Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lori's day...

I have this friend... who shall be nameless... who sums up my feelings on age perfectly.

Lori said:
Greg (Lori's boyfriend) wasn't feeling very good today so Ruth (Greg's daughter) and I went alone to have lunch for her birthday with my parents, which was all well and good.

Afterwards we went to the nearby Walgreens that we always go to. There's an Indian lady there that is very friendly, always recognizes us and, of course, Ruth announced that it was, after all, her birthday.

We started talking with this lady at the checkout and I asked her if she remembered Ruth's dad, Greg, that always comes in... and she says......."He's your son right? Her dad is your son?"

Well, I know I told you the other day about needing to color my hair. Yeah, well... I think it's time. Also time for a facelift, liposuction...........and time to find a new drugstore.

Lori, I love ya... And don't let her get to you. You go right ahead and keep those roots! That'll show her.

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