Monday, September 29, 2008

Kris and Karen

Just had another go around with my mom's boxes. One box in particular hosted TONS of old photographs... and there is one photo in particular that I've been searching for since I was a very young adult. And up it suddenly popped.

I'll set the scene for you. Two very precocious three year olds, wearing their Sunday best, and being silly, acting like they didn't want their pictures taken. And giggling. And screaming.

And someone actually did take their picture.

One of them hid their face in their skirt. The other was too dumb to do that. She just pulled the whole thing up TO her face...

And the picture remained in my parent's care for all of these past 47 years. I guess I always thought it would turn up... but I was just never sure where it would. Or honestly IF it would.

And here it is:

I'm the one on the left. The cute little blonde with the barrettes in her hair.

I used to have nice legs.

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