Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Yes, it is.

And typically Friday the 13ths have always been kind to me. Only once did it do me in, when I was in the 5th grade and forgot my lunch money and had to sit there, at lunch, watching all the other kids eat. That was back in the day when no one really watched the kids or cared. Today if a kid went without food, the federal government would be called in and CPS alerted.

Today, I managed to drive to work without my purse. Or my phone.

I realized how to fix the problem though and called home from work, asking Rick if he’d seen my purse. Yep, in fact, it was in his hand.

In deciding how to get it to me, he said, “I’ll meet you somewhere. What’s close to where you are?” Well, nothing. So I picked a restaurant near him, but still not as far as our house.

“Cantina Laredo. On the corner of Legacy and the 121.”
“I’ll try to find it.”
“You don’t know where it is? Then let’s pick another one.”
“Okay, how about Steak Corral?”
“Good idea. You leave now. I’ll meet you there.”

And off he went.
And off I went.

And I suddenly remembered that ‘The Steak Corral’ is in La Puente, California. Yes, Lori, I really do need those memory enhancements.

Thinking Rick mean’t ‘The Golden Corral’ I drove there. No Rick there. I waited for a full twenty minutes, but no Rick.

I began to wonder if he really mean’t ‘Steak And Shake.’ Stranger things have happened.

Having no phone, I decided to drive to a closer school and call him. And I did reach him.

“Cantina Laredo.”
I should’ve known.

“Well, head back to ‘The Golden Corral’ and I’ll meet you there."

And off we both went. Except Rick never showed. And I was phoneless to call him. Again.

I waited ANOTHER full fifteen minutes. And then I returned to my original school. And went inside and called him.

“The Golden Corral. Where are you?”


I then had the pleasure of talking Rick to my school… and with his history of missing off ramps and landing in Arkansas, yes, I was fearful.

But he made it. And I was purse savvy once again.

Later, I called to see if he’d made it back home safely and was surprised that he hadn’t. Well he was safe… but not at home. It was such a LONG drive home that he’d found himself a McDonald’s and stopped in. You know, he’d had such a harrowing morning this morning… he just felt that he deserved a break today.

Give me a break.

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