Thursday, January 29, 2009

So I had my interview...

What the heck are people looking for when they ask the question, "Are you flexible or by the book?"

Uh, I used to be flexible. When I was a dancer.

I also got asked if I was a risk taker.

How do you answer that? Life's a risk. Getting into my car is a risk. Driving on ice is really risky. Changing jobs is risky. Maybe even stupid in this ecomony.

They asked if I would be able to call people up and sternly tell them to send out whatever it is the school needed. Like paperwork, I guess.

Well, they obviously don't know me very well. Stern is my middle name. Just ask Liz. Or Rick.

Overall, I did okay. Not great, but okay. Flexible is still hanging me up though. I'd give anything to be more flexible. But I hung up my tutu years ago.

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