Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're covered!

Only three months late and with summer a distant memory... we FINALLY have our patio cover.

Gosh it's tiny. I can't believe I waited three months for this... three long months.

Oh well, it'll cover Midnight pretty nicely. I hope.

This lovely shot is of the ceiling of our giant patio cover. Guess what's missing? Yep, noticably missing from the ceiling is our ceiling fan. Complete with a fun little remote.

Just how did it get forgotten? Oh who knows... somewhere in the last three months the ceiling fan installer dropped the ball. Or the ceiling fan. Or the remote. Or something. Either way, we got no ceiling fan.

So, for this we waited three months?

As near as I can figure, we should be having some rousing summer evenings under our patio cover in, oh, say, just nine months?


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