Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving forward

On Tuesday, I received word that the seller of our townhouse had gone ahead and 'closed.' That mean't that all was a go for our closing on Wednesday. Although there had been absolutely no snags along the way.

And I was so excited about wrapping up this deal and getting the keys to our new property that I asked if we, too, could close early. And we did. Rick and I high-tailed it to the title company on Tuesday, instead of today and signed away.

We don't own it yet though, because the banks didn't have their stars lined up and the moon wasn't in the 7th house (or however that song goes) and the wire transfer people closed for the day at 12:00 noon. I happened to call at 12:05.

So here we sit... owners of a townhouse, waiting for the wire transfer to finish transferring. And waiting for the keys to magically appear in my hand.

I wonder how those keys will actually get into my hand...

The painter comes tomorrow and our first appointment to show it is tomorrow night.

What an interesting adventure.

Rick's new dog house is shaping up pretty nicely.

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