Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like father, like daughter

Elizabeth is truly Rick's daughter.

On Friday, the seniors at Elizabeth's high school graduated. And Elizabeth wanted to attend the graduation. And for reasons unknown to me, the graduation was held many miles away. Probably several counties away. Certainly several cities away.

Around 10:30 that morning, Elizabeth grabbed her car keys and headed out... To Garland... Garland, Texas. By 11:30 she was calling me, lost. My cousin Bob was able to navigate her to the graduation site, on time.

After the graduation, however, Elizabeth got lost again. AGAIN!! And this time she was headed away from Garland... even further away from our house. With a dead cell phone. And a back seat loaded with friends.

Hmmmm, not such responsible choices made by my daughter, that darling daughter of mine... yee haw, this time I got to talk her back into civilization. At least it wasn't Rick trying to get her home.

My family? Very poor navigators, they. I'm about done with these people who can't find their way around.

Or is this normal, and I'm just a little overly sensitive to it?

Yeah, I didn't think so. This family of mine? They need to learn to read a map. Or a compass. OR EVEN USE THEIR GPS SYSTEMS ON THEIR PHONES!! Or just stay closer to home.

Maybe I need to go further away.

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