Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oops, he did it again

Rick. Oh Rick.

Still weathering some side effects from his muscle spasms, he decided to go back to the doctor today. The result? There may be a blood clot in his leg and an MRI was ordered immediately, mostly to rule out the possibility of said blood clot.

Rick called me after his dr. appt. and I immediately mapped out his route to the MRI place. It was easy enough, only one city away... and on a big ol' road that had a lot of open spaces. It would be easy to find the MRI place. I know, I went there for mine.

And guess what? He found it!!

But because he had gotten there an HOUR early (yes, he's one of those type guys) the nurse told him he should go get some lunch and then come back. There's where the trouble began.

I checked in with Rick as he was on his way to a 7-11 he had passed on the way and knew that he could find again.

Since I had a few extra moments in my day today, I decided to join him. I knew exactly where that 7-11 was, so I decided to meet him there and perhaps grab a sandwich as well. Not that a sandwich from 7-11 would be the highlight of my day...

Well, I arrived at 7-11, but did not find Rick there. So I called. Was I at the wrong 7-11? Huh, no. Rick had told me right but in retracing his own steps he drove right past it. And kept on going.

He was now on Tennyson, a street that runs parallel to the street with the MRI place. The 7-11 was in between the two. And since he didn't find the 7-11 and knew he was running out of time, he had decided to head back to his MRI and took the first street he came to. Like that would be smart.

In the meantime I ran into 7-11 and bought his gourmet lunch. I declined a lunch from there. I knew there had to be something better out there than a 4 day old egg salad sandwich or a hot dog that had been rolling on a slotted grill for hours. Rick, however, wouldn't know the difference.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Rick was on his merry way across Tennyson, across town. Before long Rick was well out of Plano (the city of the MRI doctor) and headed into The Colony. And on up to Little Elm. I got him stopped before he drove into Lake Lewisville. Arkansas was becoming a not so distant memory now.

I got Rick turned around and headed him back toward the road with the 7-11 on it. There he could, hopefully, get himself back to the MRI place. If he was thinking. But he flew on past the 7-11 again. What? Was it invisible?

I was already back at the MRI place. And waiting. And waiting. I graciously went inside and filled out Rick's paperwork. He was no longer going to arrive 15 minutes early to do that. So I did it for him. I also had to bite my tongue not to chew the nurse out that gave him permission to go get lunch. She had no clue that she was dealing with a man who liked to take long drives... and detours.

About an hour later, I had to head back to work. But I stayed in communicado with Rick the entire time. Thank God for cell phones. I was able to talk him back down to earth. And back into the parking lot of his doctor's appointment. And yes, he did have his appointment and MRI after all.

The outcome? Oh, I forgot to ask. I was too busy navigating a Toyota Highlander back into civilization.

Note to self: Buy Rick a car with OnStar.

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Anonymous said...

For the same reason my mom has always been the "navigator". We dont let dad out driving alone.