Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night the ladies of Bunco played at my house.

Hosting the "party" means stocking up on alcohol, food and... more alcohol before the game starts. But not being a drinker, well, I didn't quite know what to pick up. So I took Rick shopping with me and together we decided on a bunch of wine coolers. I figured that would be "tame" and yet still please everyone.

As usual, everyone was loud, boisterous and truly fun to be around. Alcohol or not, these guys know how to have a good time. Diane will one day have to be featured here... you'd never believe her!

Anyway, when the game was over, the food eaten and the prizes all distributed, everyone headed back home and I began the clean up. And Rick felt he could come downstairs from his hiding place in the media room. He commented on how loud we'd all been and how he'd had trouble hearing the movie he was watching (aahhhh.) What food was left over now became his and I'd left out significant things for him to find. Which he did.

This morning when I got up, I found him studying one of the still unopened bottles of the "Blue Hawaii" wine coolers. I guess the bright blue caught his eye.

"Hey," he suddenly called out... "there's alcohol in these. Now I know why you were all so loud!"

I was immediately afraid of how many Rick had tried before coming to that conclusion! And you know, nothing gets by Rick at all. Buying the wine coolers in the liquor department should've been his first clue.

*** By the way, I took the prize for being the biggest loser. Somethings will just never change.

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