Wednesday, March 18, 2009

H & R Block

Rick: When are you going to do our taxes?

Kris: When are YOU going to do our taxes?

Rick: What? YOU always do our taxes.

Kris: I don't want to this year.

Rick: Well, I don't ever do our taxes.

Kris: I guess it's time to try.

Rick: How much time do we have?

Kris: About four weeks. And we have about six weeks worth of work to do to prepare.

Rick: What do you mean?

Kris: See that pile of papers over there? That's our filing. I've been collecting it for about a year. You need to get it all filed first. It should take you about six weeks.

Rick: What? Why didn't you file them?

Kris: Why didn't YOU file them?

Rick: Because YOU always do the taxes.

Kris: But YOU always do the filing.

Rick: No, I don't.

Kris: I know. That's why there's a year's worth of filing over there that'll take you six weeks to straighten out.

Rick: I better get started.

Kris: Yep.

Rick: If I do the filing, will you do the taxes?

Kris: Maybe. 'Cept I need to see some progress. I don't believe you'll ever do the filing.

Rick: I'll take you to San Antonio....

Kris: I'll take you to the dentist....

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