moment. And there's nary a cloud in the sky. Okay there's a cloud up there... but I am just not worried.

Remember, I lived in CA. Where people panic at the sight of a raindrop. Oh wait, they panic here, too.

Might as well still be living in California.

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