Friday, August 8, 2008

Liz arrives

After MANY discussions with Liz on what to do while we are gone (she will only be with us for the middle section of the trip) we naively thought she had actually been listening. Rick drilled and drilled into her about where to take the cat to be boarded, what to tell the neighbors who are watching our dog, what to do with the mail, etc. So much so that everytime Rick would open his mouth, Liz would scream, "You TOLD me! You TOLD me! DON'T tell me AGAIN!"

And thus we thought that she just might've listened to us this time. This once.

And we would've been wrong.

About an hour before Liz headed to the airport, she called me.

"Uh, what do I do with the cat? Was I supposed to take her somewhere?"

I can only hope that our dog isn't sitting in the mailbox when we get home.

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