Monday, December 8, 2008


Went Christmas shopping for an ornament this week. My Bunco group (yes, I am old... and I play Bunco...) is having a big Christmas dinner where instead of playing the game we will dine out and have an ornament exchange.

So, I headed to Kohl's. I knew they had ornaments plus I knew that I could always entertain myself there. It's not like they only sell ornaments.

And I found one. Big drapey bells in a muted green color. $4.99. I was thrilled with the price because while we had a $10 limit, these looked every bit like a $20 ornament.

At the cash register, the young Vietnamese checker said, "Those are nice. But we have some that are even bigger and better that have just come in. Here, I'll get them for you." And she disappeared.

She returned with some flashy, flashy bells on a string that would blind you. They reminded me of the Grinch's colors. Or Kermit's. Or some clothes I wore back in the 60's.

I smiled and said 'no thanks' but the checker persisted.

"These are so much prettier," she said.
"In whose eyes?" I asked.
"Well, these are brighter. Those are so dull."
"Be careful," I said. "I happen to like those."

Right then her manager walked by and sensed an issue happening.

"Is everything alright?"
"Yes, but your cashier just insulted my ornament." I was really only teasing but deep down I mean't it.

The manager didn't seem too concerned and walked on.

"Just out of curiosity, how much are those?" I asked.

- pause -

"Did you happen to notice that mine were a bit cheaper?"
"I just think you'd like these better."

I quit while I was ahead and I did get my ornament. I also delighted in watching the cashier have to skip back to where she had pulled her ornament from.

She did get me thinking though.... customer service is no longer dead. It's alive and well and living at Kohl's.

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