Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a day in the life of...

You know... my life was just running along too smoothly there. I should have known it was only a matter of time before the world came crashing down on me. Well, nothing that drastic happened, but today hasn't been the funnest day I've ever known.

There's a Benehana's here on the property and since that's always been a favorite of ours in CA, we decided to let the chef here cook up some magic for us. Besides, Benehana's has some darn good fried rice and I've been missing it terribly.

So, off we go... to a dinner of hibachi steak, fried rice and chefs who can make volcanos out of onions.

And although the dinner was quite good... two of the three of us were not feeling so good afterwards. Was it the dinner? We'll never know, because one of the three of us had already spent a day in bed, recovering from some sort of ailment.

And the other two of us? We were down for the count last night.

And in case you were thinking that that wasn't so bad... since we were both up and around this morning... let me tell you that one of us, while munching on delectable Rolaids last night, decided to bite down a bit too hard... and broke half of the crown in her mouth. The half being on the side that would continue to slice her tongue up from all angles, all night long, requiring... yes... oral surgery this morning.

I kid you not. I spent the better part of the day in a dental chair, being drilled, sanded, and filled. And anesthetized. And grumpy as all get out.

But it's not all my fault. After all, my bottom molar has been hurting for over a month and I chose to buy Sensodyne toothpaste to mask the pain instead of getting the wretched think fixed, and the Sensodyne worked... causing me to believe that my tooth was magically healed. So in reality, it's Sensodyne's fault. Not mine.

And it's 9:33 pm here in Paradise... and the anesthesia has worn off and my lip no longer feels like it's been way over Botoxed... and diet coke no longer pours out of my mouth and down my chin.

However, the pain from six shots of novocaine has anything but let me forget that I had my funnest day yet, here in Honolulu.

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