Saturday, December 27, 2008



The screams coming from upstairs were unbearable. I had never heard someone in so much pain or so unhappy. And the intense screaming was coming from Elizabeth.

I was downstairs and just froze. I mean I was absolutely frozen with fear. And no matter how much I screamed back to her asking what was wrong, she screamed more. I couldn't get an answer out of her.

I bounded the stairs and found it nearly dark up there... but there was a tiny bit of light coming from under the bathroom door. And I could hear the shower running.

Living with someone who used to be sick all the time... and fall just as much, I feared the worst. However, I was somewhat relieved to know that she was still screaming. When Rick would fall or get sick, he would be silent. And that made it impossible to know what was wrong or what had happened. So at least with Elizabeth, she was still screaming and I knew that was good.

Making my way to the bathroom I banged on the outside of the door begging her to tell me what was wrong.

"I got soap in my eyes."

I nearly killed her.

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