Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We just had to go and barbeque tonight. Hadn't done it in more than a year but I felt the need to do so tonight.

Got the chicken all ready, all marinated and the outside table all cleaned up and ready for us to dine on. Got all the fixin's ready as well. And dinner went well.

Clean up did not.

Rick was assigned to cleaning up the BBQ itself since I did all the prep cleaning. And Liz was assigned to kitchen clean up later. I should have switched their places. Rick, being in the backyard, was a nightmare. He decided that the best way to clean the grills... was to lay them on the grass. Hot. Still smoldering. And now the grass was, too.

Smoke grew from the burning grills lying on the grass.

Not to worry. It was only a three alarm fire. And Rick has been properly scolded.

And the holes in the grass now match the ones where Rick decided to try weed killing... all by himself.

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW I saw that technique on HGTV! You lay hot BBQ grills on your grass and it makes a beautiful design on your nice green grass...kind of a brown and green geometric pattern if you will.