Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brought back down to earth

As per our usual routine on Sunday, we all got up early and headed for church.

The music started, the congregation began singing and I began praying. Just didn't feel like singing. My hip hurt, my child had just disobeyed me and Rick was just being Rick. I was in no mood for anything fun. I was in a mood to complain. I decided to lose myself in prayer though and ask God for some help. After all, I have a lot of problems. Lots of problems. There is no one on this earth with more problems than me. Oh woe is me.

God set me straight pretty quickly.

He didn't say he wouldn't help me... But he did send me a little signal about self pity. In fact, he slapped me over the head with it... and his bricks hurt.

Suddenly I noticed a man in the front row of the sanctuary. It was a man that usually attends the earlier service but for some reason was at this service. I've seen him leaving as I've been arriving in the past. This man was just as happy as could be and singing his heart out. His right hand was in the air as he praised our God... and his left hand was in the air too, holding tight to his red and white cane that alerts folks around him that he's blind.

What a sight. He certainly couldn't see the words on the screen in front of him... but he seemed to know every lyric. And he was praising and praising. And smiling. And darn near rocking out!

And then there was me. And if anyone should be wallowing in self pity, this gentleman had a right to... and wasn't.

I went home with my eyes open just a little wider than they were before. I hope to have them as opened as that blind man in the front row.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes...when we ask God for something he doesnt just GIVE it to us. He gives us an opportunity to LEARN it..or see it..or hear it...