Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spectacular view or not...

I've had enough.

Elizabeth thinks I'm incredibly spoiled and she has scolded me repeatedly for not appreciating where I am. (I'm in Hawaii... I know that.) You see, it's not the state that I'm in (although I am in quite a state) but it's the location. The hotel.

Okay, true. This hotel has a SPECTACULAR view and I'm a fool not to appreciate it... but I CAN'T STAND IT HERE!!!! I thought I'd like being on the other side of the island... I thought I'd like being on the north shore. I thought, I thought, I thought. But it's just too darn remote here. I was told there was great shopping up here, so against my better judgement, I booked The Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore instead of The Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

We have been here since Wednesday (it's Saturday night now) and we've done absolutely nothing. NOTHING!! There's nothing to do. Nothing but stare out the window at the ocean.

Okay, so that's pretty cool... but other than that...

There is no shopping, no restaurants, no life of any sort after 5:00. After 3:00, actually. And never mind that the room is quite old and run down. That's another story altogether.

Here's what we did yesterday:

Yep, we watched a Japanese soap opera. And right after that we watched about 20 episodes of "Deal Or No Deal." I'm a little sick of Howie Mandel right now.

So, why do I bring this up? Because we've made some changes.

I took us out of our room today and headed us down to Honolulu - on the opposite side of the island. Just to have breakfast. Hey, it was worth the drive. And besides, I love Honolulu.

Elizabeth went kicking and screaming. She didn't want to go, she didn't want to be bothered with something that I thought she'd like a little better than just sitting around an old hotel. She went anyway.

One glimpse of Honolulu and Elizabeth was on the phone with our hotel, with the broker who booked our hotel, and everyone else she could think of. And Elizabeth is good. We are not within the time limit for changing our reservation and getting our money back... but leave it to Liz. She did it. She sobbed, she wheedled and yes, she lied. But we are out of our contract. And supposedly getting our money back. And tomorrow?

We all check into the Hilton Hawaiian Village for the next four nights.

Can you say 'heaven?'

Or, I told you so. Because that's where I wanted to stay all along... I'm much more suited for that side of town.

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