Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sympathy pains

And despite his good health...

Rick had the nerve to wake up last week with incredible back pains. My first thought was that it was sympathy pains. Not so much sympathy for what I was going through... but a need for sympathy for himself. He's such a copycat.

And honestly, when he pulled the ol' "Oh, my aching back" routine... my first thought was truly about something else. About $$. Maybe even about getting out of cooking dinner every night. Not that he really cooks. But he thinks he does. He puts the plates on the table. If I nag him enough.

So, I drive him to the doctor, fearing the worst...
They took a urine sample, just to make sure it wasn't an infection running through his body.
His back required X-Rays.
The outcome? Muscle spasms. 7 days of an anti-inflammatory drug.
4 weeks - 3 times a week - of Physical Therapy.

What went through my head... besides how much it was all costing? Muscle spasms? Oh, come on Rick. You can do better than that!!

However, seven days later, it has been determined that Rick's spine is curved like a closing parenthesis. The scoliosis he developed back in 1997 has really progressed (or regressed, if you will) to an unthinkable shape. He's still in a lot of pain but the PT he'll be getting is just in time. I hope.

We don't know what all this entails for our future... but it is pretty scary. And yep, I see lots more $$$ in our future.

I'll be passing that hat again soon.

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I can hear the cha-ching cha-ching from here!