Monday, June 2, 2008


I typically work by myself or with only one other person. And I like that. There's enough hubbub all around the office to make up for the supposed loneliness that I might feel working alone. The peace and quiet that is implied by me saying that I work alone is really non-existant. You see, if there ever were to be a quiet day at an elementary school campus, well then there'd for sure be a fire drill or lock down to make up for it. And believe me, fire drills ain't quiet.

But I did have some visitors today. You see, as the school year winds down, we have quite a few things to wrap up... things to move to other campuses... and things to lock up so that they don't mysteriously disappear during the summer. And I had some visitors to help me today.

We worked on getting some folders cleaned up and ready to be transferred. Then, when clean, we put large rubber bands around them.

I guess the large rubber bands scared one of the girls. Or she had never seen them before. Or she was a ditz. Hard to tell.

She actually said: How do you get the rubber bands to work?

I kid you not. I couldn't even help her because my jaw was on the floor. Yep, they walk among us.

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