Monday, January 5, 2009


That little video seems to be having memory problems as well... It can't remember how to play itself. And I have absolutely no recollection of getting dressed after the procedure.

I noticed my shoes were tied too tight. Uh, Rick, did you do this?
And never mind what articles of clothing were on inside out...

Procedure went well, however I'm going to get to be one of those lucky, lucky people who get to repeat the process sooner rather than later. LORI, YOU PROMISED! No actually you didn't... but you gave me hope that I wouldn't have to do this again for ten years. Nope, I am not that lucky.

If I didn't have such a headache at the moment I'd go into detail. But alas, my head is about to explode. Thank God I can take my migraine meds again. So, suffice it to say that they did find something. Nothing any too scary though... just that my fondest wish has come true... I get to change my diet.

Wait, that's not my fondest dream. That's a nightmare. My memory is still shot. Sorry.

Oh and Roger? When do I get the T shirt?

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