Thursday, August 14, 2008

I knew this would happen

I'm in a funk. I can count to three and three days is just not that far away. Not far enough, anyway.

The good part of having the summer off is that you have the summer off. You can accomplish all that you want, get all of those wonderful projects done that have just been sitting in your garage for a year. And by "projects" I mean boxes. There are tons of boxes in my garage from my mother and brother's houses. And I reserved this summer (this summer) to open, sort, sell, keep, whatever, with all of those boxes. I also looked forward to being able to park my car in the garage again... It's been a year, after all.

The bad part of having the summer off... well that's obvious. You have to return to work at some point. And 'some point' is just three days away. And after having the summer off, I do not want to return to work.

I am dreading Monday morning. My beautiful summer, that I looked forward to for a year, is coming to a close. And I feel myself falling into a funk. Funk, funk, funk.

Suddenly I'm feeling like I didn't accomplish a thing this summer...

Okay, so I DID go to Hawaii. And we did go to Vegas. And we did get Rick's little sister married off. But where did the time go? I think I only unpacked one box. Wait, I know I only got one unpacked. And I can still see it. The dishes of my mom's are still sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be put somewhere. But where? I don't even have the time to look around and figure out where to store them. ebay here I come.

Looking back, I just can't figure out what I did with the time. And why I got nothing done. Besides the boxes, I had planned to have our patio covered. I had planned to clean the house, cook and freeze meals for us, install a jetted tub, move all the Christmas decorations from the hotter than hot attic to the almost never used guest room and buy that Lexus I've had my eye on. I was also going to lose 40 pounds.

Well, I don't own a Lexus and the patio still isn't covered. And don't even ask about the cleanliness of my house. About all I have to show for this summer is a tan... and even that is fading. I can also show you where 40 pounds haven't gone. Apparently I decided to keep them around. And around.

So... in three days... I'll be a working girl again. And counting down until summer. Only 300 or so days to go. Easy.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.


PS. Besides, who will email with me all day once you're back to work?