Sunday, October 12, 2008



Today was most productive. Just ask my friend Lori. She got to listen to me brag about everything I managed to do to day...

Things like getting dressed, eating lunch, etc. It sure was taxing. I even got the car washed. Well, I didn't actually wash the car, but I drove it to the place where some little guys with brushes and towels and stuff washed it. They worked much too hard, though. I didn't have that kind of energy.

But I did get one thing accomplished today that has been nagging at me. Haunting me. Bugging the heck out of me. And out of her... Skipper.

Last year, while cleaning out the last of the boxes that we brought with us from CA, I found my Skipper doll. You know Skipper... Barbie's little sister? And she looked pretty darn good for someone her age. And for having lived with someone like me, who really didn't take very good care of her toys.

Some of Skipper's clothes survived the move and the moth attacks, too, and together Skipper and her clothes were in pretty good shape. Very good shape, in fact. Preservable and framable shape. And that's just what I had in mind.

About, oh, eight months ago, I bought a "shadow box" for just such an endeavor. I wanted to show off my Skipper in a shadow box, surrounded by some of her cool clothes. Some that she actually wore as a child and some that I'd bought for her on ebay... just because. Just because she never got to have those pretty clothes when we both lived with my parents. My parents just didn't see the need for my dolls to look nice.

And for about six months, maybe eight, I've had my Skipper doll sitting on my dresser, staring at me. With four or five outfits of hers staring at me, too. My intention was good, to mount her into that shadow box and put her on the wall of our guest room, which features old stuff from my childhood. Yep, that was my intention.

Well, Skipper would stare at me and I'd stare right back at her. And then I'd think, "I HAVE to get this done!" But then I'd come to my senses and think, "But how?" And I would then place a magazine or a pillowcase over her staring face and go about my business. And Skipper would stay naked and unmounted.

Today was the big day. Skipper got mounted! Not hung yet, but that'll come. It may take another year, but she is mounted! And my thumbs have the bruises to show for it. You know, push pins and straight pins don't go into shadow box backs so well.

Wow. It's finally done.

I'm going to have to rest all day tomorrow from everything I accomplished today.

Look at that smirk on her face...

... or is it shock?

Even her little cat is looking at me kinda funny...

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