Thursday, March 12, 2009

Actual conversation ...

... that took place in my kitchen tonight:

Liz: "What's for dinner?"
Kris: "I don't know, what are you making for us?"
L: "I have to cook? Then let's order pizza."

Begrudgingly, I agreed. If only to get Elizabeth interested in how to plan a meal.

L: "I found a coupon for two pizzas, 1 topping each for 14.99."
K: "Let's get that. Except your dad wants more than one topping."
L: "Ok, then how about for 17.99 we get two pizzas with three toppings each."
K: "Ok."
L: "Oh, and I want cheese bread and some of those wings. And do they have those cinnamon things for dessert?"


Papa John's was called and I heard Liz add in a salad, too.

Thirty or so minutes later, our food arrived and I prepared everyone's plates. I handed Liz hers only to hear, "No thanks. I had a big lunch today. I'm not very hungry."

I could've killed her.

Pizza anyone?

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