Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HGTV I'm not...

Because I watch HGTV and because I feel I'm every bit as talented as all the designers on that network (NOT!) I decided to decorate for my Bunco party with all that I've learned.

First up - a centerpiece made of all natural fibers. Yep, I've gone green. Literally.

I was given a cute wire basket as part of a gift for buying the townhouse and I decided to turn it into my centerpiece for my party.

And what would HGTV do? They would fill it with little green apples. And so I did.

Seemed easy enough.

So, I bought some. Actually I bought a lot.

See how nice they look?

Until they touched the wire basket, I guess. Is there some rule that little green apples can not touch little wire baskets? I guess so.

Because here's my beautiful centerpiece just a few hours after it was assembled.

I am so talented. Even I can't stand it.


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