Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I did this, why?

I repeat.... I bought me a townhouse, why?

Where on earth did I get the idea that I wanted to be a landlord? Had I been drinking?

For nearly the entire week last week I've ate, drank and slept TOWNHOUSE. But I think I forgot to take Townhouse 101 in school. I'll be signing up for that class next semester.

Here's the gist:

Tenants scheduled to move in this past Saturday. Tenants could NOT move in this past Saturday.

Tenants called water company and had water turned on. City of Frisco came to inspect (I've learned they always do that) and failed to monitor the meter. (Apparently if the meter "spins" for more than three minutes, water is escaping somewhere.) Water escaped.

Water ran in townhouse for four days. Water went everywhere. Water make mess. Water bad.

Townhouse not in such good shape.

Ho hum... just another day in the life of the Kahles.

I think I'll be a brain surgeon next.

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