Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where I live

Frisco has made the news again. National news... again.

First we had Nastia Luikin returning to her gym just three blocks from my house. Now we have a famous (infamous?) homeowners association acting up. And not making us any too proud.

As a member of an HOA myself, I can understand that they do have rules and we do have to abide by them... but heck, this HOA is in the RITZIEST part of Frisco. The 4 million dollar side of Frisco. So hey, get over it! These people probably pay high, high homeowner's dues.

So here's what happened: A homeowner on the rich side of Frisco buys a new truck. And not just ANY truck... a brand new, fancy schmancy, "F something or other" truck. F-10? I dunno, but everyone says it's incredible.

Anyway, the homeowner had the audacity to park his new fancy schmancy truck in HIS OWN DRIVEWAY! How's that for bold?

And... the HOA had a fit. No truck like that, should grace... or could grace the driveway of one of those homes. Nope. Trucks were not allowed in driveways... even if it was brand new. And if he continued to do so, he would be fined. And if he complained? Well, they told him he could move if he didn't like the rules.

Now you may be thinking that this section of town is made up of total snobs... and it apparently is... however, most of Texas is seeing it a different way. That the HOA just doesn't understand Texas. Texas, which consists of folks with trucks. Mostly older trucks... so a brand new truck should be a status symbol.

Yep, Texas... Frisco, to be exact... is famous again. For overbearing homeowner's associations that rule. And take all the fun out of being an individual.

Makes me want to run right out and put up a clothesline. And hang some old bloomers on it.

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