Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 very long months

The check was cashed in June.

The construction was set to begin July 1st.

Our beautiful patio cover would be finished by the time we arrived home from Hawaii.


September 16th... construction began. It was a one day job.

This is what got done in that one day. Today.

But never fear... I was told the most important part got done. That little gutter thingy got up. And that, apparently, makes all the difference in the world.

Apparently it was quitting time after that.

And this is how the yard looked after that exhausting one day of work.

What's that little doo-hicky on the tripod? A telescope? Maybe I'll use it to look at other's people's patio covers. I certainly can't see mine yet.

Or maybe, this IS the patio cover. I'm thinking that I might get wet if I stand under this in a rainstorm though.

Nice. I wonder who gets to clean this up...

Maybe Midnight will. She seems interested in it.

Another view of the finished product. Our patio cover. And to think it only took one day to construct this.

Even Midnight had to search for the patio cover we'd promised her. We broke the news to her gently though. That maybe she'd see it up around Christmas time.

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