Thursday, July 31, 2008

California born and bred

Two years. We've been in Texas for two years now. And for the first six months it felt like we were on an extended vacation. But somewhere after the six month mark we began to feel like we lived here. The vacation had finally ended and we were now fully transplanted.

However, there are still some things that just won't change.

For example - today Elizabeth is visiting Six Flags Over Texas with her church group. She and I both keep calling it "Magic Mountain."

And last night at dinner, we discussed an ad I'd found for Pergo that our upstairs floor is desperately in need of. Rick wanted to know where I'd found the sale...

"In the LA Times."
He just smiled. "Are you sure it was the LA Times?"
"Yeah. Why not?"
"Because you live in Texas."
"Okay, so it's the Dallas Morning News. Same thing."

And finally, as we prepare to head to Las Vegas next week... I noticed that I booked our flights from LAX to LAS. Heck, we could've driven that.

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