Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa visited early!

My friend Lori, who has been looking for work for a little while now, and worrying about the economy with the rest of us... and wondering how she would get through the holidays with her family of four, just woke up to this:

I wanted to share something amazing.

Greg and I were blessed this morning with a basket full of goodies left annonymously on our front porch about 5:45 am. We know the time because the dog (good watch dog that she is) barked!

It was filled with crackers and cheese, spaghetti and sauce, oranges and even a box of chocolate covered cherries....oh..and a $100 AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD!

We have no idea who left this, the card was not signed. Somebunny loves us....and God is watching :-)

I love hearing stories like this! It just makes me that much fonder of the holidays.


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