Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ride Sally Ride

And speaking of cars and little people who are dying to drive them...

Elizabeth came to me last night with the best news she has ever given me. So good that if I didn't sit down right then and right there, well, she was going to burst.

She found herself a car - and she just HAS TO HAVE IT NOW because, well, she deserves it and she does have a job you know. And after all, I did promise I'd get her a car if she got herself a job to help pay for it. She even called the owner of this prize to see how much it was and when could she pick it up?

Oh, the car? A gorgeous, silver, convertible Mustang with only 51K miles on it. Leather seats. Fully loaded. 2003. All this for a mere $10,000. It's a steal. A veritable steal.

A Mustang? With leather seats? Convertible?

Give me a break. I don't even own a car that nice. And probably never will. AND I HAVE A JOB, TOO! How about that?

This kid of mine has high hopes... and delusions of grandeur. Then again, so do I. I told her she could have that Mustang right after I get finished with it. I told her that I deserved it more.

You may be seeing her on the news next. "DESERVING GIRL STEALS MUSTANG BECAUSE MOM WOULDN'T BUY IT FOR HER." And all she wanted was to do 'hoodrat' stuff.

Whatever that is.

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