Thursday, August 21, 2008


All of Frisco is a buzz today.

Who knew that the world's most decorated gold medalist in women's gymnastics trains just three blocks away from my house... Who knew?

And who knew that she has been there, training, at the local gym, with her father, just waiting until she could go to the '08 Olympics... Not me.

I've driven by that gym, oh, everyday... and never knew. Never knew that Nastia Luikin was inside. WOGA. I see that sign everyday. And never gave it a thought. But then what would I have done with that information anyway? Stalked her? Yeah, no.

But it is interesting. And I am glued to my TV watching the homecoming.

And who knew that the last gold medalist in women's gymnastics all arounds, Carly Patterson, lives and trained and now teaches here, too? Again, not me. But Carly's probably easier to reach. I'll stalk her instead.

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