Sunday, November 23, 2008

oh, joy... oh joy, joy, joy!

Elizabeth returned home late Friday night from a play she went to with a couple of friends. Elizabeth was just bubbling over about this play, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." Her friend D.J. had the lead (Charlie) and apparently sang and danced so well that Broadway should be calling any minute. Apparently, D.J. made every Broadway actor only WISH they had that much talent.

Prior to the play, Liz and her friends had dined at a local pizza restaurant that featured macaroni and cheese pizza. And somewhere during the evening it was discovered that Kyndra locked her keys in her car and they all had to drive to Kyndra's house to pick up a spare key.

Twenty minutes into her conversation with me about pizza, D.J. and the missing key, Elizabeth casually mentioned that she'd been in a car accident. Rear-ended while sitting at a stop sign. But I shouldn't worry because she was in an SUV and we all know that those can protect you. In fact, the only reason she told me this was so that I would be thrilled that we had thought to put her in such a sturdy car.

Then she started off to bed.

And suddenly the last part of her conversation hit me...


"Oh, don't worry, Mom. No one got hurt. But you should see the other lady's car. Totalled. She slid under my car, pushing my car up into the air. Good night."


She came, shocked that this was a bit unsettling to me.

"Did you call the police?"

"Nope. Didn't have to. My driver's ed teacher told us that we don't have to if no one gets hurt."

"Well, what if you aren't hurt then, but someone in your car has whiplash tomorrow?"

"Oh, they won't. It was just Nathan and Kyndra. And I told them both how happy you would be to know that I was in such a safe car!"

"Did you exchange info with the lady?"

"No... didn't have to. She had the most damage. She'll take care of that."

"And who'll pay for our car to be fixed?"

"Well, there isn't much damage. Just a couple of scratches."

Unbelievable. So Rick and I hoofed it out to see the back of our Endeavor. There was red paint everywhere and the dings and scratches and pushed in places will total, oh, about $3000 worth of damage?

"Liz, did you notice that the grill on the back has been knocked off?"

"There was a grill there?"

"Uh, yeah, there was. Where is it?"

"Must still be in the street. Back by the restaurant."

Yes, I was livid. I saw red, matching what the back of Liz' car looked like. I couldn't believe my daughter was this naive.

"Mom!! What's the matter with you? I thought you'd be so happy!"

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