Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, Liz did it again.

The Turtle Bay Hotel did release us from our contract… which was no easy feat. But the real chore came when Liz tried to book us into my all time favorite hotel in Waikiki… The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

I swear that girl should be a travel agent… or an attorney.

Once again, she wheedled and finagled… and managed to not only get us into the already overbooked Hilton, but also to get our room for $1.00 less than the price we were paying at the Turtle Bay Hotel on the other side of the island. That alone makes it all worth the trouble.

But that’s not all. That girl didn’t get off the phone until she had convinced them that a “garden view” just would not do, nor would a “partial ocean view” AND would they please upgrade us and NOT, FOR A MOMENT charge us a penny more?

She hurdled roadblock after roadblock until they gave in… and not only gave us a room with more than a partial ocean view, not only gave us a full ocean view… but got us the best room, in the best tower on the property. The tower that has the doorman, the private entrance, its own private pool and its own Starbucks. This tower is amazing. I could only hope to afford THIS tower one day and here Liz goes and gets it… just by making a phonecall.

Private pool? Private Starbucks? Private fitness center?

Wait. I get it. I was wearing my overalls and flip flops. I’m thinking now that maybe they were trying to hide me. In the tower. That was far, far away from everyone else.

Yeah, that must be it.

So we went from this at the Turtle Bay...

to this today:

Hey, I thought they said ocean view.

Oh wait. There it is... I failed to notice there was another window.

As soon as we arrived, Pierre, from the hotel staff came to check on us...

He even came in, to see if there was anything he could do for us. They are so nice at this hotel.

This hotel is incredible. So much so that Liz made one more call.

We will no longer be checking out on Wednesday. Don't look for the Kahles to return home until Sunday.


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Unknown said...

Armani is wondering: can you send Pierre over? Thanks. Urp.