Thursday, March 5, 2009

And speaking of nightmares...

Rick got a call today. From his Lupus doctor. She's found a problem and needs to see him.

Rick hit me with this news the moment I walked through the door tonight.

"We have an emergency." Well, I don't ever take news like that lightly, either. So I pressed him for details.

"I have to have another bone density test." He's had several before but they aren't usually emergent. I was very curious as to what would make this an emergency.

Rick began to give me the details... he needs me to drive him to Dallas, to the Presbyterian hospital there, where his Lupus doctor works on Thursdays, where she can test him and get his results to him right away.

Because she'd lost his last test.

** blink, blink **

And he proudly announced that he'd made the appointment.

"When is it?" I asked fearfully, knowing that I have a week full of meetings that I will have to work around.

"August 27."

** blink blink blink **


"Uh huh."

"THAT'S AN EMERGENCY? Do you realize that I will have completed THIS school year, broken for the summer, gone on vacation and returned and started the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR before you have that appointment????"

"I know. That's why it's an emergency."


And then I realized that my horribly sleep-deprived husband was nearly asleep as he spoke.

I think I'll get some rest, too, before I ask him if it all actually even happened...

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